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Part 1:  Islamist Toons

Barack Hussein Obama Islamist Cartoons
Part 1

Cartoons by Various Artists
Introduction, Narration, Design and Compilation by Ahreeman X
October 17, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama
An Islamic Socialist Change We Can Believe In!
Future Vision: USSA (United Socialist States of America) aka Ameristan!

Obama rhymes with Osama and Ahmad Aqa (Ahmadinejad)!

Question of Character?
Barack Hussein Obama’s Friends and Associates

To create a network of political connections for further political progress and climbing the political ladder is understandable but where do we draw the line? People judge your character by the friends and associates whom you keep around you. Through the years, these people were Barack Hussein Obama’s close advisors and associates:

Barack Hussein Obama’s Network of Friends and Associates

Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Black Separatist Racist Spiritual Advisor)
Bill Ayers (Weather Underground Terrorist Group Leader)
Tony Rezko (Slum Lord Convicted Felon)
Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party USA)
Jabir Herbert Muhammad (Nation of Islam)
Reverend Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam Leader)
Edward Said (Radical Palestinian Activist Terrorist)
Khalid Al-Mansour (Saudi Advisor)
Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (Saudi Prince)
ACORN (Fraudulent Voters Registration Organization)
Hamas (Palestinian Terrorist Group)

Is this character qualified to become president of United States of America?

Osama Obama

The Terrorist Jab!

The perfect president (Islamist) and first lady (Black Militant). Welcome to Ameristan!

Wonder Twins Then: Zan and Jayna

Wonder Twins Now: Barack and Michelle

Wonder Twins 1970s: Zan and Jayna

Wonder Twins 2000s: Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: Let’s together destroy America and create Ameristan!
Barack Hussein Obama: Right on sister, let’s do the Socialist Jab!

Michelle Obama: Thumbs Up!
Barack Hussein Obama: Word Up!

The Obama Terrorist Jab = Power of Islamic Socialism

Ahmadinejad’s candidate of choice!

Islamist Bathroom Stories!
Ahmadinejad: Is this Obama’s foot, trying a gay political proposal to me?!

Muslim Brothers forever: Ahmadinejad and Obama!

Brothers Obama and Ahmad Aqa!

A Change We Can Believe
Changing America to Ameristan!

Islam’s candidate of choice: Barack Hussein Obama

Reverend Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) and Barack Obama have close ties! (Media)
Obama: Louis, not open in public! Keep our relationship hush hush!
Farrakhan: Gotcha!

The Neo Messiah!

The Second Coming of Messiah Obama!

An actual photo of Barack Hussein Obama in traditional Somali robe and turban visiting North Africa.

Barack Hussein Obama with Islamic turban and robe (Real photo).

Brothers Osama and Obama, brothers in arms!

Obama is Al Qaeda’s candidate of choice!
This message has been approved by Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri!

This brings us to the end of Obama Islamist Toons. To view Obama Socialist Toons go to the next page.

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