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Iran Politics & Life Cartoons: Part 4


Iran Politics and Life Cartoons: Part 4
Some Neo Bull Shiite, Full O Shiite for the Good Shiite!

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
September 1, 2021

Iran Air Terrorist Flights Homa Bomb Airline Logo Ahreeman X Iran Graphic Cartoon

Folks, it is time for yet another round of Crazy and Funny Iran Cartoons! We are publishing part 4 of the series “Iran Politics and Life Cartoons". Thanks to our great talented cartoonists:

A F Branco Comically Incorrect

Ben and Tina Garrison GrrrGraphics

Gary Varvel

Michael Ramirez

Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle – Cagle Post

Daryl Cagle and Fiends – Cagle Post

Lisa Benson at Cartoonist Group

Al Goodwyn

Dry Bones Cartoon Blog

Dry Bones

Bob Gorrell

Bruce Plante – Plante Inc

Mike Shelton

And more cartoonist friends:

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

Ayatollah Khamenei Warning Finger Caricature Iran Cartoon

Darth Khamenei Star Wars Dark Force Disturbance Gary Varvel Iran Cartoon
“Due to riots and protests, Khamenei senses a disturbance in Regime’s Reign!” (Media)

Iran Politics Club vs. Silicon Valley Persian Media Mafia Ahreeman X Iran Cartoon
“Iranian Democrats Run American Social Media and Big Tech Companies!” (Media)

Trump Wraps Tie Around Khamenei Daryl Cagle Iran Cartoon
“Trump’s Tough Sanctions Suffocates the Mullahs’ Islamist Regime!” (Media)

Trump is with the Iranian People and Democrats are with the Mullahs Branco Iran Cartoon

Mullah’s Robe on Fire Protests Iran Cartoon
Mullah Khamenei sets fire on Middle East while Iranian protester sets fire on Mullah’s robe!

Mullah Khamenei Free Iran Gary Varvel Cartoon
Iranian people from the black of the Khamenei’s turban and robe, and from the white of his beard are moving towards colors and back to the Lion, Sun and Sword of the Traditional Iranian Flag!

John Kerry and Khamenei Iran Nuke Deal 2020 Branco Iran Cartoon
“Democrats made 2020 election promises to Iran!” (Media)
“Democrats and Mullahs have 4 Decades of Cooperation!” (Media)

Nancy Pelosi in Wonderland with Xi Jinping and Khamenei Gary Varvel Iran Cartoon
“Iran Lobby and China Lobby Funded Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign!” (Media)

Joe Biden President Erect by Xi Jinping, Khamenei and ANTIFA Branco Iran Cartoon
“Joe Biden is Media’s Choice for President!” (Media)
“Joe Biden is Iran Lobby, China Lobby and ANTIFA’s Choice for President!” (Media)

Khamenei Lines Up for Joe Biden Inauguration Lisa Benson Iran Cartoon
“Iran Lobby was first to buy tickets for Biden Inauguration!” (Media)

Joe Biden Bows to Xi Jinping, Khamenei and EU and Gives Dollars Branco Iran Cartoon
“World Leaders like Biden better than Trump!” (Media)
“All of Trump Fair Tariffs on China and EU plus important sanctions on Iran cancelled by Biden!” (Media)

Joe Biden’s American Canary in the Coal Mine Nuke Deal Al Goodwyn Iran Cartoon

Iran Air Crash Ben Garrison Iran Cartoon
Mullahs Credibility is On the Rocks!
Mullahs: Shutting down the passenger plane was an air error!

40 Years of Iranian Revolution Celebrations Festival Iran Cartoon

40 Years of Iranian Revolution Celebrations Rally and Trump Iran Cartoon
Mullah: Trump Made America the Great Satan Again!

Navid Afkari Wrestler Executed Iran Cartoon
Navid Afkari: They are looking for innocent people for their execution ropes!
“Mullahs’ Regime murdered Iranian Wrestling Champion for protest!” (Media)

Khamenei and Obama Fantasies in Trump Era Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

COVID-19 Mehran Air China Landing Greeting by Javad Zarif Iran Cartoon
Zarif: Welcome to Iran, Distinguished Chinese Guests (Welcome Corona)!

COVID-19 Virus Scared of Mask Prices Iran Cartoon
Fear of Coronavirus from the Corona Merchants!

COVID-19 Welcome to Iran From China DW Iran Cartoon
“IRI Allowed Chinese Businessmen and Officials to Enter Iran and Travel to Italy!” (Media)
“China created the Coronavirus and Iran Spread the Coronavirus!” (Media)

Khamenei COVID-19 Super Spreader Iran Wire Iran Cartoon
Rouhani, Zarif and IRGC Coverup of IRI spreading the Chinese Coronavirus to the world!
“China made and Iran spread the COVID-19 to the world through Italy!” (Media)

Iran Protests and American Way of Life on Stolen Elections Matt Bors Iran Cartoon
USA Stolen Election 2020 and IRI Stolen Election 2021
“Americans stayed home and accepted the results of the USA 2020 Stolen Election!” (Media)
“Iranians protest in the streets and do not accept the results of the IRI 2021 Stolen Election!” (Media)
Iranian Female Protester: Sure, we can all stay home and accept the results of the stolen election!
Iranian Male Protester: But we reject the American way of life!

Khamenei’s American Media Shield Branco Iran Cartoon
“American Media always protects IRI Islamist Regime from Trump!” (Media)

General Soleimani 72 Virgins Comic Con Islamic Heaven Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
General Soleimani: Excuse me, where are my promised 72 virgins?
Devil: Welcome to Comic Con!

General Soleimani Ring and Obama Money Bag Branco Iran Cartoon
“General Soleimani’s demise was proved by his unique ring, a gift from Imam Khamenei!” (Media)
“IRGC Operations were funded by Hussein Obama’s Dollars from Iran Nuke Deal!” (Media)

Iran Nuclear Deal Rouhani and Trump Iran Cartoon

American Bald Eagle and Iranian Woodpecker Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

American Bald Eagle and Mullah Rocket Iran Cartoon

Ayatollah War Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Iran Many Crises Iran Cartoon
Mullahs on the broken intersection of Iraq unrests, Syria unrests, nuke deal, Democrats’ appeasement, while Coronavirus approaching and Iranian people’s uprising rock is falling on their heads!

Che Soleimani T-shirt Branco Iran Cartoon

Giving Iran an Inch of Nuke Button Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Javad Zarif and General Soleimani Two Headed Jack of Spade Iran Cartoon
World's Choices are: IRI Nuclear Diplomacy or IRGC Terrorism?!

General Soleimani and Javad Zarif Two Headed Jack of Spade Iran Cartoon
World's Choices are: IRI Nuclear Diplomacy or IRGC Terrorism?!

Javad Zarif Façade and General Soleimani Reality Iran Cartoon
World's Choices are: IRI Nuclear Diplomacy or IRGC Terrorism?!

Iran Nuclear Deal Democrats and Uncle Sam Mike Shelton Iran Cartoon
“Democrats warn Trump of North Korea while gave Iran billions!” (Media)

Iran Pokes Trump Bee Hive Branco Iran Cartoon
Mainstream Media: Trump, stop provoking Iran!

Iran Protests and Khamenei Burning Robe Lisa Benson Iran Cartoon

Iran Protests and Obama USA Cash Iran Cartoon
Khamenei: Protests are turning to riots, quickly call the White House and tell Hussein to send more pallets of cash!
Rouhani: The damn number is not working; I think Hussein’s number changed or he lost his grip on power!

Iran Protests Spark and Mullah’s Beard Iran Cartoon
Khamenei’s Beard is on fire!

Iran Proxies and Trump Extra Sanctions Hassan Bleibel Iran Cartoon
Trump is trimming a speck of beard but Khamenei is infiltrating deep in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen!

Iran Proxies Iran Cartoon

Iran Proxy War Game Middle East Iran Cartoon

Javad Zarif Lies Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Beard Chain Protest Iran Cartoon
“Protestors are pulling the chain on Khamenei’s beard!” (Media)

Khamenei Candy and World Sucker Al Goodwyn Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Dark Thunder Clouds Slaughter Iranian Protestors Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Death to Our Protesters Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Khamenei and His Hezbollah Dummy Proxy Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
Hezbollah: Iran did not kill any US Forces in the Middle East!

Khamenei Fires All Over Middle East Branco Iran Cartoon
“Khamenei released a Fatwa against the nuclear weapons!” (Media)
“Iranian Regime insists that Iran is the most peaceful nation in the world!” (Media)

Khamenei Fuels and Xi Jinping Burns the Stock Market Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Ignoring Protests in Iran Cartoon
Khamenei: Allah Lala Lala Lala La La La………….

Khamenei Iran Before and After Soleimani’s Death Branco Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Iran Blasts Saudi Oil Facilities Iran Cartoon
“Saudi Arabian Oil Facilities mysteriously blasted!” (Media)

Khamenei Juggling Act Iran Cartoon
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, …

Khamenei Octopus Act Iran Cartoon
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, …

Khamenei Namaz Prayer to Wash Up Blood Iran Cartoon
“Imam Khamenei Always Vozu Islamic Wash Up Properly Before the Namaz Islamic Prayer!” (Media)

Khamenei Palestinian Proxy Islamic Jihad Terrors Israel Branco Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Peace Oil Tanker Eater Monster Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
“Mysterious Sea Creature has been sinking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf!” (Media)

Khamenei Playing with Fire On Oil Tankers Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Replaces Soleimani with Bernie Sanders Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
At Jamaran Secret Meeting:
1st IRGC General: Ya Imam, we found a replacement for Martyr General Soleimani.
2nd IRGC General: He is a bigger threat than Soleimani to America!
General Soleimani’s Picture: I wonder who might he be?!
Khamenei: Bernie Sanders?

Khamenei Santa Clause Noose Christmas Iran Cartoon
Merry Christmas from Ayatollah Khamenei!

Khamenei USA Terrorist Act Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Khamenei Walks on Freedom Protest Iran Cartoon

Liberals and Muslims Khamenei with Socialist and Ilhan Omar Cat Branco Iran Cartoon
Democrat Pussy Hatter Woman in bed with Khamenei!
4 Decades of Democrats and Mullahs Cooperation!

Middle East Chef Iran Cartoon
Ayatollah is stirring it in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, …

Middle East Free Form Iran Cartoon
Lebanon and Iraq are breaking free from the Iranian chains but Yemen is still in chains!

Mullah’s Beard and Protest Scissors Iran Cartoon

Mullah Silences Protest Tea Pot Iran Cartoon

Mullahs Impeach Trump Dry Bones Iran Cartoon

Mullahs Not America This Time Robert Ariail Iran Cartoon

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Democrats Impeach, Not War Iran Cartoon
No War But Impeach Trump!

One Bad Apple Makes All Apples Bad Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

One Good Reason for Sanctions Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
“At UN, they ask America for one good reason on sanctions!” (Media)

Persian Spring Trump and Khamenei Seesaw Protests Khalid Gueddar Moroccan Iran Cartoon

Rouhani, Bolton and Obama Idiot Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon

Rouhani Trump is Crazy Bob Gorrell Iran Cartoon

Soleimani Death Mourning by Liberals and Mullahs Branco Iran Cartoon
Terrorist Mourning Tent: We Demand Regime Change in America!
Left to Right:
Democrats: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar
Mullahs: Khamenei and Rouhani
Terrorist Banners: Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, IRI, Islamic Jihad and Houthis
4 Decades of Democrats and Mullahs Cooperation

Trump Burns Match to Khamenei’s Butt Bomb Daryl Cagle Iran Cartoon

Trump Iceberg and Javad Zarif - EU Nuke Deal Iran Cartoon
Nuke Deal Titanic (Barjam-Tanic) is hitting the Trump Iceberg!
Zarif: Every night in my dreams, I see you, I hear you my lovely Nuke Deal!
EU: Zarif, are you paying attention to the front?

Trump Iran Saves Face Ben Garrison Iran Cartoon

Trump’s Abraham Accord Pigeon vs. Democrats Iran Nuke Deal Vulture Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
Middle East Peace vs. Terrorist Nuke Deal

Middle East Peace Pigeon vs. Khamenei Mullah Bat Michael Ramirez Iran Cartoon
Trump’s Middle East Peace vs. Democrats, Terrorist Nuke Deal

Trump Middle East Peace Pigeon Drops On Khamenei and Palestine Branco Iran Cartoon
Abraham Accord Doo on Khamenei and His Palestinian Proxy!

Trump and Rouhani Voodoo Dolls Iran Cartoon

Trump Sanctions and Rouhani Nukes Iran Cartoon

Trump Spanks Khamenei Branco Iran Cartoon
Hussein Obama’s Brand is on Khamenei’s butt!

Trump Targets Iran Bob Gorrell Iran Cartoon

Trump Tweets and Iranian Hezbollah Protests Bruce Plante Iran Cartoon

Uncle Sam Saves Iran’s Economy Iran Cartoon

USA Moves Out and Iran Moves In Iraq Bruce Plante Iran Cartoon

USA Sanctions Khamenei Master Iran Cartoon

USA Sanctions Effect Paresh Nath Iran Cartoon

Trump, Rouhani, Khamenei Good Cop Bad Cop Branco Iran Cartoon
Trump: What am I, Obama?

Obama Terrorist Enabler Ben Garrison Iran Cartoon
“Obama gave $ 150 Billion and $ 1.8 Billion of it in cash to the Mullahs!” (Media)
4 Decades of Democrats and Mullahs cooperation

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