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Iran Politics and Life Cartoons: Part 2
Some Old Bull Shiite for the Good Shiite!

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
April 14, 2021

Ahmadinejad IRI Iran Flag Emblem Iran Cartoon

After a long wait and due to many demands from the readers, we are publishing part 2 of the series “Iran Politics and Life Cartoons". Thanks to our great talented cartoonists:

A F Branco Comically Incorrect

Gary Varvel

Lisa Benson at Cartoonist Group

Michael Ramirez

Bob Gorrell

Dry Bones

Dry Bones Blog

Cox and Forkum

Cox and Forkum: Iran Cartoons

And more cartoonist friends:

Iran Cartoons Index

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

Ahmadinejad 4 More Years Presidency Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad 9 of Spade Happy Easter Nuclear Bombs Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Holocaust Iran Cartoon

Mullahs in Space Iran Cox and Forkum Cartoon
“Islamic Republic of Iran sends first space satellite!” (Media)
IRI spaceship made in Russia’s First Encounter with Aliens!

Iranian Islamic Democracy Iran Cox and Forkum Cartoon
Reformist and Conservative Puppet Games of Tehran

Gay Parade Iran Cartoon

Obama - Khatami Iran Cartoon

Khatami Reforms and Neda Murder Protests Iran Cartoon
Results of Khatami’s Reforms!

Khatami Reforms and Nuke Jinn Iran Gary Varvel Cartoon

Khatami Reforms Charm Offensive Iran Cox and Forkum Cartoon
“Khatami made a great speech at Harvard!” (Media)

Joker Ambassador of Ayatollah Khomeini Iran Comic Cartoon

Larijani Christmas Tree Iran Cartoon
Supreme Justice Larijani: Allah willing, Ensha-allah, our favors and gifts will also cover the Christians!

Iran Hostage Auction and Obama the Weak President Iran Branco Cartoon

Iran Sanctions Lifted John Kerry Nuke Deal Iran Cartoon

Obama, Clinton and Khamenei Agree on Trump Danger Iran Branco Cartoon
Democrats Financed Mullahs:
$ 400 Million Ransom for Hostages + A Nuke Deal!
$ 150 Billion + $ 1.8 Billion in Cash

Ahmadinejad and Mousavi Jack in the Box 2nd Round Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad and Russian Nuclear Seesaw Game Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Arrest the Traitor Iran Cartoon
Iranian: Condemnation to Yazid (Bani Umayyad Caliph who killed the rival Shiite Imam Hussein)!
Ahmadinejad: Arrest him, he is insulting the Supreme Spiritual Leader!

Ahmadinejad Atomic Key Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Women’s Fashion Freedom Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Chador Fashion Before and After Election Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Long Live Hezbollah and Hamas, Forget Iranians Iran Tofigh Aghili Cartoon
“Iranian National Budget supports Iranian Proxy Terrorist Groups Around the Middle East!” (Media)
“Iranian People are Starving While Having 3 Jobs to Make Ends Meet!” (Media)
“Iranian Proxy Terrorist Groups are Happy with IRI.” (Media)

Ahmadinejad Gift for Tony Blair Iran Cox and Forkum Cartoon
“Toney Blair the UK Prime Minister shows no spine containing Iran’s nuclear ambitions!” (Media)

Ahmadinejad at UN I Love New York Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Iranian Election Flag Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad It Can Be Done and We Can Do It Iran Gol Agha Caricature Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Nuclear Snow Iran Cartoon

Bashar Al Assad Syria with Persian Turban and Russian Hat Iran Cartoon
“Assad’s Regime exists because of Iran and Russia!” (Media)

Ahmadinejad Osama Bin Laden Iran Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Speech on Israel Iran Dry Bones Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Throne Iran Cartoon

Arab Eye Problem and the Persian Gulf Iran Cartoon

Ayatollah Khamenei Iran Cox and Forkum Caricature Cartoon

Boycott Mullahs’ Free Elections Iran Cartoon

Criminals or Election Presidential Candidates Iran Cartoon
“Presidential Candidates were Approved and Erected by Ayatollah Khamenei!” (Media)

Democrats Unite Against Trump Iran Cartoon
IRI Pro Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Propaganda Iran Cartoon

Grim Reaper Eating Apple and Killer Mullahs Waiting in Line Iran Cartoon
People: We have so many Man-Eating Dinosaurs (Mullahs) waiting in line in Iran and you are fixated on eating red apples!

Grim Reaper vs. Khamenei in Cemetery Iran Cartoon
Grim Reaper: Are we having a race?

Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah Dreams of Saving Bashar Al Assad of Syria Iran Cartoon

International Sanctions Rain Pours and Russia - China Umbrellas for Syria and Iran Cartoon
Ahmadinejad – Assad Gangster Brothers

Iran and North Korea Iran Dry Bones Cartoon

Iran Arms Balance Iran Cartoon
“Iran Nuclear Deal is Fair!” (Media)

Iran Backs Bashar Al Assad Syrian Dictator Iran Cartoon
The Ancient Sport of the Middle Eastern Tyrants: Falconry

Iran Become 2nd in Executions to China Iran Tofigh Aghili Cartoon
Ahmadinejad to Khamenei: We need to see what is the problem that we ended up in the 2nd place!

Iran Cleans Bashar Al Assad’s Butt in Syria Iran Cartoon

Iran Election Protests Mobile Liberty Iran Cartoon

Iranians, When are You Waking Up, Train Left Iran Cartoon
“The Silent Majority is still sleep!” (Media)
Sweeper: Excuse me, this year’s train had also left, so when are you waking up?

Iran Neo Nuclear Global Hostage Crisis Iran Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Old and New Ahmadinejad and Hostage Takers!

Iran Nuclear Cheat Iran Branco Cartoon
Obama – Khamenei Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Enrichment Measure Iran Cartoon

Iran Terrorist Bloopers Iran Cartoon

Iran University Dress Code Police Iran Cartoon
Riot Police: Are You Wearing Proper Islamic Hejab?

IRI Murder Champions: Khomeini, Khamenei, and Grim Reaper Iran Cartoon

IRI Space Program Khamenei and Animal Generals Iran Cartoon
“For the first time, IRI sent living creatures to space: A Worm, A Mouse and a Turtle!
Khamenei: We owe the existence of our regime to you animals with principles and bounds!

Islamic Angel of Justice Iran Cartoon
Islamic Justice vs. Angel of Justice!

Israel – Arab Alliance Iran Dry Bones Cartoon

Israel – Arab Hysterical Meeting Iran Dry Bones Cartoon

John Kerry and Khamenei Eye on the Prize Iran Branco Cartoon

Khamenei Aladdin Lamp Nuclear Arms Race Iran Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Khamenei and Aladdin Lamp Jinn Iran Cartoon

Khamenei and Aladdin War Lamp Iran Lisa Benson Cartoon

Khamenei Snake Charmer and Hezbollah Snake in Syria Iran Cartoon

Khamenei and Jinn 4 Wishes Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Choking the Persian Cat Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Cuts IRGC Commercial Holdings Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Election Results Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Feeds Terrorism Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Prostate Shrine Iran Wire Cartoon
Ya Umma’ tie Dakhil Ties to the Imam’s shrine fence so your wishes come true!

Khamenei Rattlesnake Aftabeh Toilet Pitcher National Production Year Iran Cartoon
Khamenei Rattlesnake Turban: Bravo, this is the national production year!

Khamenei Toilet Squat and People’s Votes Toilet Paper Iran Cartoon
“Imam uses a new brand toilet paper!” (Media)

Mullah and Donkey Iran Cartoon
“On Islamic Revolution Date, Mullahs Ate the Persian Cat!” (Media)
“When Mullah found a new pair of trousers, he stopped association with the old Donkey!” (Media)
Mullah: Don’t stick to me, people will assume that we know each other!
Donkey: Cries won’t work, he left me alone and took off with the Persian Cat Trousers …

Mullah Dreams Iran Cartoon
Mullah is dreaming of nukes while holding his Russian Polar Bear and Chinese Panda Bear!

Mullah Molds Iranian Nation Iran Cartoon
Mullah squeezing the juice out of the Iranian nation!
Juice Drops: Wealth, Hope, Prestige, Respect, Pride, Happiness ……
Khomeini: Let me twist a little bit more and it will become what I desire …

Mullah’s Beard and Hejab Slavery of Women Iran Cartoon

Mullahs and Hezbollah Support Protests Elsewhere Iran Cartoon
Protests for Democracy Elsewhere but not in Iran!

Mullahs Shooting fish in the Barrel Iran Dry Bones Cartoon

Ahmadinejad Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Iran Cartoon

Obama Appeasement Feeds Terrorism Iran Nuke Deal Iran Branco Cartoon

Obama Begs Iran Branco Cartoon
Democrats and Mullahs History of Cooperation!
When Mullahs Humiliated the US Military ……

Obama and Democrats Arming Mullahs’ Missile Iran Cartoon

Obama Foreign Policy and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak Iran Mohammad Kargar Cartoon
Obama: Sorry my friend!

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal and Dirt in Benjamin Netanyahu’s Face Iran Cartoon

Obama – Khamenei Nuke Deal Iran Bob Gorrell Cartoon

Obama, Khamenei and Raul Castro Cozy Iran Branco Cartoon
Obama: Trump is way too cozy with Putin!

Obama Nuclear Energy for Iran but Not for USA Iran Cartoon

Obama Olive Branch to Persian Lion Iran Cartoon

Obama Rat IRGC Affiliated Tansim Newspaper Iran Cartoon
Iran nukes up and throws Obama Rat out holding his Nuke Deal Folder!
This is what Iran thinks of Obama and Democrats’ Nuke Deal!

Obama Spirit of the Deal Red Flag Iran Branco Cartoon

Our City Tehran Chaos Iran Cartoon

Persian Cat Beheaded by Anti-Riot Police Iran Cartoon

Realtor’s Nice Small House Iran Cartoon
Realtor: It’s a small compact home without any noise, its last tenant kept it clean, if you like it, come to the office to sign the lease!
Husband: you see honey, I told you we could find a home, even with our budget!

Renting Grave Because of High Prices of Housing Iran Cartoon
“With inflation, it is impossible for the young couples to find reasonable price homes in Tehran!” (Media)
Sign: For Rent
Realtor Spirit: It belonged to a lady doctor, she got condemned in depths of Hell; therefore, she left her grave for rent to the young couples!

Persian Cat From Shah to Mullah Dictatorship Iran Cartoon
Hey kids, that’s our Persian Cat!
Remembering Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, the last Imperial Iran Prime Minister’s words on 1979:
“People, you are going from under the dictatorship of the boots to under the dictatorship of the Islamic Na’leyn flip flops!”
(Shapour Bakhtiar)

Shah and Ayatollah, Old Boss – New Boss Iran Cartoon
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss!

Shirin Ebadi Peace Pigeons Charade Iran Cartoon
Political Prisoners are screaming from loaded prisons and Shirin Ebadi wins Peace Nobel Prize Gimmick!
Reformists, Moderates and Fundamentalists are All the Same Shiite Full of Bull Shiite!

Truth: What is it and where is it? # 1 Iran Mehran Cartoon
Ahmadinejad: Truth, if I state it, you will find out how misfortunate you are!
Khamenei: Truth, what is it of your business, you microbe?
Karubi Reptile: Truth, it is right here in my hands (Khamenei’s picture)!
Rafsanjani: Truth, if I tell it, then all of my Namaz prayers and Ruzeh Fasts will become nullified!

Truth: What is it and where is it? # 2 Iran Mehran Cartoon
Reporter: Truth, Truth, Truth, Propaganda ……
Mousavi: Truth, it is not for telling, it is for witting (Announcement # … held)
Prisoner: Truth, I swear to God, it was here, only a minute ago!
Mullah: Truth, if I tell it, then the Regime’s system will collapse!

Until next time and the next show, sleep tight and don’t let the Islamic bed bugs bite!

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