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Mahmoud Farshchian 

Farshchian Complete Biography and Art Review - Master of Modern Persian Miniatures (AX)
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Farshchian Short Biography
Mahmoud Farshchian

I draw Persian Miniatures; they are classical and traditional Iranian paintings. I was born in the city of architecture, art and love, Esfahan. I was born on January 24, 1930. They say Esfahan is “Half of the World”, so if you have not seen Esfahan, then you have not seen half of the world! Since age 5, I was painting away on everything, which I could get my hands on! My father was a respectable Persian Carpet merchant in Esfahan. My father was one of the major causes for my artistic curiosity and interest. My father had always encouraged me about art. Since the early age, I was interested in the patterns of the Persian Carpets, specifically the portraits and painting faced Persian Carpets. Later on in life, a number of my works were copied to the face of the Persian carpets. Today, these carpets are highly valuable.


I was a student to many great masters such as Haj Mirza Aqa Emami and Isa Bahadori. I graduated from Esfahan's Academy of Fine Arts. Then I left for Europe, where I studied the works of the great Western masters of painting and art.

Once back from Europe, I worked in the National Institute of the Fine Arts (later the Ministry of Culture and Art). During this period, I held various positions such as the:

Administrator of the Department of National Arts
Director of the Department of National Arts
Art Professor of the University of Tehran’s School of Fine Arts

What Price for Freedom

A great number of my works were painted during this period. Next, I moved to United States of America. I brought a great number of my works to America. I also painted a great number of works in America. I have received an honorary doctorate in the fine arts.

My works have been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum, Harvard University, The British Library, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Freer Gallery of Art and many other distinguished art academies, schools, museums, establishments and galleries. For more information, read my complete biography.

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