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Tofigh Iranian Cartoons in English
Chapter 1: Classic Cartoons of 1922 to 1972


Tofigh Iranian Cartoons in English
Classic Tofigh Magazine Restored Cartoons (1922 – 1972)
50 Years of Tofigh Best Cartoons in 2 Chapters

Chapter 1
Ahreeman X
June 29, 2020

Tofigh Publications Classic Title Logo

“Prime Minister Hoveyda travelled to Sistan, Rostam’s birthplace.” (Media)
“Rostam is the legendary Persian mythical hero of Shahnameh recited by Ferdowsi, the Persian Poet.” (Media)
“Hoveyda has a habit of introducing himself as a native of each province which he travels to conduct a speech there!” (Media)
“When media questioned him on where is he from, Hoveyda stated that I am from all provinces of Iran!” Media)
Asai (in tradition of Shahnameh epic poems by Ferdowsi):
At the top of the dawn tomorrow,
There will be me, the people and a passionate speech of hollow!

Hassan Tofigh Passed Away at age 95 (1926 – 2020)
Memory of Iran’s All Time Greatest Cartoonist, Satirist and Humor Publication Owner of Tofigh
Hassan Tofigh the Owner, Publisher and Manager of the Tofigh Magazine (3rd Series) holding up his original “Jack Asses Party” (Hezb-e Kharan) membership card for the cameras! Tofigh created a mock political party as political sarcasm and distributed membership cards! Tofigh Brothers did not name it the “Jack Asses Party” because the members were stupid (Donkeys referred to as stupid in Iran) but because like Donkeys, the members were hard workers who did not sellout!

Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh) Brand

Tofigh Cartoon Galleries Index

Tofigh Cartoons Index
Tofigh Iranian Cartoon Gallery 1
Tofigh Iranian Cartoon Gallery 2

If Tofigh Existed Today!

Allow me to be very clear:

If Tofigh existed today, the Iranian American Democrats and Liberals would find it not Politically Correct and ban it; furthermore, they would brand it as racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, sizeist and 101 other ists!

Tofigh Memories of Childhood

Memories sweet memories of childhood, I used to subscribe to Tofigh and it was delivered to my house during my childhood and preteen years in Tehran. Back then, I only had read the 3rd series of Tofigh which were published in the early 1970s. I was a preteen when Tofigh was at last permanently shut down by the government.

Tofigh was often shut down by the government because it was a controversial magazine. Once a while they were really pushing the envelope and publishing a not so politically correct cartoon. In Imperial Iran, these cartoons could not be tolerated, so as usual, they would shut Tofigh down (Tofigh Toghif shod). The popular term was:

Tofigh was Confiscated!
“Tofigh Toghif Shod!” (Persian)

“Prime Minister Hoveyda stated in Ahvaz that he has new tactics to battle the floods!” (Media)
Flood Stricken People: Your excellency, what should we do?
Asai: Not to worry, write the name of 7 baldheads on a list and place it under the gutter to stop the rain!
[Hoveyda’s list: Fesenjun (MP), Yul Brynner, Khrushchev, Hassan Kachal, Sharif Mumi (Sharif Emami), Professor Satl (Trash Can), …]

Hassan Tofigh Interview for the Tribute to the 50 Years of Tofigh Publications
Hassan Tofigh is showing his original “Jack Asses Party” membership card to the cameras! The Slide of the 50 Year Tofigh Publications Tribute Poster is behind him on the wall.

I clearly remember a few cases:

I. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Cartoon
After various failed assassination attempts, Shah was convinced that he is invincible due to Shiite Islamic Saints protecting him! Shah was a superstitious religious Muslim which this came from the Queen Mother (Taj ol-Molouk Ayromlu) being a superstitious Muslim. Superstitious mothers train superstitious children.

On one occasion Shah claimed that he had a dream and, in his dream, Hazrat Abbas (Imam Hussein’s brother) who martyred in Karbala (a Shiite Saint) was present. In the dream, Shah fell off the horse and Hazrat Abbas rode along on his horse, held Shah’s hand and lifted him up to stand straight! There was only one problem with this dream:

Hazrat Abbas was slaughtered in the battle of Karbala. Sunni Armies of Caliph Yazid and his General Shemr, slaughtered him but before the killing, they cut off both his arms!

Tofigh depicted Shah and his dream of being lifted by Hazrat Abbas. The narrative read: But Hazrat Abbas had no hands to lift you up! That was the last straw which broke the camel’s back, so once again Tofigh was shut down.

II. Farah Pahlavi Cartoon
Tofigh published a cartoon which showed Farah on the map with one leg in Middle East (Iran) and the other in Europe (France) with wide spread legs forming an arch. Description read: Farah has one leg in Iran and the other in France! This was referring to Farah’s constant travel abroad to Europe spending the national budget. Right away, once more Tofigh was shut down.

In Imperial Iran, you could make fun of everyone including the Prime Minister Hoveyda but the Shah, Shahbanu and the Imperial Family were off limit!

Tofigh Winter Special Edition
“Weathercast announced that we will have a harsh winter.” (Media)
Asai (Cane Man): Go tell the cold that if he comes here, I’ll break both his legs!
Asai’s Servant: I told him and he told me that he can’t handle you but he will jack your servant up!

The official poster of the 50 Years of Tofigh Publications Tribute Event
A Tribute to Hassan Tofigh and the Tofigh Publications
The living Tofigh Staff spoke at the event.

What was Tofigh?

Tofigh means Success. Tofigh was the classic Iranian humor and cartoon magazine. Tofigh is an Iranian Media Icon of all times. There has never been a publication in the history of Iran as popular as Tofigh. The Tofigh publications were constantly sold out, specifically some of the weekly special issues, certain monthly issues and yearbooks.

Tofigh was a humor, satire, parody, satirical poetry, jokes, caricature and cartoon magazine but Tofigh was best known for its wonderful cartoons.

American Dancer and the Iranian Public Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“The stingy and reluctant Americans have plans for division of Iran.” (Media)
Sing with Jahel-i Persian Cabaret Thug Rhythm:
Public: The tightness of your eye, Oshno Cigarette doesn’t even have,
Hey beauty, your armpit has no hair,
Your hard boldness, Namju the weightlifter’s arms don’t even have,
Your little round brain, tangerine and lemon don’t even have!

Memory of Hassan Tofigh

Hassan Tofigh recently passed away. He was a Persian media icon. Hassan Tofigh was the publisher of the 3rd series of Tofigh (my time). Hassan Tofigh was the nephew of Mohammad Ali Tofigh the publisher of the 2nd series of Tofigh and he was the grand-nephew of Hossein Tofigh the founder and publisher of the 1st series of Tofigh. Hassan Tofigh was brother of Hossein Tofigh and Abbas Tofigh who were also his staff at the Tofigh office. Hassan Tofigh was a lovely satirist and cartoonist. Tofigh brothers made a cool crew:

Tofigh Brothers
Hassan Tofigh: Owner and Manager
Hossein Tofigh: General Editor
Abbas Tofigh: Chief of Writers Staff

Tofigh Publications Family and Staff
Tofigh a True Classic Publication of Iran
Tofigh the Greatest Iranian Satire and Cartoon Publication of All Times

Tofigh Publications Office in Iran

Tofigh Magazine 3 Series

The Tofigh magazine was published in 3 series:

* Hossein Tofigh was Tofigh First Series Publisher (1922 – 1939)

* Mohammad Ali Tofigh (Hossein Tofigh’s son) was Tofigh Second Series Publisher (1939 – 1953)

* Hassan Tofigh (Mohammad Tofigh’s Nephew) was Tofigh Third Series Publisher (1957 – 1972)

British Camel and Turkish Donkey Eating Persian Shiite Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“By showing absurd films and publishing obscene articles, once again Turkey displays his animosity towards Iran.” (Media)
“Where camel was priced at a penny,
Donkey has no value!”
- British Camel agitating the Turkic Donkey by sticking a needle up his butt.
- Turkic Donkey Efendi has Pan Turkism hernia of the balls!
- Public is pulling up his pants and walking away with toilet pitcher, after taking a dump!
- Turkic Donkey Efendi is eating Persian Public’s Shiite!
Public: Eh, eh eating too much Shiite (spewing propaganda),
Donkey doesn’t know the value of noql (Persian sugar-coated almond candy) and nabat (Persian rock candy)!

Hassan Tofigh’s Timeline

Hassan Tofigh Timeline
* Born on 1926
* Graduated from Dar Al Fonun High School
* Graduated from Tehran University’s College of Criminal Law
* Published Tofigh from 1957 to 1972 for 15 years
* Passed away in 2020 At age 95

Hassan Tofigh the God Father of Iranian Caricature and Cartoon Art

Tofigh Information

Hossein Tofigh was the Founder and Publisher of Tofigh. Tofigh was published from 1922 to 1972 about half a century of publication. Except the times which it was banned, shut down and closed (often), it was a continuous publication!

Tofigh was the first and the best social and political, satire and caricature magazine of Iran. Tofigh Cartoons were legendary and consider as classical humor.

British Imperialism and Iran Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“By bringing Dictatorships to power, Britain is trying to revive his lost glory.” (Media)
- Cartoon refers to Iranian Oil Nationalization out of British Control.
- Britain is portrayed as John Bull (Jonbol in Persian meaning junk).
- Big Donkey (Puppet Dictatorships) has a load of Iraq Oil, Venezuela Oil, Syria, Sudan, Jordan, etc.
- Little Donkey is Turkic Efendi, the British Puppet.
Public (Fortuneteller) to John Bull: Your future is strange, your death is this year, your palm is jackal’s skin, your corpse will be carried by the porter, your palm’s grave is lowly as rubbish …

Tofigh Mottos

Tofigh had a few classic mottos which were often published on top of the publication. These mottos were mischievous, double entendre, Persian double talk, and funny. These mottos were often in the form of parody and satirical poetry.

English Phrase or Poem
Persian Original Form

Tofigh Mottos

* Truth is bitter, we say it sweetly!
“Cho Haq Talkh Ast, Ba Shirin Bayani,
Hekayat Sar Konam, Ansan Ke Dani”

* From God is Success, and praised by God is Movement
“Men Allah Al Tofigh Va Alayha Al Tekan!” (In Tradition of Arabic Quran)
- Note: Literally it means the above but in Tofigh’s mischievous Persian doubletalk it means:
From God is Tofigh Magazine and praised by God is shaking!
God gives you success but you got to make the move!

* Official Publication of the Anti-Grouching Movement
“Organ-e Jam’iyat-e Mobarezeh ba Oqat Talkhi (Zedeh Akhm-o Takhm)”

* We are Children of Rasht, We Sacrificed Our Lives, We Wrote with Our Blood”
“Ma Bacheha-ye Rashtim, Az Jan-e Khod Gozashtim, Ba Khun-e Khod Neveshtim”

* Before going in the funnel, it released out,
There came a misfortune, but fortunately it passed!

“Be tu-ye qif narafteh, az qif kharej gasht,
Resideh bud bala-yi, vali be kheyr gozasht!”

- Norte: Referring to near confiscation and shut down, but luckily Tofigh survived!

* After sales, we will accept the returns!
“Ba’d az forush, pas gerefteh mishavad!”
- Note: Mocking the “after sales, we will not accept the returns”, Tofigh was so sure that no one would return the magazine because it was so funny.

* Official Publication of the Donkeys (Jack Asses) Party of Iran
“Organ-e Rasmi-ye Hezb-e Kharan”
- Note: Tofigh actually created a mock political party “The Donkeys Party” and distributed membership cards! They done this not to belittle the members by referring to them as stupid (Donkeys known to be stupid in Iran) but quoting from Sa’di Persian Poet, referring to them as hard workers who did not sellout!
{Hardworking Cow and Donkey carriers,
Are better than nuisance humans}
“Gavan-o Kharan-e Bar Bardar,
Beh Ze Adamiyan-e Mardom Azar”

* Tofigh is a National and Independent Newspaper
Which has No Affiliation with any Party, Group and Movement Except the Donkeys (Jack Asses) Party!
“Tofigh Ruzname-ist Meli Va Mostaqel
Ke Be Hich Hezb, Dasteh va Jam’iyat-i Bastegi Nadarad Bejoz Hezb-e Kharan."

* Citizens, do not forget two things for Friday night, the second one is buying a copy of Tofigh!
“Hamshahri, Shab-e Jom’e Do Chiz Yadet Nareh, Dovomish Kharid-e Tofigh!”
- Note: When I was a kid, at first, I didn’t get it but then it all came to me! The first one was sex on the weekend and of course the second one was buying the latest Tofigh Magazine for the weekend entertainment!

Censorship Cat and Media Mice Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“The new media law has passed!” (Media)
Persian poem from Baba to Mush Mushak (little mouse):
Little mouse, walk with cautious, so the cat won’t catch you,
Drops by your wall hole, paws your palace, hide, hide!

Tofigh Various Names

Tofigh was always Toghif (confiscated and banned)! Throughout the years, off and on, Tofigh Magazine has been sacked and closed down for periods of time and when it opened up again, due to being cautious and avoiding shut downs, from time to time it was published under various other names such as:

Tofigh Various Names
Tofigh Magazine
Baba Adam
Satire Newspaper
Tofigh Newspaper

“Jack Asses Party” Logo
Tofigh The Official Publication of the “Jack Asses Party”

Tofigh Publications

Tofigh Publications’ major media was Tofigh Weekly Magazine; however, Tofigh published:

Tofigh Publications
Tofigh Weekly Magazine
Tofigh Newspaper
Tofigh Books
Tofigh Monthly
Tofigh Annual
Tofigh Special Editions

Here are some Tofigh Special Books:

How Tofigh Become Tofigh Book by Dr. Abbas Tofigh
Tofigh Motto Poem reads:
Truth is bitter, we say it sweetly!
“Cho Haq Talkh Ast, Ba Shirin Bayani,
Hekayat Sar Konam, Ansan Ke Dani”
Kaka Tofigh 2 fingers hand gesture referring to:
Citizens, do not forget two things for Friday night, the second one is buying a copy of Tofigh!
“Hamshahri, Shab-e Jom’e Do Chiz Yadet Nareh, Dovomish Kharid-e Tofigh!”

Why have they Closed Down Tofigh Book by Dr. Abbas Tofigh
Kaka Tofigh 2 fingers hand gesture referring to:
Citizens, do not forget two things for Friday night, the second one is buying a copy of Tofigh!
“Hamshahri, Shab-e Jom’e Do Chiz Yadet Nareh, Dovomish Kharid-e Tofigh!”

Mullah Nasreddin Tofigh Book
Mullah Nasreddin was a famous funny Mullah with many funny tales!

Tofigh Books
Some of Tofigh Books: Fesenjun Nameh, Cat’s Tail and Encyclopedia Tofigh
Encyclopedia Tofigh was an awesome book
Narration on the Encyclopedia reads:
The First Humor Dictionary in the World
With over 4,000 Funny and Satirical Terms
And tens of Cartoons, Satirical Poetries, Jokes and Lengthy Humor Tales!

Dictator with Grim Ripper and Angel of Justice Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“The Censorship Dictator’s illness got severe and he is sick at home!” (Media)
- Grim Ripper taking the Censorship Dictator Baby away!
Poem to Angel of Justice:
Now that the criminal is hospitalized, why waste so much time?
I’m afraid when you reach him, you’ll see the bed is wet and the baby is gone!

Tofigh Series

Tofigh 1st Series

Tofigh First Series: 1922 – 1939
Publisher: Hossein Tofigh

Magazine was more literature than satire
1922 – Tofigh started publication
1925 – Reza Shah the Great censored Tofigh
1939 – Hossein Tofigh arrested and incarcerated, in a few months released
1939 – Hossein Tofigh passed away
1939 – End of Tofigh First Series

Tofigh 2nd Series

Tofigh Second Series: 1939 - 1953
Publisher: Mohammad Ali Tofigh (Hossein Tofigh’s son)

1939 – Second Series of Tofigh started publication
1941 – After 1941, more political freedom and less censorship was the environment
1942 – Tofigh became more critical of the government but in satirical form
1945 – Tofigh sacked and closed down (Tofigh Toghif shod)
1952 – Tofigh started criticizing Shah (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)
1953 – Tofigh heavily criticized Shah
1953 – After the 28 Mordad Coup, Tofigh sacked, closed down and Mohammad Tofigh’s house ransacked. Mohammad Tofigh was arrested and incarcerated. Next, he was exiled primarily to the Falak ol Aflak Castle in Khoram Abad, Lorestan and then to the Kharg Island in Persian Gulf.
1953 – End of Tofigh Second Series

Tofigh 3rd Series

Tofigh Third Series: 1957 – 1972
Publisher: Hassan Tofigh (Mohammad Tofigh’s Nephew)

Staff: Hossein Tofigh and Abbas Tofigh (Hassan Tofigh’s brothers) plus other greats
1953 – Tofigh was shut down.
1954 – Mohammad Tofigh was released on the condition to avoid political activities
1957 – Tofigh closed down from 1953 – 1957 (4 years and 8 months)
1957 – Tofigh started its Third Series of publication
1957 – Magazine cover became more colorful and was published with more pages.
1957 – Tofigh was published under severe surveillance, observation and probation.
1957 – “Tofigh is a nationalist and independent publication, not associated with any political party, organization and group” and “Tofigh, the Official Publication of the Party of Jack Asses!” (Organ-e Rasmi-ye Hezb-e Kharan) statements had appeared on the back cover of the magazine to avoid censorship.
1961 – Tofigh became more social, political, satirical and became as popular as its second series of the 1950s; however, the magazine always walked a thin line not to cross the line and to become sacked by the government.
1962 – Tofigh heavily criticized the prime ministers of Iran including Asadollah Alam (1962 – 1964), Hassan Ali Mansur (1964 – 1965) and Amir Abbas Hoveyda (1965 – 1977).
1970 – Tofigh heavily criticized the MPs (Majles Parliament Representatives) and portrayed Members of the Parliament as ignorant and incompetent beings. Tofigh criticized Asadollah Alam Minister of the Royal Courthouse (1967 – 1977). Tofigh also heavily criticized the Prime Ministers of Iran including Amir Abbas Hoveyda; however, Hoveyda had a big sense of humor and he did not care to react to Tofigh or censor Tofigh. Hoveyda had a thick skin.
1971 – Tofigh published a cartoon portraying Iran as a graveyard of ghosts which made Shah furious and ordered the temporary close down of the magazine.
1972 – Through the years, Tofigh was often sacked and closed down by the government and then opened up again; however, the magazine’s final close down came on 1972 due to a cartoon lampooning Empress Farah “Farah has one leg in France and one leg in Iran!” showing Farah with wide spread legs, one leg in Europe and one leg in Middle East forming an arch!
2020 – Hassan Tofigh passed away at age 95 (1926 – 2020)

Flying Caskets Airline Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“With the Flying Caskets of the Upside-Down Airline, you can travel from this life to the afterlife in only a minute and thirty seconds!” (Media)
The corpse in the coffin, up in the air went,
The passenger sat down and upside-down went!
Tofigh: Warning to the Upside-Down Airline, please deposit the ad money for the above ad to the Tofigh bank account ASAP!

Tofigh Cartoon Characters

Tofigh created amazing cartoon characters which some were used as Tofigh staff and the others were lampoons of the Iranian political personalities.

A. Tofigh Staff Cartoon Characters

* Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh): Tofigh’s main character, a humorous and sarcastic Black (Kaka Siyah) man with smart remarks, narrating satire and cartoons. Kaka in old local Esfahani and Shirazi dialect also means brother but that is another story. Term Kaka means Brother in Swahili where it is spoken in East Africa. That is how it came to Iran through the slave trade. In Iran, they refer to blacks as Kaka, also Kaka Siyah.
* Geshniz Khanum (Ms. Cilantro): Kaka’s wife
* Mamuli (Titty): Kaka’s monkey
* Melat (Public): Represented the Iranian nation

For more information on slavery in Iran:

History of Slavery in Iran

Tofigh Publications Characters
L – R: Geshniz Khanum (Kaka’s wife), Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh) and Mamuli (Titty) the faithful, acrobatic and funny Kaka’s monkey.

Many Iranian officials were lampooned and some of the important ones were:

B. Government Officials Lampooned by Tofigh Cartoon Characters

* Asai (Cane Man): Amir Abbas Hoveyda (Prime Minister)
* Lili (Nickname): Leila Emami, Ms. Hoveyda (Hoveyda’s wife)
* Us Abbas (Foreman Abbas): Abbas Rustai (Governor of Khorasan Province and later MP)
* Habibi (Wow Grandmother): Habibi (Parliament Representative and Ex Wrestler)
* Amirza (Haji Bazaari): Abbas Mirzai (Parliament Representative)
* Bademjun (Eggplant): Parliament Representative
* Fesenjun (Sweet Walnut Persian Stew): Parliament Representative
* Khos Khosani (Mock Name): Khosravani (Parliament Representative and at once, head of the Iran Novin Party)
* Piyazi (Onion Peddler): Abdollah Riazi (Speaker of the Parliament) affiliated with the New Iran (Iran Novin) Party and then Rastakhiz (Resurrection) Party
Many more

Iranian Women Voting Rights Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
The coming of Soqra Bagom in between the lions (male chauvinist pigs) to grab the crown (voting rights)!

Important Notes

* Ayatollah Abol Ghasem Kashani was a Nationalist Islamist Reformist whom due to Anti British Colonial stands was arrested and exiled by the British during the WWII occupation of Iran. Kashani was the only Mullah who went against the British on the Oil Nationalization issue. During the Oil Nationalization period, Ayatollah Kashani served as Speaker of the House of Representatives (Majles). Ayatollah Kashani was very political. Ayatollah Kashani was a powerful political character in the parliament and out of the parliament.

* Ayatollah Kashani primarily aligned himself with Mohammad Mossadegh on the oil nationalization issue but later during the 28 Mordad Coup, he went against the Mossadegh.

* Mohammad Mossadegh was always portrayed with his blanket because Mossadegh was always either under the blanket or carrying his security blanket! In fact, Mossadegh was chilly in real life and often covered himself with his famous blanket!

* Tofigh mocked and depict all Iranian Prime Ministers of the era and many of the MPs (members of parliament).

* Amir Abbas Hoveyda did not close down Tofigh. This is a false narrative. As a matter of fact, Hoveyda did not mind Tofigh’s humor and criticism because Hoveyda had a large sense of humor.

This was an actual event and Tofigh made a cartoon of it. Once, Hoveyda said: “When my term ends and I leave, who will you make fun of? Your rating will go down!” Tofigh wrote: “You will never leave because your terms will never end!”

For more information on Amir Abbas Hoveyda:

The Orchid Man - Amir Abbas Hoveyda

* Mohammad Mossadegh also did not mind Tofigh’s humor and in fact he was a fan of Tofigh.

Iran Oil Nationalization Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“Iran’s oil nationalization battling Britain in court has captured the world’s attention!” (Media)
Iranian Oil Episode Turtle is the subject of everyone’s surprise!
- Everyone is interested in Iran’s oil!
John Bull (UK), Uncle Sam (USA), Russia, China, Italy and so on …
That one said what is it?
The other one said it is wrapped cabbage!
This one said, this is Iranian,
Its face is like the Kerman’s Cumin!

End Notes

Hossein Tofigh started a tradition, Mohammad Tofigh continued it and Hassan Tofigh perfected it. Together, they left a legacy which we know as the Tofigh Magazine, the greatest Iranian political and social, satire and cartoon publication of all times. It was not unusual for Tofigh to be sold out. Special issues of Tofigh and certain hot issues were reprinted up to three times and even the third print would get sold out!

No other humor and caricature publication in Iran ever gained the popularity, rating, sales and greatness of Tofigh. The Tofigh Magazine was simply the best.

Tofigh Collection

The cartoon collection which you observe is restored to the best possible format to capture the best graphic available. These cartoons are the best of Tofigh throughout the years. The cartoons are from all 3 series of Tofigh from 1922 to 1972. Cartoons capture 50 years of Tofigh history. These cartoons revive and tell the wondrous stories about the history of Iran through those years.

Cartoons cover the end of Qajar era (1922 – 1925), Reza Shah the Great era (1925 – 1941) and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi era (1941 – 1972) until Tofigh was closed down forever. Through the years and decades, Tofigh was closed down many times but on 1972, it officially closed down by the government for good. This brought the end of an era, the 50-year Golden Age of Cartoon Publication in Iran. Tofigh was the greatest.

Enjoy the funny and fabulous Tofigh cartoons:

The Original Abstract Classic Title of the Tofigh Publications Logo

John Bull the British and the Iran Oil Nationalization Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
In Tradition of Rubaiyat Khayyam Book of Poetry Persian Miniature Paintings.
-  William Knox D'Arcy (1849 - 1917) was a successful British entrepreneur who in 1901 obtained from the government of Iran a sixty-year concession to search for and produce petroleum in an area of central and southern Iran. Oil concession granted by the Iran to British national D'Arcy in 1901. Since the concession, Britain gained the control of the Iranian oil production and distribution.
- Under Title Satirical Poem (Ferdowsi mock poem):
I have suffered much during these 30 years (30-year anniversary of Tofigh),
To kick out D’Arcy’s inheritor!
- Cartoon depicts John Bull (UK) as mock Omar Khayyam the Persian poet romancing the Iranian National Budget as the Tavern Girl. In John Bull’s hand is “Book of Master Poet from London” while the wine vase of “Old Anglo-Persian Oil Company” is broken and oil is all over the floor. There’s a bowl of Mast-o Khiar (Cucumber Yogurt) as Persian side taste for drinking!
- Poem for the most important event of the past 30 years:
John Bull (Jonbol means junk in Persian):
Oh Lord, you have broken my wine vase,
Oh Lord, you have shut down my feast of love,
You have dropped my wine on the ground,
May I be condemned, are you drunk my Lord?

John Bull Britain Out of Middle East Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“End of British Empire Glory Days are in Vision.” (Media)
“British are leaving Middle East while America is replacing them.” (Media)
- A Tattered and beaten up John Bull out of Middle East is singing a sad Persian traditional song while Iraq cat is dancing and the American Chadori woman in red chador farts along with the song and enters the Middle East.
John Bull (Jonbol meaning junk in Persian) singing a Jahel-i style (Persian Cabaret Thug) song:
I went to Iran and the Iranians broken my leg,
I went to Africa and they broke down my height,
Tired and disillusioned, I went to my lover, Iraq,
My dear Jahel, my production market crashed!

John Bull British Jonbol and Iranian Public Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“Venice International Arbitration Court’s judgement for the Anglo-Persian Oil Company vs. Iran, voted for Iran.” (Media)
“After the Venice Court Judgment, the Persian Haji Firuzes are pulling the legs of the British Beggars.” (Media)
“Haji Firuz is the harbinger of Nowruz Persian New Year.” (Media)
- John Bull Bum and his British Crown Doggie are in the street!
Sing in tradition of Haji Firuz for Nowruz:
Haji Firuz (Public):
Greetings my Master
Raise your head my Master
Like a flower bouquet, My Master
Venice Court tide up his hands and footer
Why not laugh my Master?
You started looking like the Goat of the herder

Uncle Sam and John Bull Dervish Oil Nationalization Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“The British through Eisenhower have given a new offer to Iran and will not let go!” (Media)
- Public portrayed as Caliph, Oil is portrayed as Princess, Uncle Sam as Dervish and John Bull as Dervish Kid. Uncle Sam’s axe is the offer!
- Dervish comes to the court of Caliph for engagement offer from his son to the princess!
Sing with Dervish style of poem:
Yankee Dervish:
I’m dervish and I have Shiite on my beard,
Until I get something, I won’t go abroad
Dervish Kid:
Dervish is not materialistic, is not after daily bread, is not a sissy, why don’t you answer? Why don’t you give something? My dear love, better than life, don’t hurt me!

Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani Butting Heads Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
- Tofigh portrayed them as 2 Jahel (Persian Thugs) Asadollah (Kashani) and Abdullah (Mossadegh). Tofigh portrayed the politicians as Little Asadollah Jahels!
- Mossadegh and Kashani butt heads
Pro Mossadegh and Pro Kashani politicians Cheer on the side
Pro Mossadeq: Hassibi, Shayegan, Moazami and Karimi
Pro Kashani: Baqai, Makki, Qanatabadi and Haerizadeh
Pro Kashani politicians used to be on Mossadegh’s side.
Narration reads: Let go Baba Asadollah!

Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani Kissing Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“Mossadeq making up with Kashani.” (Media)
“Kashani is not dancing with Mossadeq’s tune!” (Media)
Abdullah Jahel (Mossadegh): Praise be upon God, atrocities of Asadollah!
Asadollah Jahel (Kashani): My dear Abdullah, don’t complain that you’re sick!
Public pointing at the big bowl of “Cooperation Stew” while in the other bowl are the issues of “Oil, Bahrain Separation and Caspian Sea Fishing”.
Public to Jahels: Asadollah bend walk and come on over, the lunch is getting cold!
Narration reads: Asadollah Bend Walk and Eat the Stew in the Name of God!

Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani Making Up Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“Kashani is not dancing with Mossadeq’s tune!” (Media)
- Tofigh portrayed them as 2 Jahel (Persian Thugs) Asadollah (Kashani) and Abdullah (Mossadegh).
- Mossadegh’s chapeau hat (felt hat) depicted as FAQ at Night hat (Shaba Bega)
In the reconciliation party
Abdulla to Asadollah: I didn’t expect it from you!
Asadollah to Abdulla: You wanted something from me (FAQ me) which I didn’t have!

Nowruz Sizdah Be Dar of Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“Oil Nationalization of Iran Episode is the hot topic in the news!” (Media)
- Mossadegh is always depicted with his famous blanket. In reality Mossadegh was cold and that is why he was always under the blanket! This had become a joke and people used to say that Mossadegh is always under the blanket (sleep)!
- Iran Oil Can is on the ground
Singing in Rhymes:
Kashani: Let’s go to the shrine and tie a knot, so our wishes will come true!
Uncle Sam and John Bull (singing Sizdah Be Dar Style): The beautiful oil of Iran had killed me! Mary, Mary me and the Donkey, but I carry the load! This bad year, don’t come back! For hundred years, don’t come back!
Mossadegh (singing): Sizdah Be Dar, Next Year, Without the Donkey (Big Brother), Oil Barrel in the arms, without the Big Brother!
Narration reads: Political Sizdah Be Dar!

Mossadegh and Italian Oil Tankers Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
“After firing the British, Mossadegh gave the contract to the Italians for the oil logistics!” (Media)
- John Bull as the angry guard watching.
- The Italian Oil Tanker is the belly dancer.
- Mossadegh under the blanket is partying
Persian Cabaret Style
Public as Jahel (singing Arabic Tune):
Shalakho, Malakho, Chorqana,
Qonbol-o Mombol-o Qorbana!
(Dig the butt and boob shaking!)

Mossadegh vs. Ayatollah Kashani Kids Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
Mossadegh (little Abdullah) and Kashani (little Asadollah) pulling the arms of the “Power Doll” ripping it apart!
Narration reads (famous Tofigh Motto):
We are Children of Rasht, We Sacrificed Our Lives, We Wrote with Our Blood:
Let go Baba Asadollah!
(Ma Bacheha-ye Rashtim, Az Jan-e Khod Gozashtim, Ba Khun-e Khod Neveshtim:
Vel Kon Baba Asadollah!)

Mossadegh vs. Ayatollah Kashani Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
Battle of Abdullah and Asadollah!
Abdullah (Mossadegh) and Asadollah (Kashani) are at it again!
- Mossadegh (wrapped in famous blanket) and Kashani on donkey top are battling on a thin rope while the water boa is waiting to swallow the fallen! John Bull (depicted as Jombol the court Jester) is dancing while public tries to separate them.
- Notice Kashani is riding the Satan’s Donkey (Khar-e Sheytan)!
Public: Let go Baba Asadollah, enough Baba Abdullah!

Public Kills Parliament and Wants Referendum Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1952
In style of Intellectual Publications:
Murder and Bloodshed in Iran!
Public (father) kills daughter (Majles 17) with the Referendum Knife! John Bull and Uncle Sam cry a river! The fabricated Parliament (Majles) closes down and people want referendum.

Shah and Soraya with Mossadegh Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1953
“Shah power grabs while Prime Minister becomes powerless!” (Media)
Shah (Wounded cat) and Soraya (Biuna Cat) are eating off of the Government Chelo Rice while Mossadegh (Dr. Charity) in cat gesture, meow meows around! Kashani (Asadollah Khan) spies behind the window while Public depicted as a bearded peasant, stands amazed (with finger in the mouth) and watches this ordeal!
Mossadegh: So, you eat and I meow!!

Shah Leaving Iran with Soraya and Ayatollah Kashani Avoiding Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1953
“When things got hairy, Shah escaped Iran!” (Media)
“For two days Mossadegh and Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front) Ran Iran!” (Media)
“Monarchy Returned with the CIA 1953 Coup!” (Media)
- Many blamed Mossadegh for forcing Shah out of Iran but in fact it was Shah who escaped Iran due to the unhappy public pressure. Ayatollah Kashani orchestrated a protest in front of the palace led by Shaban Jafari the famous Persian Thug Jahel to avoid Shah’s departure. According to Shaban Jafari, Ayatollah Kashani told him: “If shah goes, our turbans go!” Later on, Shaban Jafari also staged a protest in front of Mossadegh’s house and the protesters and thugs rushed the house but Mossadegh escaped. Anti-Mossadegh crowd stated that Mossadegh escaped under his famous blanket! Afterwards massive number of people protested pro-Mossadegh. Those few days were extremely hairy days in Iran.
- In this cartoon, Shah singing a goodbye song holding Shahbanu Soraya’s arm leaving. Soraya wearing a crown dress hiding under chador. Ayatollah Kashani (Asadollah Khan) who was first pro-Mossadegh, then turned against him and here pulls Shah back and avoiding him to leave. Shams Qanatabadi the National Islamist Majles Deputy (Tofigh mocked him as Qanat Shams Abadi AKA Underground Water Stream) is pulling Kashani and the Retired Military General (Tofigh mocked him as Vaz-Neshasteh meaning Open Butt) pulling Qanatabadi. Military General is pulling so hard that he peed himself!
Public: Let go Baba Asadollah!
Shah (sings a famous song): Let’s get out of this land, you and I; you grab my hand and I grab your skirt …
Kashani (sings a sad song): Don’t leave and make me afraid, don’t leave and make me afraid, my business is slow, come to me because it is the end of the line, come to me because it is the end of the bundle, I’m falling to enemy’s hand, tell me unfaithful, why are you leaving? Oh, why are you leaving?

For more information:
Memoirs: Reza Shah vs. Mohammad Reza Shah
Observed by an Ex Imperial Air Force Officer – Part 2

Nowruz Persian New Year Negro Tofigh and Mamuli Monkey Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1957
“Haji Firuz (Pilgrim Firuz) is the harbinger of Nowruz.” (Media)
Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh as Haji Firuz sings a New Year song): If I break (shake) it here, my darling objects, if I break it there, my darling objects!
Mamuli (Kaka’s monkey): This poor guy has a lot of patience!

More information:

Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics

Government Employee Gift Shirt Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1958
Shirt of Desire!
“Government is giving bonus to the government employees!” (Media)
Kaka Tofigh: Come here dear, they made this shirt for you but it doesn’t satisfy your desire, so if you allow me, I’ll give it to the Mamuli to cover his nasty privates?!
Government Employee: After 70 years, my master had given me a thought, he gave me a shirt, similar to the tall pine trees! I swear to you, it doesn’t have any problems! Oh, what a bad luck, Ah, alas, my fortune is sad!
Note: The unemployed guys are hanging from the government employees’ body!

De-Chadorization Unveiling Day Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1960
“January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi is the Women’s Liberation Day of Iran. On this day, Reza Shah the Great ordered the unveiling of women, so the women took their hejab off.” (Media)
“Iranian ladies are climbing the steps of the progress ladder with much speed!” (Head of the Ladies Movement)
- The cartoon is criticizing the overkill of the Pahlavi Dynasty in Westernization.
January 7, 1937 Poster is on the wall.
Step by Step Progress: The Unveiling Continues!
1937 Step 1: Unveiling of Hejab
1941 Step 2: Unveiling of Scarf
1946 Step 3: Unveiling of Stockings
1951 Step 4: Unveiling of Shirt
1955 Step 5: Unveiling of Skirt
1959 Step 6: Unveiling of …… Underwear?
Naked Iranian Woman to Tofigh: If you’re not ashamed of me, at least be ashamed of your readers!
Note: Kaka Tofigh is covering the woman with a cloth of “Law of forbidding the press to publish shameful images”!

For more information:

DeChadorization Day!
"Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

Iran Elections Special Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1961
Kaka Tofigh: Shhhhhhhhhhhh it’s election time!
Mamuli: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wedding Bride Dowry Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1961
“Inflation is sky high!” (Media)
“The Rich Iranians give luxurious dowries for their daughters’ weddings.” (Media)
1st Tray: 1 Cantaloupe
2nd Tray: 3 Cucumbers
3rd Tray: 1 Tomato
4th Tray: “We tried hard but couldn’t find ice, please forgive us.” Sign
1st Neighbor to 2nd one: Look at the expensive dowries taken to the wedding; the father of the bride must be extremely rich!

Asadollah Alam Employment Legislation Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1964
“At last after many years, the employment legislation went to the parliament!” (Media)
“Prime Minster Asadollah Alam was referred to as Prime Minister Kolangi (Mattock) by Tofigh because he was always doing the first shovel or dig in many construction projects but they were going nowhere!” (Media)
Kaka: Brother, where are you taking him (Employment Legislation in the coffin)?
Kolangi: We’re taking him to the parliament to bury him.
Kaka: then why did you bring him out of the Prime Minister’s Palace?
Kolangi: Because we only left him there as a loaner!

Hassan Ali Mansur Prime Minister Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1965
“Flies and Mosquitoes are running people’s sleep!” (Media)
“There will be battle with Flies and Mosquitoes!” (Media)
Hassan Ali Khan Nastur (Hassan Ali Mansur) killing flies while Public is sleeping.
Narration: Damn you, let him sleep!

Free Elections Toy Horse Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Child’s Play!
Free Election Boy to the Toy Horse: My Glorious Fast Horse with Golden Horse Shoes, why so slow?

Angie Dickinson shins and Yul Brynner Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1966
“The movie ‘Poppy is Also a Flower’ (1966) was filmed in Iran.” (Media)
“The movie ‘Poppy is Also a Flower’ (1966) was translated in Persian to ‘Flower from Hell’ (Gol-e Jahanam)!” (Media)
“Angie Dickinson and Yul Brynner played in the movie filmed in Iran.” (Media)
“Angie Dickinson has the most beautiful shins in the world!” (Media)
“In the plane, Angie Dickinson said: The best method to have beautiful shins is to walk barefoot.” (Media)
Abji (sister) Dickinson to Yul Brynner: I have never thought that these guys (Poor Iranians) would also care so much about the beauty of their shins!

End of the World Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The astrologer who predicted that the world would soon end, started walking the streets with his slogan on a placard!” (Media)
Astrologer’s placard: The World Would Soon End!
Public’s placard: Thank God!

Moon Travel Special Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1969
Tofigh Moon Travel special Issue
“Yearly salary of the MPs is 75,000 Toman.” (Media)
“Round Trip to the moon costs 75,000 Toman.” (Media)
Us Abbas: You don’t wanna pay 75,000 Toman to go to the Moon for an excursion?
Amirza: I don’t need to go to the Moon to get a space Excursion; at the end of each month, when I get paid, I have a sky-high space excursion!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister and the Public Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1969
“Hoveyda enjoys the Apollo program and the space related news.” (Media)
Public: Americans went to the Moon, what have you done?
Asai: And I have enjoyed it!

Fake Boobs Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Yearbook
Bride to Groom: Honey now that we are married, allow me to empty the air from these because they are bothering me much!

Adultery Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Monthly Cover: 3D Special Issue
“A woman took a picture with a man to attract her husband’s affection by making him jealous!” (Media)
Pooran Shapoori (the singer): Nasrin joon, where were you during the picture that your husband got so mad?
Nasrin: Next to the bed!

Altar boy bites priest’s hand Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“In Philippines, an altar boy bit the priest’s hand instead of kissing it!” (Media)
Father: Curse be upon your farther, my son!

Gholamreza Takhti Wrestler’s Death Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Everyone cried for Takhti.” (Media)
Death of a Champion
Takhti who shone like a star,
In the skies of sports,
Saw there is no difference, wrong or right,
Thus, there are so many low lives in this land,
He woke up from the past deep sleep,
And then permanently rested in peace!
Takhti to Mourners: Don’t cry for me but cry for yourselves!

Water Price Rise Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Price of water also went up!” (Media)
- Tehran Water Hydrant drops coins!
- Engineer Sohani of Water Department dressed as the Sunni General Shemr who shut the water in the battle of Karbala to the Shiite Imam Hussein and his troops and made them dehydrate!
Asqari: Hey Shemr, give us time to pay the water bill!
Akbari: Hey Shemr, give us discount …

Grim Ripper Water Bill Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Water bills have been astronomic in Iran!” (Media)
Patient to Grim Ripper: Gosh, I got scared! I thought it was the water bill!

Honeymoon Steady Customer Wife Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Yearbook Cover
Clerk: No, you only write your name … I know the lady’s name, 12 months a year, she is our customer!

Honeymoon Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Yearbook Cover
Bride to Groom: Damn, every time I came here, this damn bed broke!

Honeymoon Useless Groom Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Yearbook Cover
Bride to Groom: Honey, the meaning of Honeymoon is not for you to look at the moon and eat natural honey!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister and Chest Banging Ashura Sineh Zani Tofigh Iran Cartoon
- Hoveyda orchestrates the parliament members similar to Ashura Chest Banging!
- MPs Us Abbas, Fesenjun, Habibi and others follow Hoveyda’s lead!
- Placard Banner says:
The Baharestan (Majles Complex) Group of Chest Bangers
Group of That’s correct, Bravo Sayers
Group of Legislation Passers
- The background banner on cane-top says:
Government’s Mourners
- Read with Ashura chest Banging Style of Rhymes:
Hoveyda: Today, everywhere, there’s the talk of the bread quality!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: Drowned in prosperity, fun and pleasure are the old and young!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: Thanks to us, there’s a surplus of products in reasonable prices!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: There’s no one left to say the products are expensive!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: There’s no unemployed left in this town!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: The poor foreman is running around everywhere!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: 200 times we laid eggs during the speech!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …
Hoveyda: It’s all benefit for us and there’s no damage to the public!
MPs: That’s correct, that’s correct …

Hoveyda the Prime Minister Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Hoveyda is walking to the Prime Minister’s Palace.
“Hoveyda begun his 5th year as the prime minister and broke the record of premiership!” (Media)
Kaka Tofigh to Sa’di (Persian Poet): Brother, you said everyone’s turn comes in 5 days (referring to shortness of life), then how come this fellow did not allow anyone to take turns in 5 years?!

India vs. Pakistan War Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tribute to the 22nd day of war between India and Pakistan.
Tofigh Mock Cartoon Movie Ad in Indian Movie Style
Movie of the Week:
Jangam (war Story) the new version of the movie “Sangam”!
Cinemascope, full war, co-production of India and Pakistan
The 22nd Day of screening in Cinema Asia!
The Shinning Flame of the Indian and Pakistani Cinema!

Iran Old Ad Arj Cooler Tofigh Iran Cartoon
At Hell’s Gate
Man: Wow, great, is this Heaven?
Hell’s Doorman: No, they have just installed an Arj Cooler Air-condition, so it feels like Heaven!

Iran Old Ad Nivea Creme Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Husband: Wow, what a skin!
Wife: No, say what a Nivea Crème!

Paykan Auto – Pars Oil Co. Ad Tofigh Iran Cartoon
First One: Wy have they put your car behind the window of the watch shop?
Second One: Because since I put Pars Jam Oil in it, the Paykan auto works like an accurate clock!

John Bull and Iran-Britain Bank Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Masked Iranian bank robbers have robbed the Iran-Britain Bank.” (Media)
At the Bank
John Bull: Please give me half the loot because it belongs to us!
Thief: Please give us the dough for the oil you taking because all of it belongs to us!

Minister and Worker Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“MP Habibi told the Parliament: If we don’t go to the Ministries, then who will they be afraid of?” (Media)
Minister to Worker (showing picture of Habibi): If you talk much, I tell Habibi to come and eat you!

Nader Shah and Fardin the Actor Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Fardin: My only wish is to make a movie about Nader Shah the Great and play his role in it!
Nader Shah: The Amir Arsalan disaster movie which you made was enough, please don’t touch my reputation!

Negro Tofigh Ashura Chest Banging Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Kaka Tofigh leads the Ashura chest Banging Session by singing a mourning song and people chest bang, mourn and follow the lead!
You said the bread price went down, where is your cheap bread?
You said the Parliament shall open, where is your garden and prairie?
You said you gonna end the illiteracy,
I have never seen anything but cheap promises in your grocery store!
Only your aunt praises you, only your aunt praises you!

New Husband Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Family Court Judges offered that the widows must be paid allowance until they remarry!” (Media)
Widow: Your honor, I don’t want any allowance, just fund me another husband?!

Persian Wedding Night Zipper Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Groom to Bride: So many bad lucks tonight! First the tire went flat, then the elevator broke down and now the dress zipper doesn’t open!

Prime Ministers Ali Amini, Asadollah Alam and Hassan Ali Mansur Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hassan Ali Khan (Mansur) the Prime Minister during the grand opening of the New Iran (Iran Novin) Party in Kermanshah stated: The same old politics will not reoccur!” (Media)
New Politics of Construction!
Prime Minister Belt Worker (Kamar Bandi) = Amini for suggesting to tighten the belts!
Prime Minister Mattock (Kolangi) = Alam for always digging the first dirt of the new constructions!
Prime Minister Hammer (Chakoshi) = Mansur for hammering the new branches of party’s signs!
Iranian Prime Ministers:
Ohoy, we give speeches, do construction work with mattock and open political parties!

Tehran Transit Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The bus tickets will be good only for one day!” (Media)
“Tehran Buses run late!” (Media)
At Line 128
Driver’s Assistant: This ticket is from yesterday!
Passenger: Swear to God, I have been waiting here since yesterday!

Unemployed Graduate Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Read with the style of old story telling
1st Pigeon: Sister?
2nd Pigeon: Yes dear?
1st: Do you know what’s wrong with these two kids?
2nd: Yes dear sister, schools don’t have room, fathers don’t have money, principles don’t have justice, and only if their father buys 7 iron shoes and 7 iron canes and goes to Africa to the Land of the Queen of Sheba to find the Treasures of the Solomon the Prophet, then he can register his kids at the school!
1st: So, after he registers his kids at the school, then what happens?
2nd: Finally, they turn to that other young kid who’s sleeping under the tree (unemployed graduate)!

Tofigh Special Art Book of Bad Luck Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Special After 40 Years
On the left there are the photos of the Tofigh Family Publication Managers
On the right, Tofigh family Olympics chat:
Kaka Tofigh: I told you we will be the first again!
Geshniz Khanum: In wrestling?
Kaka Tofigh: No, in bad luck again!
Note: Black Cat near the chair!

Tofigh Magazine Classic Traditional Title Logo

Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh) Brand

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