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Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Part 2: MSNBC, NBC & ABC Fake News


Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Fake News and Lies Central
Part 2: MSNBC, NBC & ABC Fake News

Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
July 1, 2017

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC got Shiite Faced!
“Rachel Maddow shenanigan on exposing Trump’s tax returns backfired!” (Media)
“Trump paid at a higher tax rate (25%) than Obama (19%) and Sanders (13%)!” (Media)

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC wanted to expose Trump but they exposed their own sensationalism and filthy lies!

The Mad Clown (Maddow) Show!
“Rachel Maddow lies backfired in her face!” (Media)
Maddow’s Excuse: The Russian’s hacked my expose story!

Investigative Journalism, MSNBC Style!
 “Brian Williams’ lies are legendary!” (Media)
“Chris Matthews’ liberal white guilt and anger is contagious!” (Media)
“Rachel Maddow’s long goose neck is getting longer!” (Media)
“Forget about it, it’s MSNBC!” (Ahreeman X)

MSNBC Breaking News Expose: Trump Left the Toilet Seat Up!
“Rachel Maddow is losing her sanity!” (Media)

“Rachel Maddow’s Big Scoop on Trump Tax Returns was empty!” (Media)

“Rachel Maddow has developed Trump Derangement Syndrome!” (Media)
“No, I think she is flat out nuts!” (Ahreeman X)

Woman: The problem is here, my toilet is clogged!
Plumber: No, here’s the problem, MSNBC is full of Shiite and is spewing it all over the house!

“MSNBC is leaning extremely to the left!” (Media)

The MSNBC Band

“MSNBC Crew has White Guilt, White Self Hatred and Anti White Feelings!” (Media)
“But they’re all White!” (Ahreeman X)

“MSNBC always plays the Race Card!” (Media)

“Brian Williams got caught red handed in a lie!” (Media)
“NBC suspended Brian Williams!” (Media)
“Clowns run NBC!” (Media)

Obama Era Suck Up of MS Media!

“George Stephanopoulos of ABC is bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign!” (Media)

Puppet and Puppeteer!
Introducing the “No Strings Attached New Model Puppet” by the Puppet Master Slick Willy AKA Bubba Clinton!

Hillary’s Music Box and Monkey Act!
Luti va Antari Act, Persian Style!
“Hillary Clinton has a new monkey!” (Media)

NPR Liberal Policies!

“New York Times and Washington Post are Hillary Clinton’s attack dogs!” (Media)

As The World Turns: Then and Now!
2008 Obama vs. 2016 Trump

American Media has created an alternate reality parallel to the real reality!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf!
Economy Up
Stock Market Up
Jobs Up
Inflation Down
Welfare Down
Crimes Down
Illegal Immigration Down
Media Reality:
Everything is a Disaster and Trump is a Fascist!

Real Fake News is American Mainstream Media!

“Reporters in Mainstream Media are wearing New Blindfolds!” (Media)

Results of the 2016 American Revolution (Election)!
“All MSM Polls were Fake (wrong)!” (Media)
“Hit and Run Media (Mainstream Media) had hit a brick wall!” (Media)
“American people do not trust the American Media anymore!” (Media)
“MSM lost her power grip!” (Media)

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