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Obama - Iran Nuke Deal 2
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Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
Part 2: Rouhani - Obama Deals (Hassan & Hussein Deals)


Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!
Part 2. Rouhani – Obama Dirty Deals (Hassan and Hussein Deals)

Toon Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
June 24, 2015

Adventures of the Two Muslim Brothers: Hassan and Hussein!
From Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein the Great Shiite Saints,
To Modern Imam Hassan Rouhani and Imam Hussein Obama!
Adventures of Hassan Rouhani and Hussein Obama!

Which one is the most untrustworthy character: Rouhani or Obama?

Rouhani: Lullaby Baby Hussein!

IRI’s Old Conservative, Moderate and Reformist Mullahs Games!

Obama and Cameron are dancing to the Rouhani’s tune sitting on the Iraqi oil while the ISIS is coming!

Please welcome our latest “Moderate President Gimmick” to fool US and stall for nuke program!

Rouhani’s eyes are popped open due to naïve Obama’s foreign policy ignorance!

Rouhani’s Persian Flying Carpet roars the skies while Netanyahu hangs on a thread to stop it!

Obama’s Foreign Policy Disaster
Strip Poker with Rouhani, Khamenei, Assad, Putin and ISIS

Obama’s Foreign Policy Disaster
Rouhani collects Iranian Frozen Assets and Dollars from US to fund IRI Nuke Program!

Included and Excluded!
Kerry includes Rouhani and excludes Netanyahu!

USA – IRI Nuke Deal Theatrics!
Jew Rabbi Rouhani and Muslim Ayatollah Obama going different directions!

Postman Always Rings Twice!
Mailman Hussein (Obama): Delivery for Hassan (Rouhani) please!
Check out the IRI mailbox with nuke poll!

Rouhani, Obama and Netanyahu Nuke Dance!
Iran, US and Israel Ice Skating Episode!

Rouhani comes back from nuke shopping from the Russian and Chinese Stores!

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