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Recaptured Glory - 1977 Graphic Novel in Persian

Shah of Iran Comic Book
Recaptured Glory - Graphic Novel in Persian

Collector’s Item Propaganda Comic Book
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Originally Published by Universal Publishing: 1977
Republished in IPC: March 4, 2012

Shah of Iran Blue Painting by Andy Warhol

Aren’t we all children in hearts? And I don’t mean it in a belittling way because I am a lifetime comic book collector which I have been collecting Super Hero (only Marvel and DC) comic books, graphic novels, cards, VHS and DVDs since elementary school days in Iran. I was only collecting English Marvel and DC books and by now I have a fine collection of Comic Books. If you are in to comics, then you are aware that Comic Books are not only fun to read but they are investments. For example a while back, Superman # 1 was sold in Comic Convention for $ 100,000.00. San Diego Comic Convention is a yearly tradition for the Comic Book fans and collectors. Comic Books from $ 1.00  to $ 100,000.00 are being bought and sold in the convention. This is the place to see the latest Super Hero Stuff, artists, actors, movies, comics and collectibles. So as a lifetime comic book collector and expert in Super Heroes, I just love comics. I simply cannot get enough Super Hero Movies, Graphic Novels and Collectibles. Have in mind that I do not collect junk. I only collect main characters such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Ironman, Captain America, ……  and my favorite The Punisher. I always had a thing for Batgirl and Electra. One valuable set which I have collected since the old times is Hawkman and of course Hawkwoman.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Digital Art Comic Book Image by Josh Lange

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So you can imagine how excited I was to discover this graphic novel! This was an absolutely new concept in history telling. Can you imagine a Comic Book about Shah’s life?!

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shahanshah Aryamehr, the Original Photo

Wow check it out,

The hero of this comic book is not Superman but he is the Shah of Iran!
The Heroine of this comic book is not Supergirl but she is Shahbanu of Iran!
The Golden Age Super Hero of this book is not Shazam but he is Reza Shah the Great!
The villains of this book are not Lex Luthor and Bizzaro but they are ……

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 1 - Reza Shah

Recaptured Glory (Azemat-e Bazyafteh) is a classic propaganda item with old fashion style of illustration. It was originally released on 1977 just when street riots and protests were about to break out. This is a true collector’s item and I am damn lucky that I got my hands on a copy. You are also damn lucky because I am publishing it and allowing you to read it for free. This comic book is surely bringing out the memories of the good old days! Even though it is loaded with propaganda, yet the nostalgic style of illustration and the traditional storytelling makes it interesting to read. The age of the comic book, the political propaganda style of it and the degree of old fashion illustrated art makes this item a classic and a valuable comic book to own.

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 2 - Reza Shah Railroad

This is a rare and old graphic novel about the life and times of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. This is a propaganda comic book. The comic book takes you throughout the ups and downs of Shah of Iran’s life. The reason this book is so valuable is because as far as I can recall, there were never a comic book or graphic novel made about the history of the Shah. This graphic novel tells Shah’s story as a narrator or through his own words. Characters of this comic book are characters from the history of Iran throughout the Shah’s life. The comic book is wonderfully illustrated in a retro tradition. The drawing style is nostalgic and colorful.

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 3 - the 28 Mordad 1953 Coup

Reading and viewing the illustrations of this comic book can be educational for the youth, enlightening for new students of history and reminiscing for the old timers and history lovers.

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 4 - Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi

Personally I have never seen something like this and I was truly excited to discover this comic book. This is something totally new and a new concept in history telling and storytelling of Shah’s era.

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 5 - Shahyad Monument, Tehran

Read it as a propaganda book or as a story book but read it and enjoy it as a colorful comic book as exciting as we used to read them when we were kids. Let’s go back in time.

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 6 - Shah with Henry Kissinger

Comic Books, nothing like them! Let’s check out this old and rare graphic novel, ready, let’s roll,

So before further due, let’s dig in ……

Please enjoy this wonderful graphic novel in Persian:

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Comic Book: Recaptured Glory (1977)

Shah of Iran Propaganda Comic Book: Clip 7 Industrialization


Dr. X

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