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Part 2: Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo Life of Muhammad Cartoons
Part 2: Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons

English Versions
Translation + Compilation: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
January 12, 2015

Dinner of Fools
(Referring the famous movie: Dinner Game)
Theatre: in the Dinner of Fools Diner (full of Priests, Moral Majority, Christian Fundamentalists and other Whackos), the new comer enters and asks for a table …
Jesus: A Table?

Now on to part 2 we go:

2. Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons

These cartoons are the Christian cartoons of Charlie Hebdo.

Christian Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

The True History of Little Jesus
The child according to the apocryphal doubtful gospels and other texts
Forewords by Gerard Mordillat and Prior Jerome

Three Papas on Homosexual Marriage!
Trinity Concept of the Christianity:
The Father (front) banged by The Son (middle) banged by the Holy Spirit (back)
God is being banged by Jesus while the Holy Spirit Eye Triangle is up his butt!

Pope Resigns!
Pope enjoys openly Gay Marriage!
Pope: Free at Last
The day after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the French Parliament passed a law allowing gay marriage and gay child adoption.

The Pope Goes Too Far!
“Homosexuality and Pedophilia between the priests and the altar boys are on the rise!” (Media)
“Pope considers more liberal policies about condom to protect people from AIDS.” (Media)
“Church considers protection for sex.” (Media)
Pope: This is my body!
(Pope refers to Jesus holding the disk of bread above his head stating to his followers that this is my body!)

Pedophile Bishops!
“Pope covered up and been leisure on Pedophile Bishops.” (Media)
“Roman Polanski the famous director has a history of pedophile affairs with underage girls.” (Media)

Pope: This stuff happens in Cinema like Polanski!

A Mole in Vatican!
“Some Catholic Clerics have changed their taste from Pedophilia to Bestiality!” (Media)

Pope: I changed my choirboys!

Pope Goes to Rio!
“Pope joins the carnival at Brazil!” (Media)

Pope: I do everything to satisfy all clients!

Circle of Bishops!
“Church needs Reforms!” (Media)
“Clerics are lobbying for change.” (Media)
Bishops Gay Lobby!

Political Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

New French President!
“Francois Hollande cannot believe that he got elected for President of France!” (Media)
“Francois Hollande is a Dick!” (Media)
Francois Hollande’s Dick: Me President?!

President Clown!
“Francois Hollande is a Joke!” (Media)
Ready for more Laughter…
Going for another year (with Hollande) …

“France is drowning in debt, inflation, unemployment and disastrous economy.” (Media)
“Socialism has destroyed France.” (Media)
Zero Growth
Francois Hollande the Lifeguard: We don’t move!

The Nightmare is not over!
“La Rochelle was a seaport stronghold in France which would not submit to the enemy.” (Media)
American Election of 2008 vs. French Election of 2008
Obama: I have a Dream
French Official: Nightmare is Not Over (La Rochelle Tribune)!

The Running Mate!
“Obama will do anything for campaigns!” (Media)
Obama wants to reassure the White Electorate
Obama: I present to you my running mate!
KKK: It will never work!

“Obama’s foreign policy is a failure.” (Media)
America condemns the Repression in Egypt
Obama: It would have been cleaner with Drones!

“French Parliament passes law for Gay Marriage and Gay Child Adoptions.” (Media)
French Gay Couple Adoption of African Children!
Title: GPA (French for Surrogacy) is 2 Adults
Black Youth: And one Slave …

“Christiane Taubira French Minister of Justice is full of Shiite (herself)!” (Media)
Charlie Hebdo on the French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, a black woman
Blue Racist Rally
The Monkey Rally!

Dieudonne Dumpling Butt Plug!
“Dieudonne is a sensationalist.” (Media)
“Quenelle is a type of French Dumpling.” (Media)
Charlie Hebdo on Dieudonne, Comedian and Political Activist
Happy New Year, Happy Dumpling!

Valerie Trierweiler is better!
Charlie Hebdo on Women’s Rights
* Valerie Trierweiler is a French News journalist and Political Talk Show Host.
* Valerie Trierweiler is Francois Hollande’s (French President) Ex Girlfriend.
* Valerie Trierweiler is a Feminist.
* Francois Hollande broke up with Valerie Trierweiler to hook up with an actress Julie Gayet whom he was cheating on Valerie Trierweiler with her while Valerie Trierweiler was his girlfriend.
* Women Rights Movement was protesting in France with bare breasts in the streets.
* Phallocracy = Male Dominated Social System
A feminist is holding the sign Phallocracy and protesting against it while written on her chest:
F*** The Macho!

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