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Amir Arsalan

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Amir Arsalan

Birth Place: Tehran
Birth Year: 1970
Birth Weight: 11 lbs! (My poor mom)
Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 210 lbs
Father's Origin: Damghan
Mother's Origin: Mazandaran
Countries of Residence:
Iran: 70-79
Israel: 79-80
Greece: 80-84
US: 84-present
Languages Spoken: Persian, English, Greek
Undergraduate: UCLA, Biochemistry
Graduate: UCI
Post-Graduate: Univ of Arizona
Current Residence: Las Vegas
Occupational Position: Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno (Vegas Campus)
Status: Married
Children: 2
4 Life Pillars: Family, Iran, Science, History
Religion: The Above 4 Pillars
Denomination: Atheism
Further Interests: Philosophy, Mythology
Dislikes: Islam, Religion, Superstition, Jesus Freaks, Hezbos, God, Stupid People (was that repetitive?)
Political Affiliation: None
Political Interest: Only Nationalism
Favorite Music: Techno, Classical, Oldies, Persian, Greek
Favorite Singers: Dean Martin and Louis Armstrong
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Favorite Persian King: Dariush the Great
Favorite 3 US Presidents: Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, JF Kennedy
Favorite Founding Father: Thomas Paine
Favorite Era: Achaemenid
Favorite Mythological Character: Hector, Tamer of Horses; Reason: Fought to protect his family and his country
Favorite 2 Books: Iliad and Shahnameh
Favorite Poet: Khayyam
Favorite Scientific Theory: Theory of Relativity
Favorite Philosophers: Bertrand Russell and Friedrich Nietzsche
Favorite Military Unit of All Time: Parthian and Sassanid Cataphract
Favorite Movies: Braveheart and Matrix
Favorite Cartoon: South Park
Favorite Comic Strip: The Farside, by Gary Larson
Favorite Pastimes: Cooking, Eating, Laughing at Stupid People

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Bertrand Russell

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