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Ali Sina 

Islamic Problem and Solution Debate: Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex
Purpose of Creation
Islamic Judgement Day: Qiyamat
Jinns Shot by Allah’s Missiles: Shooting Stars!
Who Converts to Islam?
Muslim Women are Raised to Accept Abuse
Who Taught Allah Math on Islamic Inheritance?
Who Created God?
Muhammad was a Mass Murderer & a Terrorist
Muhammad was a Misogynist & a Sexist
Muhammad was a Narcissist & a Cult Leader
Muhammad was a Rapist & a Pedophile
Muhammad was an Assassin & a Thief
Western Liberal Multicultural Utopia
Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year
Trump is an Existential Threat to the Global Elite
Is Trump Banning Muslims Entry to USA Unconstitutional?
Muslims Justify Muhammad’s Pedophilia!
Islamic Terrorism Dilemma!
How I an Atheist met Jesus?!
Women in Islam: Was Muhammad a Misogynist?
Why can’t we have World Peace?
Islam and Sex with Infants!
Plunder is the Source of Islamic Economy
Did Muhammad not understand Trinity?
Apostasy in Islam
Taqiyah: Islamic Deceit of Non Muslims
Incest in Islam
Place of Women in Islam!
Dare to Doubt
Why Islam is Fascism?
Pre Destination and Free Will in Islam
Maria the Copt Christian Sex Slave of Prophet Muhammad
Safiyah, the Jewish Enslaved Bride of Prophet Muhammad
Aisha Child Bride of Prophet Muhammad
Juwairiyah Jewish Forced Bride of Prophet Muhammad
Does God Exist?
The Illusion of Reforming Islam
Did Mohammed Perform Miracles?
What is God?
Women before and after Islam
Ground Zero Mosque is a Cordova House!
Exposing the Myth of Moderate Islam
My True Story of Ascension to Heaven!
Muhammad and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy [TLE]
Evolution of Monotheism
Bahai Faith
Why be Good if there is no Afterlife?
What it takes to be a Rationalist?
God: Some Logical Difficulties
The Origin of God
Imagine (Doctrine of Brutality and Greed in Islam)
Obama, America’s Islamist President
Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama
Jinns that Haunted Muhammad: Study of Prophet’s Mental State and Health
Obama (O-Bow-ma) and the Saudi King
Obama’s Eligibility Case before the Chief Justice
Morality vs. Ethics
Sex in Islamic Paradise!
Democracy vs. Mobocracy
Obama and the Birth of Mobocracy in America
Audacity of Frauds: Muhammad, Hitler, … Obama!
What Will the Future Bring Under Obama?
Reza Pahlavi II vs. Dr. Ali Sina Debate - System of Government: Monarchy vs. Republic
Understanding Barack Obama: The Making of a Fuhrer
Why I Left Islam?
Understanding Muhammad and Muslims, a Psychobiography

Dr. Ali Sina Biography
Ali Sina

My biography is what I do. I am the founder of FFI (Faith Freedom International), a movement of ex-Muslims that is created to help Muslims discover the truth about Islam, leave it, end their culture of hate, paranoia and violence, and embrace the human race in amity. I am the author of Understanding Muhammad, a psychobiography of Allah's prophet and the founder of Islam. Politically, I am a conservative republican. Philosophically, I am an atheist but I disagree with fundamentalist materialists.

Ali Sina
Faith Freedom International

We recommend this book by Ali Sina:


Ali Sina Understanding Muhammad and Muslims and Understanding Muhammad, a Psychobiography

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Dr. Ali Sina

Anti Islam Man Superhero, the Alter Ego of Dr. Ali Sina

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