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Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!

Islam Comic Book
Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!

Dr. Abdullah Aziz
January 7, 2010


“Since so many westerners have embraced Islam, it is important that they accept All the teachings of Islam. This requires all Muslims to accept and practice what is found in the Hadith as well as what is found in the Quran. To reject any aspect of teaching or law is to commit the sin of apostasy. And the punishment for that is severe indeed! Let all Muslims read and practice what herein revealed.”
(Dr. Abdullah Aziz)

This comic book consists of accurate yet funny stories about the nature of Islam and the life of Mohammed the prophet sourced exactly from Quran and Hadith. Everything in this comic book is truth and nothing but the truth. You are welcomed to compare it word by word to the original Quran and Hadith. See for yourselves:


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Islam Comic Book

Here are a few sample pages of this awesome comic book to warm you up and to get you ready for the Real Deal:

Now you are ready to read the complete comic book:

Islam Comic Book: Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!

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Hope you have enlightened to the true nature of Islam, Religion of Peace!

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