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Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons
Tech Giants are Great Danger to Democracy
Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
April 14, 2018

YouTube F U Internet Censorship Cartoon

There should be checks and balances on all free market entities, or else free markets will not exist. Government used to be the greatest threat to the free speech but now, the Tech Giants are a bigger threat than government! At least in Trump era, there are checks and balances on the Government but there are no checks and balances on the Tech Giants and they do as they please! Tech Giants are censoring thoughts and brainwashing minds.

Google (owns YouTube) Rebrands YouTube Cyber Censorship Red Panels Cartoon
Google is taking the “You” out of the “YouTube” and leaves only a “Tube”!

In this gallery we expose dirty deeds of the Tech Giants. Cartoons from a great number of our talented cartoonist friends are displayed in this gallery.

Ben Garrison

A F Branco

Ahreeman X

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Amazon Community ANTIFA Internet Censorship Badge Ahreeman X Cartoon

Tech Giants Spy on You

Tech Giants spy on you, steal your private information and sell it to the highest bidder in the market!

Example: Look at the Google ads directed towards you in your Gmail
Example: Look at the Google ads directed towards you when you visit a site
Example: Look at Facebook’s complete invasion of your privacy and information

Google Car Road Kills MAGA Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon

Google’s Selective Search Results

Google rigs the system against the conservatives by filtering the search results and excluding the conservative sites. Google does it politically correct way by claiming that these sites are hate speech.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter Crucify Free Speech Branco Cartoon
Google Goolag (Gulag) Comrades are killing the Conservative Views!

Muslims are Protected by Tech Giants

Twitter, Facebook and Google filter the information, blackball the conservatives and Anti Islam sites. Muslims are protected and held sacred by the Tech Giants.

Social Media Freeway Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Right Lane Must Exit!
The main stream leftist freeway lanes continue on:
YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Obama Socialists, Twitter, Facebook, Internet Providers, Hillary Clinton, Medium Media, Manure Hauling, Limousine Liberals, George Soros, etc.
But the Right Lane Conservative Voice must exit into the river:
Alternative Media, New Right, MAGA, etc.
This is a One-Way Freeway to the Left!

Tech Giants’ Dirty Globalist Profit Games

Tech Giants have no morality. They are in it for money all the way! When it comes to making a profit, they do not hesitate to grab new markets, even if they have to filter their search results to fit and adapt the linking of the new market’s government.

Google agreed to filter its search results in accordance to the will of the Chinese Dictatorial Government, so Google could operate in China. This is not the first time that Google goes in bed with Totalitarian Regimes for a buck. Remember skipping the name “Persian Gulf” on their maps?

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Google will go to bed with any totalitarian regime to participate in anti-human-rights activities, if they throw Google a doggie bone! Google sleeps with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia or any other Mafia Regime if they pay her well!

Tech Giants are leftist globalist monopolistic whores who will not hesitate to break any moral code and destroy any legal boundaries only to make a few dollars more.

Amazon Community ANTIFA Internet Censorship Ahreeman X Cartoon
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Amazon Hands!

Tech Giants’ Cyber Censorship

Tech Giants are a group of Liberal Globalists and a bunch of Leftist Monopolies who made their billions of dollars outsourcing jobs at the cost of American worker’s unemployment. They built their empires on the broken back of the American labor. All of them have been committing monopoly, undermining the American worker and using the tools of “Political Correctness”, “Cyber Censorship”, “Cyber Espionage” and “Intimidation” plus every other dirty trick to monopolize the market, mind control and make out like bandits at the cost of the American worker’s misery.

Facebook Bans Conservative Voice Cyber Censorship Branco Cartoon

Yesterday, the government was the biggest threat to the First Amendment (Free Speech), Second Amendment (Gun Ownership) and Individual Freedoms.  At least now (thanks to Trump) there are checks and balances to oversee the government’s power.

Today, Tech Giants are the bigger threat to all human freedoms and free thinking. They control thoughts, indoctrinate and censor free thinking. The problem is that there is no oversight or checks and balances. No one watches them, monitors them and makes sure that they do not overreach their powers. They are absolutely controlling the web via monopoly to establish complete thought control.

Twitter Sickle Communist Black Bird Branco Cartoon
Shadow Banning the Masses!

Tech Giants’ Tools of Cyber Censorship

* Filter the Search Engines to Filter Search Results
Example: Google filters Conservative Sites and National Populist Sites from their search to get low ranking in the search and not be on the first few pages of the search.

* Selective Selection of Video / Audio Channels by the Web Multimedia Portals
Example: YouTube (owned by Google) is actively suppressing and banning undesired channels from broadcasting on their portal. Any politically incorrect voice to their leftist globalist agenda will be censored and banned.

* Suspending and Eliminating Patriotic Accounts
Example: Facebook is actively warning, suspends and eliminates Conservative and National Populist pages.

* Control of what is published on the net by the Hosting Companies
Example: Go Daddy filters out the Conservative and National Populist sites and suspends their account; therefore, the opposing voice to the leftist globalist agenda will be silenced and no opposing site will be allowed on the net.

* Censorship of Voices on Social Media and forums
Example: Twitter actively enforces political correctness to filter out any undesired Right-Wing voice from their system. Freedom of Speech means nothing to Twitter.

* Elimination of Competition by Tech Giants
Tech Giants are actively eliminating any competition to their platforms by not even allowing them to grow!
Example: Google filters search and manipulates the algorithms in a way that the user will never find the alternative or will have a hell of a time finding the alternative to YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Tech Giants are all in bed with each other to dominate the world.

Tech Giants Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Social Media Censorship of MAGA

Tech Giants’ Goals for Cyber Censorship

* Mind Control of the masses by eliminating the opposing voice and propagating their leftist, monopolistic, globalist agenda.

* Indoctrination of the masses by 24 / 7 mass propaganda of their own politically correct moral code of what is right and what is wrong to speak, broadcast or post on the Internet.

* Abolishment of Competition by mass suppression of any possible threat, such as alternative tribunes, forums, portals, and platforms to their establishment.

* Monopoly of the Market by drafting every dirty trick and loop holes in the system and laws to get the dibs and absolute control of their own field and service on the Internet.

* Destruction of All Free Thinking, Individualism and Opposing Voices to their Leftist, Monopolistic, Globalist Agenda

* Absolute control of the Web Broadcasting which is the alternative to the Mainstream Media. The Left already has the control of the Mainstream Media and that is why the people escaped to Alternative Web Media; however, now the Tech Giants are also getting the dibs on the Alternative Web Media via the control of the Search Engines, Social Media, Video / Audio Portals, Web Hosting and every other forum and platform on the Internet.

Seeing the World through Social Media Cyber Censorship Cartoon

Tech Giants’ Agenda

Tech Giants are in complete harmony with the Establishments’ platform.

Liberal Establishment:
To import as many illegal aliens and Muslim refugees as possible to establish new voters’ blocks.

Republican Establishment:
To import as many illegal aliens and Muslim refugees as possible to establish cheap labor for their farms, factories, businesses and industries.

Tech Giants, Liberal Establishment and Republican Establishment are obviously in an antagonistic conflict with the Trump’s Nationalist Populist Agenda, American Labor and Americanism.

Twitler = Twitter Hitler Internet Censorship Cartoon
Day by day, Twitter is beginning to look like a Nazi Censorship Establishment!

Tech Giants Oversight Needed

Tech Giants are monopolies and they crush any attempts to create competitions for them. Tech Giants filter the search, control what to propagate, allow you to read what they want you to read and control your minds. The question is: How long will we the people allow the Tech Giants to treat us like the herds of Sheeple in need of the Shepherds (Tech Giants)?!

Tech Giants are committing censorship, espionage, mind control, discrimination and monopoly. Tech Giants are doing what they do without any oversight, watchdog or checks and balances. Tech Giants got the dibs and complete control of the Internet. Tech Giants silence conservatives, national populists, anti-Islam movement, free thinking and individualism. They are actively supporting the Radical Left, Liberals, Muslims and any group which pays them well, as long as they do not contradict the Tech Giants’ leftist, globalist monopolistic agenda and doctrine.

Tech Giants have the absolute control of people’s thoughts by inputting what they want in to your brains.

YouTube Shooter, the Real Story of Nasim Aghdam

Amazon ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Twitter Bans Free Speech Internet Censorship Kukuruyo Cartoon
The Islamist, The Black Lives Matter, The Militant Bull Dyke, The Bigot and the rest of the Psychos are on Twitter Platform but Twitter Bird sees No Room for the Average Joe in the Peaceful Twitter Platform!

Tech Giants are all in bed with each other to dominate the world by controlling the minds.

Something got to give before we lose our Western Democracies and handing them in to the Tech Giants to control our societies.

Social Media Internet Censorship of Conservatives Branco Cartoon

If we, the people can stand up to the government and change the corrupt governments via Brexit and Trexit (Trump Exit), then we can also and we must stand up to the Tech Giants’ Cyber Censorship and Mind Control.

Free Thinking shall prevail

More power to the people

Dr. X

Enjoy the rest of the gallery:

Twitter Big Bird Brother Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
MAGA Shadow Banned!

Social Media Cyber Censorship Triggers Violence Cartoon

Facebook Cyber Censorship Cartoon
Facebook to Big Brother: Amateur!

Amazon Drone Delivers to Al Qaeda Cartoon
At Al Qaeda Training Camp in the Mountain Caves
Habib: Brothers don’t run away, it’s not the US bombers. Thank Allah, my new Movie has arrived!

Amazon Monopoly Cartoon
Amazon Will Sell Everything to Dominate the World!
Out of Business Book Store Owner to Grocery Store Owner: Good Luck!

Deep State Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Unlimited Data Collection of Deep State via the tool of Social Media!
Net is fast but it is two ways!

ANTIFA hangs Lady Liberty Ben Garrison Cartoon
Social Media behaves as ANTIFA on killing the Free Speech!
Constitution means nothing to the Tech Giants!

Facebook Privacy Policy Sucks Cartoon
Facebook Eye Spy!

Facebook Internet Censorship Cartoon
Facebook Censorship 2.0 Application is out!

George Soros Puppet Master Behind Internet Censorship Cartoon
The Puppet Master who runs the Internet!

Google China Search Internet Censorship Cartoon
Google has No Morality, it is all about Money!

Google China Search Logo Cartoon
Google Doodle, Censor Noodle!

Google China Search Launches Tank Cartoon
Google helping Chinese Government to Oppress People!

Google Doodle Internet Censorship Cartoon
Google Snake Spy grabs cash, kicks butt and is Evil!

Big Brother Watches Internet Censorship Cartoon

Muslims Get a Free Pass Internet Censorship Cartoon
Islamist Ayatollah Silences Lady Liberty holding the Constitution, with the banner of Islam!
No One Dares to criticize Islam and Muslims on Internet because they are sacred and protected by the Tech Giants!

Gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!
Jeff Bezos Amazon versus Trump MAGA, Battle of Billionaires Ben Garrison Cartoon
Lex Luthor vs. Superman!
Lex Luthor (Jeff Bezos) fighting with his limp WAPO Sword (Washington Post Rag-Paper) and his Amazon Shield, under the “Banner of Globalization” for his “Our Democracy” Shenanigan Crowd; while Superman (Trump) is fighting with his Straight Sword and Solid “Better Deals for America” MAGA (Making America Great Again) Shield under the Banner of America for his MAGA crowd. This will be a gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Communist China Poster Internet Censorship Cartoon
Tech Giants are Oppression Enablers for Totalitarian Regimes

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Communist Russia Poster Internet Censorship Cartoon
Stalinist CCCP Soviet Style!

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Big Brother Watching Ben Garrison Cartoon
Mark Zuckerberg likes that cash by spying on people and selling their private info to the highest bidder!

Social Media and Islamic Cyber Censorship Cartoon
Social Media and Islam go hand in hand to silence the people!

Social Media Electronic Concentration Camp Ben Garrison Cartoon
Just between you and me baby!
Big Brother (CIA, FBI, NSA) and Enablers (Google, Facebook) working hand in hand!

Beginning of the End of Twitter
Rest in Peace Twitter Internet Censorship Cartoon

Twitter ISIS Banner Cartoon
ISIS uses Twitter as a platform but Twitter bans American Conservatives for hate speech!

ISIS Twitter Tribune Internet Censorship Cartoon
“ISIS uses Twitter as a tribune!” (Media)
FAQ that Bird and make her scream Allah O Akbar!

Twitter Lock Internet Censorship Cartoon

YouTube Zipper Mouth Internet Censorship Cartoon

YouTube Internet Censorship Cartoon

Twitter Shadow Banned Internet Censorship Branco Cartoon
Making Free Speech Great Again!
Shadow Banning Conservative Voices!

Tech Giants Global Monopoly Cartoon
“Big Social Media Team Up to Fight Terrorist Propaganda!” (Media)
Tech Giants: We should Team Up to Rule the World!

Social Media Police Internet Censorship Cartoon
Tech Giants Big Brother Patrol

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