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Iranian Election Cartoons
Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
June 21, 2017

Rouhani: Allah willing, I’ll be riding the Sheeple for one more term!

IRI Elections are the most amazing Islamic theocratic selective elections in the world, unique to only Iran, home of the Islamic Democracy! So far, 4 decades of this charade and shenanigan has been going on! When will the Sheeple of Iran wake up and the Silent Majority stops being silent? Only Allah knows! In a meanwhile, dig in the toons drawn by a great talented selection of our own cartoonist friends. Git it while it’s hot! So without further delay, fill er up and git er done:

Puppet Master and his new Puppet!
Khamenei on top of Quran pulling the strings of Rouhani
Khamenei: Damn, we’re good! 4 decades of good cop & bad cop, moderate & radical games, but Sheeple are still falling for it!

Shiiting All Over Iran!
Ahmadinejad left (pulling up his pants)!
Rouhani squatting to Shiite all over Iran (Aftabeh Toilet Pitcher in hand)!

“Supreme Spiritual Leader has a simple prayer rug!” (Media)
“Persians sometimes sweep the dirt under the Persian rugs!” (Media)

“Iranians are voting to change the economic priorities!” (Media)
“To cure the ailing economy, Imam Khamenei throws bread crumbs at the Iranian people!” (Media)
- Khamenei’s priorities:
$ 100 Billion to Nuclear Program
$ 7 Billion to Syrian Regime
$ 300 Million to Islamist Terrorist Groups
- Iranian People’s priorities:
$ 133 Billion Deficit
80 % Devaluation
40 % Inflation
25 % Unemployment

“Rouhani: I’m a harbinger of peace; I bring the olive branch!” (Media)
“Imam Khamenei has a new Cuckoo Bird in his Turban Clock! (Media)

“Hassan Rouhani, the new Moderate Face of the Islamic Regime, in Khamenei’s hand!” (Media)

“Iranian Election is in the hand of God!” (Media)
Theocracy = You Vote but Allah Decides!

“Iranian Majority is still silent!” (Media)
“Iranian Elections are tools to keep the Opposition silent!” (Media)

“4 Decades of Reformist, Moderate and Conservative Election Games in Iran!” (Media)
Rouhani: I’m a Moderate!
Khamenei: Of course you are, my boy!

“Imam vows to keep order during the election!” (Media)
Khamenei Election Special:
Basij Paramilitia under the robe of Imam!

“Representative of Imam in Sepah IRGC stated that: Engineering the election is the natural duty of Sepah!” (Media)
Chadori 1 to Chadori 2 (pointing at the IRGC Anti Riot Thug, sitting on the ballot box titled: Median of the People’s Votes): Our master of the house is an engineer, the Election Engineer!

Ballot Box inside the beard of Imam Khamenei!

“Rouhani: I am the harbinger of Hope, Peace and Change!” (Media)
“Rouhani has been seen in the Teleski at the Ski Piste on the Alborz Mountains!” (Media)

Iranian Democracy Special:
Puppet Master Imam

Iranian Election Choices
So many different choices, so hard to choose!

“Supreme Spiritual Leadership Office will personally monitor the ‘Hanging Chads’!” (Media)

Iranian Jurassic Elections!
Ballot Box in one display, pen in other display, both out of reach for the voter with his hands tied!

“Imam Khamenei’s Rattle Snake Tail has been seen inside the ballot boxes!” (Media)

Moderate Mullah
“Islamic Regime has many masks!” (Media)
Mullah: I have used up all my Reformist and Moderate masks, what am I gonna use for the next election? Not to worry, let’s put on a happy face, … and the Sheeple will dance on …!

Khamenei the Master Puppeteer!
Imam always comes up with brand new puppets!

“Iran’s Social Reforms, Economic Reforms, and Election Reforms are in the horizon!” (Media)
“Islam is not Reformable” (Media)
“Iran is an Islamic Country!” (Media)
Ahreeman Joon: Put 2 and 2 together!
Imam Khamenei: But our intentions are purely peaceful!

Rouhani vs. Rouhani

“Rouhani made an election promise to reduce the population of the political prisoners in Iran!” (Media)

Woman: Where is my vote?
Imam Khamenei: Your vote is exactly at this point of my beard maze!

Democracy, Supreme Mullahs Style!
“American Style Democracy is coming to the Middle East!” (Media)
“Iran is the hegemonic power in the Middle East Region!” (Media)
Imam Khamenei and the Islamic Guardian Council: … and the winner of the election is …

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