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Black Lives Matter Cartoons
Part 1: Best of BLM Cartoons


Black Lives Matter Cartoons
Best of BLM Cartoons, Graphics, Memes and Photos: Part 1

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
September 11, 2020

Police is bringing down the BLM Fist Monstrosity Statue broken out of the ground!

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Hot BLM Cartoons

BLM has now collected a Billion Dollar in donation. This menace to the society and a Marxist terrorist group is now rolling in dough to fund its terror! What does BLM do with all this money? BLM spends the money on activism, propaganda, drafting thugs, weapons, arson equipment, riot gears, protests, riots and burning down your cities and businesses. BLM and ANTIFA are the foot soldiers and puppets but who is the puppet master and who is funding them to create chaos and to destroy America and the Free World? Globalist International Corporations and certain American Corporations are on top of the list! Tech Giant Oligarchs and Globalist Oligarchs are also funding big league to these terrorist groups.

BLM and ANTIFA 2 Headed Monster Black Lives Matter Tina Garrison Cartoon
Dr. Democrat-Stein has Created a Monster!

Rise of Tech Giant Oligarchs

It is the rise of Tech Giant Oligarchs in our times. Not that they brain wash you, control every aspect of your life online, tell you how to think and if you disobey, they censor and ban you, and they defund your online business revenue (Google and Facebook control over 60 % of the online ad revenue), yet now they have the audacity to fund BLM and ANTIFA to also burn down your city and business!

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchist and Democrat Band of Brothers Black Lives Matter Branco Cartoon
Democrat Band of Brothers are Destroying the Blue State Large Cities.

I am not into boycotting but I am about informing you; therefore, I will inform you of what has been hidden from you by the media, social media and tech giants. We will inform you of the billionaire oligarchs and corporations who fund BLM and ANTIFA. We leave it up to you to decide if you shop and give business to them or not. So, you want to know who funds BLM and ANTIFA?

You will find your answers and more here:

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization
BLM Story, Platform and Photo Gallery

Social Justice Warrior Downs Abolitionist Statue Black Lives Matter Michael Ramirez Cartoon
The Woke Illiterate Millennial BLM and ANTIFA are the Products of 3 Decades of Failed Liberal Educational System filled with Marxist Professors.

We have gathered some of the best BLM cartoons over here. Before we begin, I would like to name our great patriotic and talented cartoonist friends who are responsible for the cartoon arts. Support our patriotic cartoonists so the cartoons keep on coming:

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison: Grrraphics

A F Branco: Comically Incorrect

Michael Ramirez

Gary Varvel

Bob Gorrell: Gorrell Art

Al Goodwyn

Tom Stiglich

Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle – Cagle Post

Gary McCoy – Cagle Post

Rick Mckee – Cagle Post

Daryl Cagle and Friends: Cagle Post

And other cartoonist friends:

Iran Cartoon Index

Now enjoy the fabulous, funny and fantastic select BLM cartoons:

BLM Wolf in Sheep Clothing and Corporate America Donation Black Lives Matter Branco Cartoon
“BLM extorts money from corporations not to burn them down!” (Media)

In Election Year Black Lives Matter Bob Gorrell Cartoon

Joe Biden Fans Flames Black Lives Matter Gary McCoy Cartoon
Joe Biden (in Terrorist Hood): C’mon Man, what’s a little riot and destruction between friends?!

Black Lies Matter Protest Black Lives Matter Tom Stiglich Cartoon
Black Lies Matter to Fuel the Riots!

Black Dykes Matter!
“There were some BBB (Big Black Bull-Dykes) and some Itsy-Bitsy Little Dykes protesting in the Black Lives Matter Protests!” (Media)

BBB (Big Black Bull-Dykes)
“The Leadership of BLM was present at the protests!” (Media)
“The Biggest Baddest BBBs hand chain-locked in the protests!” (Media)
L – R: Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza with Patrisse Cullors

Black Butts Matter Protest Placard! How True Man!
In these Woke Times, we best recognize that them Big Ass Funky Booties, do matter!
What would we do without them Big Black Butts?
C’mon Man, Big Black Butts are no threat (Biden Style)!

Big Black Butts Matter – Booty-Licious Magazine
Now who can disagree that Big Black Butts Matter?
Woman needs some junk in the trunk!

Big Black Butts Matter – Big Black Butt Magazine
Finally we‘all can agree on one aspect of the Black Lives Matter!
Tales From the Hood Presents: Sweet Kandi, Butta Beans

Big Black Butts Matter – Big Black Butt Magazine
Pandora’s Box, what’s in it?
Pandora got some extra junk in the trunk!

Big Black Butts Matter – Big Black Butt Magazine
Special Lockdown Issue for the Blue States!
Fat and Funky Freaks will Booty Crush you in the Lockdowns!
Ms. Bomb-tastic: Phoenix rises from the Asses!
You have to admit that Butt was not built overnight!
That’s the product of at least a decade of Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Bacon and Corn Bread!
Ooooh, that was such an Un-Woke statement! Liberals gonna pinch my balls for that Un-PC phrase!

Big Black Butts Matter – Big Black Butt Magazine
C’mon man, Big Black Butts are not a threat, as long as you keep them clean (Biden Style)!
C’mon girl, shake that thang, shake them booty (James Brown Style)!
And you guys are still asking me in your e-mails: Ahreeman why aren’t you on Social Media?
What do yous think will happen when I post something like this in the social media?
They gonna explode, implode, censor, ban and spank my balls with a rusty nailed ping pong paddle!
C’mon man, it’s a no brainer, I’m simply too hot for the social media!

Black Cocks Matter
Are we talking Roosters here?!
Now seriously, this is yet another statement which makes you think that some of the protests are actually fact based! Black Cocks do matter! You don’t believe me? Ask the little white gay boy toys or white women with Jungle Fever or big fat ugly white girls!
Ooooh, another so Un-Woke and Un-PC Ahreemanic statement which is punishable by spank balls from the Woke PC Police, Safe Space Cradle Dweller, Bull-Dykes!

Black Cocks Matter Official Decal for BBC (Big Black Cocks) Lovers
Buy 2, Get 1 Free!
What? Decals or Big Black Cocks?

“There were some fringe branches amongst the BLM Protests!” (Media)
Bubba Jones: I reckon, yous talking about Dykes and Trannies and Sissy Boy Toys?
Ahreeman: Nope, we here talking about them oodles and oodles O Black Poontang on them strippers!
Bubba Jones: Yum yum, I gonna git me some …
Ahreeman: Now pay attention boy, eat slow, chew well, and eat in single cheek, not double cheek, cause you might choke on it boy!

Even though that may sound racist, yet it is a valid point?
“Black on Black Crimes are on the Rise!” (Media)
Now C’mon man (Biden style), this here is not some PC social media or network, this here is IPC and it is zeroes (2000s Millennia), everything goes! You want PC, switch the channel from IPC to CNN (Communist News Network)!

BLM Funds Transfer from Corporate America to Democrat Party Black Lives Matter Branco Cartoon
There’s a shady money laundry deal going on here!

BLM Loser Downs George Washington Statue Black Lives Matter Michael Ramirez Cartoon
America Then and Now!
USA Then
- George Washington Bullet Points:
* Father of the Nation
* First President of USA
* Defeated the Greatest Superpower of the time (British Empire)
* Lived in Mount Vernon
- Imah Luzer (BLM Rioter in I’m with the Stupid T-shirt) Bullet Points:
* Scored 300 on XBox
* Won Participation Trophy
* Created his Safe Space
* Lives in Parents’ Basement

BLM Patrisse Cullors Puppet of Marx Defund Police Black Lives Matter Tom Stiglich Cartoon
Who said Marxism is dead?
Always keep an eye on the Marxists because like cockroaches they multiply and in a short while, they create a rag tag army of anarchist free loaders and Feel the Bern!

BLM Rioters and Looters Gary McCoy Cartoon
Nothing like a looted 65” HD Smart TV and 6 pack of Brews can quench the thirst for Social Justice!

BLM Riots and Looting Black Lives Matter Tom Stiglich Cartoon
Wrong Message boy!

BLM Thug Lives Matter George Soros Funded Black Lives Matter Branco Cartoon
Imported to Charlotte Black Thug to the Black Cop: Racist!

BLM Whistling at Chicago Murders and Abortion Black Lives Matter Cartoon
It is amazing how BLM Shut the FAQ Ups when it comes to:
* Black on Black Crimes
* Planned Parenthood Murdering Black Babies
* BLM Burning Down Black Businesses
* BLM Murdering Black Business Owners
* BLM Murdering Innocent Black Bystander Kids
* BLM Destroying the Black Community
BLM are measly Liberal Plantation Negroes doing Democrats’ Dirty Deeds!

Bolshevik Lives Matter Corporate USA Billion Dollar Donation Black Lives Matter Ben Garrison Cartoon
BLM destroying America and the Corporations jump over each other's shoulders to donate to them! George Soros, Jeff Bezos, NFL, CNN, Nike, Disney, Coke, ……

Bolshevik Lives Matter Corporate USA Cancel Culture Black Lives Matter Ben Garrison Cartoon
American Corporations jump over each other’s shoulders to donate to BLM! George Soros, Jeff Bezos, NFL, CNN, Nike, Disney, Coke, ……
In a way Corporate America is back stabbing himself! They are making their money due to the Capitalist System but they are helping Marxists to overthrow the Capitalism!

Cancel Culture, BLM and ANTIFA Silence Statue of Liberty Black Lives Matter Gary Varvel Cartoon
BLM Riots are Ending the Liberty in America!

Cop Killer Because Black Lives Matter Cartoon!
Black Thug Kills a Black Cop because Black Lives Matter!

Defund Democrats Black Community Matter Black Lives Matter Branco Cartoon
Don’t Defund the Police but Defund the Democrats for Destruction of the Black Communities, running down the Blue States’ large cities of America between 30 to 100 years! The black people vote over 90 % Democrat. Black people must break free from the Liberal Plantations. Stop being Liberal Plantation Negroes, slave to the Democrats. Break the Stockholm Syndrome and set yourselves free of ball and chains! Free at last, free at last …… Trump the Neo Abolitionist!

George Soros, the piper whom the rats follow his lead, the puppeteer whom the puppets dance to his tune and the money behind the riots, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the benefactor of the BLM, ANTIFA and the Democrat Party!

George Soros, the spider with many limbs who controls all the rabid zombies in your streets!

George Soros destroys complete economies and cultures of the various countries on earth to make billions of dollars. By creating chaos worldwide, he made his billions. He broke the banks of Britain, Thailand and Philippines. George Soros is wanted in Hungary for crimes against humanity. George Soros associated with Nazis against his own people (Jews) during WWII. Jews went to their death because of George Soros. Nazi serving Jews like George Soros were the ones who ran the concentration camps in the WWII. George Soros is a socialist without any conscience. He has no morality. Dollar signs are George Soros’ sole concern. George Soros’ goal is to ultimately destroy the heart of Capitalism and Democracy on Earth which is America. Once America falls, the free world will fall. George Soros controls the Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Academia, Hollywood, Democrat Party and their thugs in the streets such as BLM and ANTIFA. Behind all the economic and social instability and chaos in Asia, Europe, America and around the world, you can clearly see the hands of George Soros! Yes, Evil has a name and it is called George Soros! George Soros looks forward to finally establish the New World Order and his own blend of Social Justice (controlled by Oligarchs) around the globe!

George Soros Major Financier of the Black Lives Matter Terrorist Organization

George Soros the White Jew Old Fart Billionaire Who Funds Black Lives Matter for Personal Gains!

George Soros the Designer of the Summer of Chaos in the Western World, where his pawns such as BLM and ANTIFA implemented his plans in America and the Western Europe on 2020.

George Soros the Actual Writer of the BLM Platform and the Designer of the New World Order which Will Merge After the End of the Chaos Created by Him and His Ilk.

George Soros is the Main Reason for the Global Chaos. George Soros is the Greatest Terrorist on Earth.

George Soros is the Puppeteer who Pulls the Strings of His Puppets!
“The Main Obstacle to the Stable and Just World is United States of America.” (George Soros)
George Soros’ Goal: Destruction of America.
Enough Said, Now is the Time to Act to Destroy George Soros!

George Soros Puppet Master Pulls the Strings of NFL
George Soros: Yes my slaves, yes my puppets, kneel, just like that …

Pandora Soros’ Box Black Lives Matter Ben Garrison Cartoon
Murder, Protests, Riots, Looting, Civil Unrest, Chaos and Destruction, ……
Welcome to the George Soros Show! The Man Behind the Fires and Storms!

Pandora Soros’ Box Blasts Open the Black Lives Matter Ben Garrison Cartoon
Welcome to the George Soros Show!

Black Trans Lives Matter

Black Trans Lives Matter Indeed!
Man named Michael who posed as Michelle O (O for Obscene), and made his way to the White House as the First Tranny (Oops sorry, First Lady)!

Michelle Obama the First Tranny
You see that long ass middle finger, high cheek bones, broad shoulders and Adams apple? Women don’t have them! Trannies do! Those are some manly cheek bones, shoulders and arms! Set aside the bulge in his pants often shown in the photos! Gay husband, adopted kids, Boy, this man fooled y’all for 8 years! More power to Michelle O fooling the Sheep for 8 years! Black Trans Lives Matter Indeed!

Michelle Obama the Manly Tranny
That’s one of the ugliest Trannies which I ever seen in my life and I got nothing against Chicks with Dicks! Hey, if you’re a fine and dandy Chick with Dick cutesy, I may even bang you, but them damn ugly ass, hairy legged, manly boned Trannies like Michelle Obama, Lord have mercy on my soul! I can’t touch that primate with a 9-foot pole! It has nothing to do with the race but it has everything to do with the face! That man is one ugly primate! Besides, I never go out with the girls who have a bigger dick than I do! Praise the Lord O Mighty, Hallelujah!

Fine and Rare Example of a Romance Between a Muslim and a Pig!
The First Muslim President and the First Tranny in the White House
Hussein Obama the Kenyan Arabo-Muslim Gay Dhimmi Boy and his partner Michael, oops sorry Michelle Obama the Big Schlonged Manly Tranny Primate! We could clearly see that who wears the pants in this family!

Proof that America is Not Racist!
Honestly, if America is so racist, then how can a Black Muslim with the name Barack Hussein Obama serve 2 terms as the president in America? This is where you can see that BLM is full of Prime Bull Shiite! Set aside that this bozo almost had singlehandedly destroyed the prestige and credibility of all the Blacks in the politics! This chocolate boy bankrupted the country, destroyed the manufacturing, and put the Americans in the poor house! He is the greatest welfare and food stamp president of all times! Seriously, if America is so racist, would you liberals please explain to me how on earth a Black Muslim married to a Tranny got elected for 2 terms in the office? You know you’re full O Shiite, don’t you? By the way who’s that Orangutan standing next to Hussein?!

Get Woke, Go Broke
Hey Y’all Faggy, Tranny and Dykey Type O Woke BLM and ANTIFA Fans, and Y’all Kneelers, Rioters, Flag Burners and Other Shiite, hear me and hear me good:
You Go Woke, You Go Broke!
So, git your Woke Broke Ass out of my face and on to the Ghetto or better Skid Row! Woke Ass Protesters are Broke Ass because if one has a job, a life and a career, then he won’t be protesting in the street! I reckon, git your Broke Ass out of my face and go git a job boy! Gone then …

The Bull Dyke Got Woke, Went Broke
Learn from the Bull Dyke’s Experience
You best recognize that:
You Go Woke, You Go Broke!

Red Pills, Pay Bills; Got Woke, Went Broke!
MAGA Fox vs. Liberal Bull Dyke!
Now boys, girls, in betweens, fags, dykes, trannies, queers, none binaries, and other Bull Shiite genders created by the liberals, pay attention and you best recognize:
You Go Woke, you Go Broke
So, Git Your Woke Broke Ass Out of My Face and Go Git a Job! Git Boy, Git Goin, Gone Then ……

Joe Biden Black Votes Matter Black Lives Matter Tom Stiglich Cartoon

Media Turned BLM Protests to Shiite Pile of Riots and Looting Black Lives Matter Daryl Cagle Cartoon

NFL George Soros Puppet Colin Kaepernick Kneeler Black Lives Matter Ben Garrison Cartoon
George Soros directed the complete Kneeling and disrespecting the Flag and National Anthem in the NFL and Professional Sports in America.

Ahreeman: Boy, you made your “Black Privilege” millions because of that flag and anthem and what they stand for! You best recognize to git your wanna be Black Ass up, stand straight, put your hand on your heart and respect the American flag and anthem or I’ll shove that knee and fist up your wanna be Black Ass! Now pull out the butt plug, pull up your pants and stand up straight like a man! Git with it Boy! And git rid o that stupid left over from the 1960s Afro!

Professional Sports Straight to Hell Patriot Hammer Black Lives Matter Poster
They Don’t Matter Anymore, Professional Sports Can Go Straight to Hell
Professional Sports Underestimated the American People
You Can’t Do Professional Sports in America but Disrespect America and Americans
Americans are Very Patriotic (Except Liberal Bull Shiites)!
You Go Woke, We Break You
You Kneel, You Lose Half of Your Revenue
You Kneel, People Stop Watching and Buying Merchandise

Shoving BLM Down Americans’ Throat by Democrats, Media and George Soros Black Lives Matter Cartoon
Media, Social Media, Hollywood, Entertainment, Academia and Even Woke Commercials are bombarding you and brainwashing you 24/7 with Woke BLM Propaganda! The left is shoving their world view down your throats! Freedom of thought and speech is dead in America, the same as journalism is dead in America. The Left Indoctrinates you sine kindergarten all the way till you graduate college! Democrats preach Cultural Diversity but Groupthink!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Black Lives Matter, Terror for Peace ISIS USA Flag

Tintin Embraced by Black Africans Used as Racist Act by Black Lives Matter Cartoon
Tintin: these Congolese love me, but I know it’s a matter of time till BLM twists things around and use it against me!

Tintin Carried by Black Africans Used as Racist Act by Black Lives Matter Cartoon
Tintin: BLM gonna have a ball with scenes like this in my “Tintin in Congo” Comic Book! They gonna ban my Belgian white ass and bring down my action figure mini statues everywhere!

Tintin Sued by Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo a Congolese Belgian for Racism Black Lives Matter
Tintin: What have I told you? They already started the BLM Bull Shiite on my Lily White Ass Cartoon Character!

Tintin Attacked by BLM Black Lives Matter Cartoon
Tintin: hot damn boys! You BLM Congolese are brainwashed by BLM propaganda! Yesterday you loved me but now I’m racist! Its not my fault that Herge drew you with wide eyes, liver lips, flat nose, nappy hair and charcoal black skin! Have you seen yourselves in the mirror? This is central Africa, that’s how people look like! And why beating me up, go beat up Herge! Get off of me you savage cannibals, take this punch on your kisser, here’s an uppercut for you Umba Umbe …
Umba Umbe: We thought Master Tintin was sweet but BLM taught us Master Tintin is Racist, he has white privilege, bad Master Tintin, yes sir Massa, yasir Massa, bad Massa …
Umba Tootoo: Let’s beat the Shiite out of that lily white ass Belgian boy …
Umba Umbe: Let’s shove some black meat up his Shiiter, C’mon Man (Biden style), Let’s FAQ that sissy boy with gay hair, let’s FAQ that cute white boy’s butt, FAQ that Shiite!
Tintin: Someone call the Belgian Embassy, I’m getting gang banged in Kinshasa! Help, Heeeeeeeeelp Umba Umbe: Black Meat Matters, Yeahhh Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …

Peaceful Protest Kids Black Lives Matter Lisa Benson Cartoon
Peaceful Protester Kids are Burning Down the House but Millennial Parents are OK with it!

Woke Café Vegan Black Lives Matter Al Goodwyn Cartoon
“Gay Grunge Vegans and Vegetarians have been hanging in Seattle Woke Cafes!” (Media)
Woke Café Selling Woke Coffee!
Special of the Day: BLM Combo with Urban Violence Slushy and Side of Burned Flag Fries!

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