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Chador Iranian Islamic Veil Cartoons
Chador Part 3

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
November 3, 2021

Women Under Burqa Chador Iran Cartoon
Open the Can of Islamic Worms and you will see the women’s tears!

You asked for it and now we obey your wishes, so you will get it! Welcome to the new addition of the very popular cartoon series: Chador Part 3! Hejab is an Islamic Bull Shiite Concept fabricated by Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) to cover up the women, control them, collect them as trophies and possess them as property.

Shahyad Iranian Moral Police Covers Persian Girl Chador Iran Cartoon
No Freedom Under the Freedom Tower!
Shahyad (Memory of Shah) Tower and Circle was built by Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. When Mullahs occupied Iran on 1979, they changed the name to “Azadi Tower” (Freedom tower). It is funny how there is no freedom under the Freedom tower! The Islamic Moral Police is covering up the Persian Girl with Chador to be Islamically Correct!

Story of the Creation of Hejab

I strongly suggest for you to educate yourselves on the true Islamic History:

Islam Index

Because your politically correct and woke universities, schools, media, social media and Tech Giants won’t! So, how was hejab created, you ask?

Well, as always, one day Muhammad went in and out of his favorite cave, where Angels of Allah used to come and visit him! After getting in and out of his epileptic delusions, he declared to the Umma’ Al Islam that now, the Hejab is invented for women to cover themselves from head to toe! Now you may ask, why on Earth did Muhammad come up with that concept? The answer is very simple:

At that point of the Islamic History, Aisha, Muhammad’s child bride whom he married at age 6 and supposedly waited 3 years until age 9 to bang (which I do not believe that he waited that long, because he was a certified horny pedophile), had become a young and voluptuous woman who was flirting around and banging the Arab Generals because Muhammad was old and could not satisfy her passionate needs!

Prophet Muhammad and Aisha his Child Bride Cartoons 1

USA Election Reform Photo ID Chador Iran Cartoon
American Problem and Iranian Solution!
“USA is in need of fair election reforms!” (Media)
“Iranian Regime insists on everyone wearing Chadors!” (Media)

So, the horny Aisha was banging around, having a Big Arab Bangarooni with the Thick Boned Arab Generals and Muhammad could not tolerate these rumors defaming one of his 21 wives, actually his favorite wife and the Holy Saint of Islam “Hazrat-e Aisha” which was becoming more of a “Fahisha” AKA “Faheshe” (Whore); therefore, he had to do something about this defamation, slanders and rumors! There he went in and out of his famous cave, Angels came to him and Allah ordered women to from this moment on, cover themselves!

Prophet Muhammad and Aisha his Child Bride Cartoons 2

Muslims Bra Burn Protest Chador Iran Cartoon
“Muslim women are protesting for equal rights!” (Media)

It is amazing how, Aisha’s banging around with the Arab Generals, due to Old Muhammad’s limp schlong, had caused the Arab and the Muslim women to pay until this day wrapped up in hejab, paying for her Whorish and Slutty promiscuous behavior! One Arab Young Suzie got pounded hard by thick boned Arabs and the complete segment of the Muslim women had to cover up for 1400 plus years! Ain’t Islamic History intriguing? That’s because Allah is passionate and obviously at that point of his life, the old Muhammad was not so!

Muhammad was a Rapist and a Pedophile

Islam and Sex with Infants!

Islamic Anal Sex Question Chador Iran Saman Cartoon
“Chador causes mistaken identity amongst the women!” (Media)
“Muslim men are curious about the Anal Sex!” (Media)

I mean the early Muhammad was so horny that went in and out of the famous cave and declared that Allah told him that despite Muslim men allowing to have 4 permanent wives, yet he could be the only one who could have 21 wives! And it wasn’t just that! Muhammad could have 21 permanent wives, unlimited temporary wives and tons of concubines and slave girls war booties! I bet with you that during the declaration, someone at the back of the Umma’ Hall yelled: Why 4 for us but 21 for you? Obviously, Muhammad justified the Islamic logic by clarifying that prophets of Allah get to bang 21 while the regular good Umma’ get to bang only 4! I mean it is clearly logical and obvious, right? Of course, the courageous nuisance man later on got beheaded by Ali the Executioner of Muhammad and his Holy Saint (4th Caliph of Rashidun) or some other Muslim thug; however, the concept is very clear and the Quran and Hadith are very strict that while Muslim men can bang only 4 wives, the Holy Prophet of Allah could bang 21 wives! Allah bless his Bone and Peace Be Upon His Bone, at one time, Muhammad was very passionate and he had a mighty active and erect Schlong Habibati to do many Yahbah Yuhbah Haz Bebarim! I mean that Arab was really banging hard and enlightening many Arab and Non-Arab women, girls, little girls and even pearly white boys!

Islam Comic Book: Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!

Hejabi Art Model Smile Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Anyhow, we got off the subject of hejab! Islamic History does that to yous! You tend to go off the subject because Islam is all about the Belly (food) and Under Belly (sex)! You talk Islam, you feel like eating and banging! That’s what Islam is all about! Allah bless his mighty bone, Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) had created a religion based upon Belly and Under Belly, specifically to reward men and to oppress women and keep them ignorant as property!

Ayatollah Gilani's Resaleh on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

Chadori at Psychiatrist Chador Iran Saman Cartoon

Of course, now days, these ignorant Muslim women are becoming much wiser and demand equal banging! Look at the Holy Woke Ilhan Omar, the US Congress Representative who married his brother to get Green Card and then Banged his lover and aid and then married him and gave him perks! I mean Ilhan Omar has been banging around her aids and good Muslim or Infidel men in and out of the Mosque only to demand revision of Islam! Hey, who told you that Islam cannot be revised and up-to-dated?! At least in one concept, Islam is evolving and that is the Under Belly part! Ilhan Omar is the perfect example that Islam can evolve too! Ilhan Omar is enlightening both Muslim and Infidel men in Washington DC Swamp and spreading both the good words of Allah and her Somali Habibati Suzie which smells like a combo of Red Chili Pepper, Semolina Halwa and Somali Spice! Get a Load O That if you can?!

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11

Burqa COVID-19 Protection UK Mandate Chador Iran Cartoon
“Hejab is the protection against Coronavirus!” (Media)

Back to the subject, so now you know how the hejab was created and how the Muslim women got FAQed over and become doormats by Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone)! After all, Allah works in mysterious ways and he is very passionate!

There are 2 Types of Muslims!

We would like to thank our great cartoonist friends for their marvelous works:

Cartoons Index

Enjoy the great Chador cartoons, part 3 of our special cartoon series but take small bites, chew on them slowly, chew each bite between 8 to 12 times and swallow gently; do not take big bites, gobble and guzzle down quickly and eat like a pig! Eat Yek Lopi (with One Cheek Full) and not Do Lopi (Two Cheeks Full), yeah, eat single file, because you may choke on them! And there’s your prayer! Enjoy the toons, they are food for your spirits!

Burqa Cartoonist Chador Iran Cartoon

American and Iranian Showdown at Baghdad, Iraq Chador Iran Cartoon
“Iraq is the dominant battleground between USA and IRI!” (Media)
Chadori vs. Cowboy Duel at High Noon, Baghdad Time!

Hejab Stolen Identity Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

French Proper Hejab Chador Iran Cartoon
“Burqa is banned in France!” (Media)
“Patriotism is on the rise in France!” (Media)

Hejab Blind Date Freak Out Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
The Hejabi and the Beehive Keeper Date!

Batgirl Hejab Chador Iran Cartoon
Hejabi Wives: That Bad Hejab American Slut stole our man’s heart! When new comes along, the old is forgotten!

Hejabi Batgirl Muslim Superheroine Chador Iran Cartoon
Robin: Holy Shiite Batman, you got a Muslim sidekick now!
“DC, Warner Brothers, Marvel and Disney go woke!” (Media)
“Islamo-Socialism is taking over America!” (Media)
Neo Muslimette Superheroine!

Burqa Girl Muslim Superhero Chador Iran Cartoon
Burqagirl the New Muslim Superheroine fights for injustice, oppression and Dark Ages, Islamic Style!
“Due to political correctness, Muslim Superheroes are on the rise!” (Media)
“Marvel and DC are creating more Muslim Superheroes out of their rectums than ever before!” (Media)

Hejabi Avengers Superheroines Chador Iran Cartoon
Marvel’s Muslim Girls! Really?!

Wonder Woman Islamically Correct Evolution Chador Iran Cartoon
“DC Comics and Time Warner go Woke and Islamically Correct!” (Media)
“New Hollywood woke movies terribly crash at the box office!” (Media)
“New woke comic books don’t sell at the stands!” (Media)
“People boycott DC and Marvel Bull Shiite woke revisions!” (Media)
Wonder Woman: Hey what’s all the fuss? They turned Robin gay, Superman Bi, Bat Woman lesbo, villains to LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup and created Muslim Super Heroes out of their rectums! So, what’s with a little fashion change on me?!

Hejab We All Look the Same Chador Iran Cartoon

Bad Hejab Little girl and Iranian Female Moral Police Persepolis Chador Cartoon
Iranian Moral Police is always present to measure the length of the women’s garments walking in the streets, even kids!

Arkansas Pro Abortion Chadoris Run Chador Iran Cartoon
“Chadori Muslim Women have some of the highest abortion rates!” (Media)
“Chadori women are very promiscuous under the chador!” (Media)

Hejab No women Allowed in Stadiums vs. No Abortion Chador Iran Cartoon
“South Dakota Bans Abortion!” (Media)
“In many Muslim countries, women are not allowed in the soccer stadiums!” (Media)
“Hejabi Muslim Women are very promiscuous!” (Media)

Afghan Hejab Chador Iran Cartoon
“Afghan Burqa is one of the most repressive Islamic Hejabs!” (Media)

Afghan Hejab Taliban Shackles Chador Iran Cartoon
“Afghan Burqa is one of the most repressive Islamic Hejabs!” (Media)
Aim Carefully Please!

Burqa ID Chador Iran Cartoon
Problem: Hejabis need to provide ID for authorities in the west!
Solution: Hejabi ID made!

Afghan Burqa vs. Iraqi Niqab Fashion Chador Iran Cartoon
Muslim Garb Fashion Return!

Afghani Burqa Cabaret Dancer Chador Iran Cartoon

Burqa Introduction Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Many Muslim men are not sure about the identity of their wives!” (Media)
“Due to Hejab, all Muslim women look alike!” (Media)

Burqa Shoplifter Lineup Chador Iran Cartoon

Chador Lineup Multi Culturalism Political Correctness Chador Iran Cartoon
Checkout the flies around the chadoris due to stench and body odor, wearing hot hejab in the heat of summer, standing under the spotlights!

Burqa Photo Moment Chador Iran Cartoon

Burqa School Picture Chador Iran Cartoon

Class Disruption Chador Iran Saman Cartoon
Teacher: OK who done it this time?

Hejab Fashion Problem Chador Iran C-Section Cartoon

Football Soccer Chador Iran Cartoon
“There are many males amongst the Muslim Female Soccer National Teams!” (Media)
“In these gender bending days, men can play in women’s sports!” (Media)
Covering the privates before the shot but why?!

Hezbollah Chadori Martyr Baby Making Machine Chador Iran Wire Cartoon
“Hezbollahi Fundamentalist Muslims use women as baby making machines and RPG Guns!” (Media)

Man-Chador Akbar Chador Iran Cartoon
“Muslim Men are covering their bald spots!” (Media)

Me Too Movement Chadori Men Chador Iran Cartoon
“Equity Equality and Wokeness is taking over America!” (Media)

Mullahs’ Islamic Polygamy Chador Iran Kayhan London Cartoon
Mullah’s Islamic Heaven Dreams!

Muslim Blowup Dolls Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Blowup Sex Dolls are becoming very popular!” (Media)

Muslim Women Prison Cages Chador Iran Cartoon

Muslim Stripper Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Nikki Haley Transparency Promise and Actual Results Chador Iran Cartoon
“Nikki Haley is a RINO and not a Real Conservative!” (Media)

Proper Hejab for Both Sexes Chador Iran Cartoon

Muslim Missing Identity Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Muslim Hejabis Identity Problem is on the rise in Australia!” (Media)
“How can Muslims identify their missing loves ones?!” (Media)

Muslim Pedophile Marriage to Know Better Chador Iran Saman Cartoon
“Iranian arranged marriages are on the rise!” (Media)
“Iranian men like child brides!” (Media)
“Iranians must marry first and get to know each other second!” (Media)

Niqabis and Nude Art Chador Iran Cartoon

Hejab Selfie Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Perfect Islamic Hejab Chador Iran Cartoon

Rolling Cage Burqa: What is that Thing? It is My Religion Chador Iran Cartoon
“Hejab is a mobile cage for women!” (Media)
“France bans Burqa!” (Media)
French Woman: What is that thing?
Muslim Woman: It is my religion!

Photographer Chador Iran Cartoon

She Got Your Eyes Chador Iran Cartoon

Saudi Arabian Women Voting Problems Chador Iran Cartoon

Saudi Arabian Moral Police Cover the Dead Chador Iran Cartoon
“Families mourning and bury their fire victims dead but Saudi Religious Police worries that the dead may not be properly covered!” (Media)

Saudi Arabian Niqab vs. Afghan Burqa Women’s Rights Chador Iran Cartoon
Two Sides of the same coin: Saudi Arabian Regime and Taliban Afghani Regime!
“Saudi Arabian New Regime is Expanding Women’s Rights and Reforms!” (Media)
Ahreeman Joon to MBS (Mohammed Bin Salman): Good job but you got a long way to go!

Saudi Arabian Women Abaya Chador Iran Cartoon
zip it up woman!

Saudi Arabian My Friend and My Best Wife Chador Iran Cartoon
“Adultery is on the rise between the Arab men and their best friend’s wives!” (Media)

Persian Gothic Chador Iran Saman Cartoon

Where is My Vote? Ahmadinejad Chador Iran Cartoon
“When he was president, Ahmadinejad suppressed the votes but now he is opposition to suppressing the votes!” (Media)
Persian Protester Woman: Where is my vote?
Ahmadinejad: Relax, don’t panic, here it is!

Taliban Pick Up a Goat for Dinner Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Daily Afghan men’s chores are different than Australian and American men!” (Media)

USA Senate Health Care Bill Veiled, Not Sharia Law Chador Iran Cartoon
“Muslim Sharia’ Law dictates veil covering for women!” (Media)
“USA Senate Health Care Bill is not transparent!” (Media)

Taylor Swift Ankles Chador Iran Cartoon
“Woke Hollywood Identifies with Muslim Garbs!” (Media)
“Muslim women are not allowed to show too much ankles!” (Media)

Our today’s show is over, we will see you next time and until then, avoid woke liberal indoctrination and Islamization! See you in the funny pages!

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