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Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Part 3:
All Star Fake News


Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Fake News and Lies Central
Part 3: All Star Fake News

Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
July 1, 2017

Global Corporate Media Liberal Bias
* Islam is the Religion of Peace!
* Justification of Islamic Terrorism
* Small Microscopic Radical Islamists
* Huge Peaceful Moderate Muslims
* Islamic Apology, Liberal Style!
* Reporting the News with the Arabo Islamic Perspective

Mainstream Media Style of Reporting Islamic Terrorist Attack!

“My Administration works like a fine tuned machine.” (Trump)

Trump is the only adult in the Washington DC Room!

Media Then and Now!

Media Then!
Following Obama like Rats follow the Pied Piper!

Media Now!
Like Strong Columns securing the Washington DC Swamp's cling to the power, they love to crush Trump but …
Like Modern Day Sampson, Trump stands firm and crumbles all the foundational columns of the Washington DC Swamp including the Global Corporate Media!
It is an Antagonistic Conflict:
Trump’s American National Populist Agenda serving the People
Media and DC Swamp’s Globalist Agenda serving Themselves

Reality Channel!
“We need a Reality Channel vs. the Fake News Media lies!” (Media)
Reality Channel Weather Forecast:
After getting out of the Paris Accord “Global Whining” (Global Warming) Charade, the future US economy looks promising!

Good Monkeys, Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Media: This book is too huge to sweep under the Persian Carpet!

Media to Obama: Little Hussein, you’re not a Black Ugly Duckling, let me wash the filth off of you and then I’ll present you as a beautiful pretty bird!

“Press has been acting as the cheerleaders for Obama!” (Media)

“Like a fortress, Press has been protecting Obama!” (Media)

Superman (Hussein Obama) and Jimmy Olsen (Media)!
Reality is not always what it seems to be!

“Media acts as Obama’s Lap Dog!” (Media)

Adventures of the Puppet (Media) and the Puppet Master (Obama)!

Adventures of the Shepherd (Obama) and the Sheep (Media)!

“Obama has the Press wrapped around his finger!” (Media)

Following the Political Correctness Dog!
Print, Network and Cable News like blind people follow the dog!
Still today as the Leader of the Resistance against Trump, Obama has them in the bag! Wag the Media Dog baby!

Big Liberal Government Hypnotic Brainwash!
Zombies see, Zombies Do, but ……
And suddenly Phil felt very out of place!
And this was the rebellion of the Tea Party!
And this was the rise of the National Populist Movement!
And this was the beginning of the End to the Big Liberal Government Brainwash!
And this was when the People started to wake up!

Media eats the Crow!
“Trump made the Media to eat the Crow!” (Media)
Perfect dining choice for the lying Media!

“The complete Beautiful American Media is in bed with Obama but he still has his eye on FOX to get her in the bed too!” (Media)

“Media sees Russian Connection everywhere!” (Media)
“Medias created the Trump – Russian Collusion Narrative!” (Media)

Trump taking away the power!
“Washington DC Swamp loves to cling to the power!” (Media)

Mourning in America!
“Media, Hollywood and the Washington DC Swamp wept over Trump’s Election!” (Media)

Ship of Liberal Fools Lost in the Sea!
MSM dumping Fake News in the sea!

Make Independence Day Great Again!
Punching MSM and knocking him out!

Fake News Mud Pit!
MSM Stuck in the Mud Quicksand and Trump Twitter brings harbinger of Karen Handle Win! Another win for Trump and GOP!

Trump Hunt
Season of the Witch!
Trump has ended the Washington DC Swamp’s power cling but they love to cling to the power. They are used to clinging to the power for decades! So Season of the Witch begins! It is a Witch Hunt! The Witch Head “Nancy Old Pussy” (Nancy Pelosi) that senile old corrupt bag, heads the Witch Hunt, “Chucky Doll Schumer” (Chuck Schumer) and the Media follows the lead! Haven’t Liberal Leaders become cartoon characters?! Media Fabricated Narrative of the “Trump – Russia Collusion” forms; however, it seems like nothing can bring Trump down! What is Trump’s Secret? Power of the People is behind Trump! And the Witch Hunt continues ……

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