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Chador Iranian Islamic Veil Cartoons
Chador Part 4

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
August 29, 2022

Fruits of Islam Eggplants Chador Iran Ahreeman X Cartoon
“Islam is a fruitful religion!” (Media)
Fruits of Islam!
Niqabi Chadoris: Muhammad, why did you make us look like Eggplants?!

Chador 4 Album is here, freshly backed and hot out of the oven, come and get it while its hot and oozing! Chador 4 is Ultra-Politically Incorrect, Islamically Condemned and most definitely Un-Woke!

You asked for it and now the brand-new chapter of the very popular cartoon series of Chador is here! Hejab is an Islamic Bull Shiite Concept fabricated by Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) to cover up the women, control them, collect them as trophies and possess them as property. For Allah’s sake, Muhammad had 21 permanent wives, an unlimited number of concubines and even a few pearly little white boy toys! Allah had been very generous to Muhammad!

Folks, let’s be honest with each other. Islam is a global cancer and what holds Iran back from the greatness. An 8000-year-old mother of the global civilization is held back by Islam from its full potential to be great again, like it was before. For Iran to be great again, Islam must die or at least get out of the government. Islam is like a parasite which is sucking the life force out of Iran and holds her backward. For Iran to live, Islam must die! For more information, read:

8000 Years of Iranian History!
The Oldest Civilization in the World: 3 Parts

For more information about this global disease named Islam, read:

Islam Index

With many thanks to our cartoonist friends:

Mark Lynch: Cartoons a Plenty

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison: GrrrGraphics

and the rest:

Cartoons Index

Without further ado, enjoy the Chador 4 album:

Chadori Nude Model Artistic statement Chador Iran Saman Cartoon

Iranian Woman Hanging and Allah Cock Flag Chador Iran Choimin Cartoon
Patriarchy Machoism Islamic Style and Banner of IRI Allah Cock!
“Women are 2nd class citizens in Iran!” (Media)

Afghani Muslim Family Affair Chador Iran Cartoon

Afghan Shower Drapes and Burqa Chador Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad’s wife Behave Chador Iran Saman Cartoon

Arabian Hot Summer Moonlight Night Sexy Hejab Chador Iran Cartoon

Arab Muslim Niqabi Woman Look Chador Iran Cartoon

Liberal Lesbian Bull Dyke and Burqa Muslim Woman Chador Iran Cartoon
How Liberals and Muslims really see and feel about each other while they are bound to stick together due to political necessity!

Lesbian Muslim Chador Iran Cartoon

Burqa Bank Robber and French Police Chador Iran Cartoon
“France banned full cover hejab!” (Media)

Burqa Batgirl with New Batcycle Chador Iran Cartoon
“Woke DC (Warner Brothers) and Marvel (Disney) are promoting Muslim superheroes!” (Media)
Batgirl turned Muslim: Tada, Allah provided me with a new look!

Iranian Mona Lisa of Da Vinci Chador Iran Cartoon
Mona Lisa Islamically Correct Style!

Burqa Dog Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Burqa Hejabi and Lone Ranger Cowboy Saloon Date Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
Lone Ranger: We surely have something in common!

Chadori and Reformist President Chador Iran Saman Cartoon
“IRI’s Reformist, Moderate and Fundamentalist Games are getting old!” (Media)

Chadori Nude Art Model Chador Iran Saman Cartoon
Mullah Artist: Hmmmm, very peculiar!

Chadori Russian Dolls Chador Iran Cartoon

Chadori Tramp Chador Iran Cartoon

Condoleezza Rice and Iraqi Hejab Chador Iran Cox & Forkum Cartoon
“After the fall of Saddam, Sharia’ Law replaces the Secular Law!” (Media)
“Dr. Rice visited the new Iraq to bring the new democratic ideas to the table!” (Media)
“Iraqi delegation showered Dr. Rice with gifts!” (Media)

French Burqa Ban Chador Iran Cartoon
“Sarkozy is strictly against the Burqa!” (Media)

Hejab Adulterous Wives Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Hejabi Police Lineup Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Australia is heavily implementing Multiculturalism in all departments!” (Media)

Hejab Mailbox Niqab Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon
“Simple case of mistaken objects between niqab hejab and mailbox has been happening in Australia!” (Media)

Hejab Do Not Enter Traffic Sign Chador Iran Cartoon

Hejab Barbie Muslim Refugee Chador Iran Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Muslim women indoctrinate themselves in believing that hejab is a choice reaction to the western values as a political statement!) (Media)
“In Reality, Muslim women are oppressed with no choice by their Muslim men only to wear hejab!” (Media)
“New line of woke Muslim Toys including Hejab Barbie and Family Honor Ken Doll are out in the market!” (Media)

Hillary Clinton Burqa and Obama Negotiate with Taliban Chador Iran Cartoon
“Hillary accommodated Taliban in Afghanistan!” (Media)

Human Rights to Bear Arms USA vs. Bare Arms Arabia Chador Iran Cartoon

International Day of Women Iranian Poster Chador Iran Cartoon
Leftist Political Poster for March 8th International Day of Women
No Revolution Succeeds Without Women!
Hail to the Working and Struggling Women of the World!

Iran Art Culture Police Monitors Artist Woman Chador Iran Cartoon
“IRGC and Basij crack down on critical art in Iran!” (Media)

Iranian Blind Justice Chador Iran Cartoon
“Women are targeted by the Moral Police in Iran!” (Media)

Iranian Women Hejab Execution Chador Iran Cartoon

Iranian Women Hejab Liberty Butterfly Chador Iran Cartoon

Iranian Women Not Allowed in Stadiums Chador Iran Cartoon
“Until lately, Iranian women were not allowed in the sports stadiums!” (Media)

Iranian Women Public Stoning Chador Iran Truth Political Poster Cartoon
Democrats and Mullahs Nuke Deal Political Poster

ISIS Burqa Switch Chador Iran Cartoon

Islamic Birth Control Chador Iran Cartoon

Islamic Lady Liberty Statue in Iraq Chador Iran Cartoon
Saddam Statue comes down and Lady Liberty Statue goes up, but Iraqi Islamic Style!

Islamic Lady Liberty Statue Niqab Chador Iran Cartoon
Eastern and Western Lady Liberty Statues are Slightly Different!

Liberated Woman Hejabi Chador Iran Cartoon

Liberty Chador Iran Alan Moir Cartoon

Miss Muslim World Contest Chador Iran Cartoon

Muslim Female Headgear Types Chador Iran Cartoon

Muslim Transvestite Hejabi Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Scottish Veil Chador Iran Mark Lynch Cartoon

Sexy Bad Hejab Instruction for Muslim Women Chador Iran Cartoon
“Iranians are the worst hejabed women in the Muslim world!” (Media)

Our today’s show is over, we will see you next time and until then, avoid the woke liberal indoctrination and Islamization! Liberals and Muslims always go hand in hand! See you in the funny pages!

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