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Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book
Banned Book on True History of Islam


Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book
Illustrated Volume I
Banned Book on True History of Islam

Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh
November 28, 2020

True Face of Prophet Muhammad Portrait

Story of the Comic Book

“Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Abi Sarh” for short “Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh” is the pseudonym and pen name for a group of apostate infidels consisting of writers and illustrators from Indonesia (the most populated Islamic country in the world) whom created a fabulous series of comics including:

* Comic Strips: Over 10 Series (2008 – 2013)
* Comic Book: Biography of the Prophet Muhammad Comic Book (2010)
* Comic Book: Sex in Islam According to Prophet Muhammad Comic Book (2013)

In these series, the writers and artists explored the true history of Islam and told the stories with lovely illustrations for the ease of comprehension by the average Muslims. The average Muslim has never read the Quran and Hadith; therefore, they are absolutely unaware of what is written in the Islamic texts. The average Muslim follows Islam, only by tradition due to heredity. They even read the Namaz (Salat Prayer) in Arabic which mostly don’t even understand! These series of comic books and strips were created for them to read, enjoy and comprehend Islam in a fun way.

Biography of the Prophet Muhammad Comic Book Cover – Illustrated Volume I
Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Abi Sarh

Until 2010, the team of Indonesian writers and artists released a series of only online comic strips which focused on Muhammad's sexual perversions and shameful crimes of Islam.

On 2010 and then on 2013, the team released two full-length comic books. They have also continued releasing their usual online comic strips.

On 2010, the team released their first comic book which was called “Biography of the Prophet Muhammad” in Indonesian. It was a superb illustrated comic book which featured illustrations of Muhammad's various violent, sadistic and sociopathic deeds, taken literally from the Quran and Hadith.

On 2013, the team released their second book which was titled ”Sex in Islam According to Prophet Muhammad” which focused on Muhammad's amoral, hypocritical and ridiculous sexual crimes which also were taken directly from the Quran and Hadith.

Allah was originally the Arabian Moon God – Muhammad Comic Book

The comic strips and books were all translated in various languages including English. The comics were available online for download and hardcopies for sale; however, due to a number of cyber-attacks, hacking by the Islamists and also fines and banning by the Indonesian government, the website for the comics went down permanently.

Allah’s Daughters: Lat, Uzza and Manat – Muhammad Comic Book

Islamic Reaction to the Comics

On 2008, when the original comic strips had appeared on a blog, it caused almost a national riot in Indonesia and anger in the Islamic world. There were calls for arrest and even death of the creators! For instance,

Bernama the Malaysian news agency reported:


Indonesia Abuzz Over Cartoons Belittling Prophet
Bernama Agency, Jakarta, Indonesia
November 20, 2008
Indonesia was abuzz Thursday over cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad which appeared on an Internet blog, and Islamic organizations protested vehemently against the belittling of the prophet and called for the blogger to be arrested and penalized.

Police have appealed for calm while they investigated the appearance of the cartoons on the blog in Batak, one of the local Indonesian languages.

A police spokesman said it had yet to be proven that the cartoons were the work of someone of another religion who wanted to belittle Islam and that the server and blog were not hosted in Indonesia.

Communication and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said his ministry would track the blogger and impose appropriate action under the law.

Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, spokesman of the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Islamic organization, said the cartoonist should be sentenced to death.


Muhammad’s Black Rock: Hajar Al Aswad placed at the corner of Ka’bah – Muhammad Comic Book

Comics Vanished from the Internet!

First, the comic blog was finally brought down and dropped off the net.

Second, the team under the name “Copper Kid” uploaded the comics on Dr. Ali Sina’s Faith Freedom site. Once more, they were brought down.

Ali Sina Index

Third, the team created their own site, named “Prophet Muhammad Illustrated” and uploaded the comics there. After a couple of years, the complete site was brought down and knocked off the air.

Fourth, as all old sites which are now off the net, moves to the Internet Archives “Wayback Machine” and the viewers can somewhat view all or some of the old pages, the comic site was also moved there; however, the situation got so bad that the complete site was also knocked off the net in the Internet Archives!

Muhammad’s Black Rock: Hajar Al Aswad – Muhammad Comic Book

So, as you can see, in a few years period, the complete comics were vanished from the internet via sabotage, hack job and Islamic pressure.

From time to time, there were pirate appearances of the comics around the net which often lasts a little while before they get knocked off the net.

Now we are publishing the complete series, starting with the first book.

The first book, “Biography of the Prophet Muhammad Comic Book” was released in its first volume; however, the second volume was never released and there is no trace of it on the Internet!

Muhammad’s Black Rock: Hajar Al Aswad story was copy pasted from Hinduism– Muhammad Comic Book

Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book Chapters

* Biography of the Prophet Muhammad Comic Book (2010)
Book 1: Volume 1

Table of Contents:
* Preface – page 1
* Introduction – page 2
* Pre-Islamic Era – page 3
* The Early Life of Muhammad – page 6
* Muhammad Married Khadija – page 10
* The Black Stone – page 11
* The Influences of Major Religions in Islam – page 14
* The Worship of Al-Uzza by Muhammad – page 16
* The Nightmare in Hira Cave – page 18
* The Test of Khadija – page 22
* The First Muslims – page 24
* The Conflicts with the Quraysh – page 27
* The First Blood in Islam – page 28
* The Three Questions – page 33
* The First Migration – page 40
* The Boycott – page 41
* The Satanic Verses – page 42
* The Deaths of Khadija and Abû Talib – page 45
* The Origin of Pedophilia in Islam – page 47
* The Trip to Ta’if – page 50
* The Isra Mi’raj – page 52
* The Ansars – page 55
* The Migration to Medina – page 56
* The Killing of Umm Qirfa – page 58
* The Killing of the Bajilis – page 63
* The Sources – page 67

Haj the Islamic Pilgrimage Traditions were copy pasted from Hinduism– Muhammad Comic Book

Why are We Publishing the Muhammad Comic Books and Strips?

The team of writers and artists have spent a good amount of time, research, efforts, money and creativity to create these works of art and true stories. It is a sin to censor free speech from the Internet. It is far worst for the Islamists and the Islamic Regimes to hack and knock off books off the net. We have also been the target of a great number of cyber-attacks. For over 2 decades, they have tried to bring IPC along with the vast IPC library down. The IPC library is the largest online library loaded with banned books in IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and the Islamic world. Our security system stands the sign of times and attacks.

Salman Farsi the Greatest Persian Traitor and the Influencer of Islam – Muhammad Comic Book
Many Concepts of Islam were inputted by Salman Farsi into Quran and Hadith.

Information and education are our job. The world deserves to be informed about the true nature of Islam and the history of Muhammad. Islamic regimes and the Islamists do not have a leg to stand on because if they did, then they would allow these books to be stay online without interruptions. In addition, they could create counter books in critics of the original books, but that is not the Islamic style! The Islamic style is censor, ban, hack, sabotage, destroy, oppress and silence the voice of the critics by all means possible including violence and murder!

Muhammad rides Buraq his flying horse to the Islamic Heavens – Muhammad Comic Book

Islamic Problem

This book digs deep in to how Muhammad and Islam stole various concepts form Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism to create the Islam! The religion of Islam or shall we say the Political Cult of Islam is a sadly copy pasted pack of material from the prior popular religions. In addition, basically half of Quran speaks extensively about the Belly (food) and the other half about the Under Belly (sex)! Only if the Muslims around the world, would bother to read Quran and Hadith, then they would have not been Muslims anymore, and we would have not had an Islamic Problem in the globe!

Jinns are spying on Angels. Muhammad had a Jinn anxiety – Muhammad Comic Book

Islamic Angels gossip in Islamic Heavens – Muhammad Comic Book

Aisha the 6-Year Old Child Bride of Muhammad the Pedophile Prophet – Muhammad Comic Book

72 Virgins in Islamic Heaven – Muhammad Comic Book

Pearly White Butt Boys in Muslim Pedophiles Islamic Heaven – Muhammad Comic Book

Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book

You have now been armed with the background history, knowledge and understanding of the story behind the book. Our job is to preserve these books and books like them. The knowledge and art must be transformed from one generation to another. They must be safekept.  We safekeep the history, true information, art and critics of Islam. We preserve the art and the artists. We cherish critics and true history of Islam. The story must be told. Here is what the Islamists have been trying to ban since its creation. This is the first of the series.

Enjoy the comic book:

Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book
Illustrated Volume I
Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh

Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book

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