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Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
Part 1: Khamenei - Kerry Dirty Deals


Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!
Part 1. Khamenei – Kerry Dirty Deals

Toon Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
June 24, 2015

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons Index
1. Khamenei – Kerry Dirty Deals
2. Rouhani – Obama Deals AKA Hassan and Hussein Deals
3. Netanyahu – Arabs and All Other Low-Down Dirty Deals


Howdy Good Folks:

Come gather around Papa Ahreeman, the Small Satan from the land of Great Satan and let me tell you a story about how a “Closet Muslim Socialist Ape” (Hussein Obama) was bumming around and looking for some change in Chicago, yet the Old Fart Liberals (with White Guilt), Hollywood, Media and “Ignorant American Public” assumed that he was looking for “Hope and Change”; therefore, erected him as the president to the highest office on Earth to not only destroy the greatest Democratic System on Earth (America) but also Earth itself!

As I have always stated:

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Famous Persian Quotes: Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom

Of course this “Closet Muslim Socialist” (Hussein Obama) is not an exception to the rule; furthermore, Hussein Obama is the only soul in America who could far pass “Jimmy Carter” and beat him as the worse US President in the history! Brother Hussein’s latest shenanigan amongst his catastrophic blunders in his “Foreign Policy Book of Bloopers” is his Nuclear Deal with the Mullahs!

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Obama Betrayed Iranian Opposition in Two Separate Occasions

Obama Betrayed Iranian Opposition in Two Separate Occasions, once in 2009 and once in 2014.

1. In 2009 instead of backing the Iranian Opposition Riots to overthrow the Mullahs, Obama flirted with IRI, Mullahs and Ahmadinejad making deals with the Islamist Terrorist Regime of Iran.

2. In 2014 instead of backing the Iranian Opposition to free Iran from Islam, Obama made a Nuke Deal with IRI, Mullahs and Rouhani, to free Iranian frozen assets, handing them dollars to finance their nuclear program, so they can threaten America, Israel and the world. Obama made sure that the Iranian Opposition will not be able to get rid of the now nuked up Mullahs, Hezbollah and IRI Islamist Regime.

Obama and IPC

IPC (Iran Politics Club) supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Hussein Obama supports the rights of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), Mullahs and Islamists to become a nuclear power; enhance to suffocate freedom and democracy in Iran and to continue prolonging and promoting Theocracy and Dictatorship of Islam.

IPC promotes Human Rights but Hussein Obama promotes Islam (Theocratic Tyranny).

Obama’s Arab Spring

Obama’s “Arab Spring” has changed the face of the Middle East from a bunch of “Secular Arab Dictatorships” with internal security and stability to a bunch of “Civil War Infested” nations full of chaos with the prospect of becoming “Islamic Republics”!

Obama’s Iranian Spring!

Now Obama is changing the face of Iran to promote Islam and prolong the lifespan of the Islamist Regime of the Mullahs. Obama makes sure that Iran will never be free.

Hussein Obama (Closet Muslim Socialist) and his Administration AKA Gang of Liberal Old Farts are the enemy of the Iranian Opposition and the Freedom Loving Iranian People.

Obama- Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons

Political Satire and Cartoons are the best method of releasing frustrations via humor art by the cartoonists and the journalists.

Here are the best selection of the Hassan and Hussein Dirty Nuke Deal Cartoons! This is the latest and the best deal in town, the Obama – Iran Nuke Deal also known as the Hassan and Hussein Nuke Deal! Yes, Hassan Rouhani and Hussein Obama are at it again, yet this time with a brand new deal at the cost of the betrayal of the Iranian Opposition. This love affair has a long story. It all started with an e-mail, a letter, a phone call and then a passionate Islamic love affair!

Who Gets Shafted by the Obama – Iran Nuke Deal?

1. Iranian Opposition
2. Israel
3. American People
4. Human Rights

Who Gets Fat by the Obama – Iran Nuke Deal?

1. Mullahs
2. IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps)
3. Hezbollah
4. Hamas
5. Obama’s Ego wishing to become the Grand Peacemaker
6. Kerry’s Ego wishing to win Peace Nobel Prize (Piss Nipple Price)
7. Carter’s Ego wishing for Islamists to become Human Beings
8. Old Fart Liberals’ Ego Ejaculating at the background!

So without further delay, let’s set up the tribune, microphone and the sales stage to hand the Mullahs, Hezbollah, Hamas and any other highest bidder, some nuke rights to bomb the hell out of their own people and the civilized world! Not to worry, Hussein Obama the Grand Baboon, Secretary Kerry Chamberlain and the Usual Socialist Liberal Apes are in charge of the White House and they monkey around with the security of America, Iran and the world! That is our today’s story of the Jungle book, Oops I meant story of Hussein Obama’s Legacy!

Now we shall hand the pencils to our friends the global cartoonists and hand the power to the Apes (Obama Administration) to create the “Planet of the Apes” out of Earth! Welcome to the show, take a seat, relax, grab a bag of popcorn and a 6 pack of pops. Get ready to observe the Hassan and Hussein Islamic Love Affair between Muslim brothers Hassan Rouhani and Hussein Obama! This show is one large panoramic, dramatic, Islamic Bangarooni full of Lavat (Islamic Halaal Anal Sex) for the Kooni Umma’ (Islamically Correct Mosque Faggots)! Let the Bangarooni for the Kooni begin:

Welcome to the show, yes welcome to the show …

Welcome to Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Show. Bon Appetite and enjoy the show:

What Khamenei ponders about and what Kerry ponders about!

Kerry, Canada and EU delegates jump in joy due to dramatic progress in the negotiations which is the Iranian delegates are actually speaking English to communicate! Rouhani and Zarif at the table are observing this foolish western liberal charade!

Kerry in rush to sign the treaty while Rouhani and Zarif are arming Iran with the nukes up to the sky!

Fun in Tehran with Ayatollah making Balloons for the west!

Khamenei Nuclear Boots!

Which one is harder to believe: Khamenei or Easter Bunny?

Hojatoleslam: Ya Imam, I think this guy can give us a hand!
Khamenei: Go for it brother!

Ayatollahs Nuclear Thirst!

And the pieces of puzzle come together!

Obama and Khamenei Understanding: Muslim Brothers Understand each other!

Imam Khamenei the New Nuclear Grim Ripper!

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