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Maziar Aptin

Left: Maziar Aptin the Author
Right: Maziar Aptin the Thinker

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Maziar Aptin

I am Maziar Aptin. Like most Iranians, my name used to be an Arabic name but about five years ago I changed it through the U.S. court system. I have changed it to Maziar Aptin. I chose Maziar because of his vigorous campaign against the Arabo-Muslim invaders-occupiers of the Persian Empire. Maziar Qaren was a great Persian freedom fighter who caused serious problems for the invading Arab forces and resisted their occupation and control for a good number of years.

I came to America in 1959, two years later I went back to Iran and once again returned in 1969 and stayed here since. I have been away from Iran for over forty years.

My field of education is Economics. I am not professionally a historian but since early 1990s I became interested in the history of Iran. As a hobby I have been reading and writing about the history of Iran since. My historical information on Iran is general and not specific.

Throughout my books and articles, to the best of my ability I have tried to be historically accurate and objective.

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