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Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Part 1:
CNN Fake News


Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Fake News and Lies Central

Part 1: CNN Fake News
Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
July 1, 2017

Anderson Cooper is the Liberal’s favorite Fake News Diva!

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Western Media by majority is liberal biased but the American Media particularly is the most liberal biased media in the globe. In United States, more or less 98 % of the media is in the pocket of the liberals. The MSM (Main Stream Media) has always been anti conservative; however, now (Trump Era) they have transformed from Journalism to Activism. American Liberal Media is now a wing of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump made the term “Fake News” legendary and historical! Of course the Fakest of the Fake News is no other global corporation but CNN!

Why MSM is Anti Trump?

Trump’s National Populist Ideology has antagonistic conflict with the globalist ideology of the American Corporate Media Establishment. The Media in America is a part of the establishment and the power play. Trump was elected to destroy the power cling of the Washington DC. Media is part of the Washington DC Swamp. It is only natural for the media to do its best to destroy Trump. It is basically People against Establishment.

Trump: In your face CNN!

How Biased is the Media?

Media’s job has transformed from journalism to activism and the activist agenda is to destroy Trump.

FOX until 5 PM (Pacific Time) is news and afterward is opinion but the rest of the media is all day long opinion and the opinion is Anti Trump and Anti Republican Conservatives; however, the Media promotes both Democratic and Republican Establishment, because they are all part of the establishment!

Media likes and promotes Republican Establishment (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, so on); simply because, the same as the media, they are corrupt. They are all part of the DC power cling which has been ruling America for decades. No wonder there is no term limit for these eternal Senators! The only way they get out of the office is if they die in the office!

Why Media Hates Trump So Much?

Trump is an alien species which has been injected in to the body of the Washington DC Establishment by the people to destroy it. It is only natural for the media to do its best to destroy Trump to survive and continue its power cling. This battle will be fought to death. The point is that are you on the side of the people (Trump) or Media (Establishment)?

Fake News Tactics

What a beautiful name, Trump has given the Main Stream American Media: “Fake News”, so true indeed!

MSM (American Main Stream Media) Tactics:

* Selective reporting of news
* Cover up of potentially damaging news to the liberals
* Grasping and publishing Deep State Government Leaks (Ex: Susan Rice Benghazi and Trump surveillance episodes)
* Collusion, Harmonizing and synchronizing activities with Liberal candidates (Ex: With Hillary Clinton campaign)
* Creating the news out of their rectum
* Propagating fake news
* Propagating fake polls
* Propagating fake narratives
* Propagating fake liberal partisan commentaries
* Propagating fake statistics
* Leftist Activism rather than journalism
* Reporting flat out lies
And so on …

Fake News Examples

For example on the week that Trump opened up the Chinese beef market (largest importer in the world) to the US beef (after decades) which would create more jobs, boost the economy and create more fair trades. This was the “Real News”.

Not a word of this in the “Fake News” Media. Instead, they were talking about Fantastic Tale of the “Russian Collusion with Trump” (which was originally created by the media) for another 15 to 30 minutes on all channels and all news papers!

At the same week, Trump kicked 1300 MS13 illegal alien gang members out of America and released the Americans who were trapped in Egypt for 3.5 years (during Obama Admin) only in one minute by talking to El Sisi (Egyptian President) which Obama could not do in 3.5 years, but all that media done was talk about the Russian collusion!

Media created the Russian Collusion and they have no desire to report the reality!

What is the Reality?

Reality is:

Economy is Up
Stock Market is Up
Unemployment is All Time Low
Illegal Immigration is All Time Low
Millions of jobs have been created only in a few months of Trump Administration
The Crippled America recovery has begun to get America out of being a Welfare State, Food Stamp and Entitlement State condition created by the Incompetent Big Liberal Government!

It is good for Liberals to from time to time turn off the “Fake News” (like the majority of Americans do) and turn on the “Real News” and smell the Reality!

Get out of your “Safe Spaces” and “Secure Bubbles”, get your heads out of the sand and join the Revolution of the People!

America is not New York and Los Angeles, but America is the Average Joe and Jane!

The 2016 American Revolution

As I stated before:

The 2016 American Revolution was against the:

Media Establishment
Liberal Establishment
GOP Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Academic Establishment
Big Bank Establishment
Global Corporate Establishment
Big Government Establishment

Main Stream Media has become Dinosaurs!

Trump as the leader of the Revolution, leader of the National Populist Movement and man of the people is an alien life form injected in the body of the Corrupt American Establishment and the Washington DC Swamp to destroy it and reestablish the:

Government of People by the People and for the People

This is why the complete Establishment bashes and trashes Trump every day.
This is why the American Media has the approval rating of single digit %
This is why the Congress has the approval rating of single digit %
This is why American Media’s Rating is in the gutter!

Except FOX, Talk Radio, Breitbart News Website and few others, the American people have flushed the American Media (enemy of the people) down the toilet!

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons

These cartoons are the select cartoons from the best cartoons drawn by the masters of the trade. They are the best of the best of the “Fake News Liberal Media” cartoons. The cartoonists are the top artists who honestly unveil the truth of the media and the American politics. They are the artists who stand firm on exposing the MSM and stating the truth. Amongst them are our beloved friends Ben Garrison, A F Branco, Michael Ramirez and so many other cartoonists linked in our cartoon index page:

Ben Garrison

A F Branco

Michael Ramirez

Iran Cartoons Index

Now sit back, relax and enjoy our Fake News Media Cartoon series in 3 parts:

American Mainstream Media:
CNN = Clinton News Network
CBS = Clinton Broadcasting System
ABC = All Behind Clinton
NBC = Nobody But Clinton

Anderson Cooper’s Politically Correct Gay Tip Toe around the Issue:
Blaming the Cartoonists and Justifying Islamic Terrorism!

Anderson Cooper, the Gay Liberal Boy Toy Diva of the Fake News Extravaganza!

CNN is the Cheerleader of the Mainstream Media as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

Bill O’Reilly always steps on the Fake News Slime!

What made you think that Clintons would ever leave?
First, Bubba, second Hillary Rotten Clitoris and next Chelsea!

Fake News Global Corporate Bosses Discussion

Top CNN News: Anderson Cooper’s Gayshess!
American People’s Reaction: Don’t give a flying Fandango!

“CNN Editors create the news out of their rectums!” (Media)

“CNN credibility is down the toilet!” (Media)

“CNN is like the Pinocchio nose!” (Iranian Media)

“CNN is the largest producer of the Fake News!” (Media)
CNN creates lies that liberals believe as gospel!

CNN Expulsion from the White House

Art of CNN
CNN perspective of Reality is different!
CNN paints a very different picture of Arabo Muslim Islamists!

“Journalism is dead in America!” (Sean Hannity)
“Journalism had changed to Activism in America!” (Ahreeman X)

Trump Twitter vs. Fake News

David and Goliath!
“Liberal Media and Hollywood complain about FOX News!” (Media)

“Mainstream Media had created the Trump – Russia Collusion out of their rectum!” (Media)

“Washington Post assigned 20 investigative reporters on Trump Scandals!” (Media)

“Trump slept around!” (Clinton)
“Arab Countries kill gays, stone women and violate human rights!” (Media)
“Clinton received tens of millions of dollars from Oil Rich Arab Countries!” (Media)

Hillary Mud Activities!

“Flag of Our Criminal Mother!” (Mainstream Media)
“Mainstream Media raising the flag of Clinton by sweeping the dirt under the Persian carpet!” (Media)

The Ugly Naked Truth about Hillary Rotten Clitoris!
Mainstream Media Cover Up!

Hillary Clinton stuck like a Donkey in the Quicksand!

Media Distractions and Diversions

“CNN caught up in yet another Fake News Scandal!” (Media)
Another Lie, another cover up and another losing face and becoming Shiite Faced!

The Crippled and Sick Chicken Little Media Lies!

Trump’s Answer to Fake News Media!
Going over Media’s head and directly connecting with the people!
“Trump has 100 million social media fans and followers!” (Media)
“Trump Tweets every day!” (Media)

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