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Tofigh Iranian Cartoons in English
Chapter 2: Classic Cartoons of 1922 to 1972


Tofigh Iranian Cartoons in English
Classic Tofigh Magazine Restored Cartoons (1922 – 1972)
50 Years of Tofigh Best Cartoons in 2 Chapters
Chapter 2

Ahreeman X
June 29, 2020

Tofigh Classic Title of the Tofigh Iranian Humor Magazine Logo – Year 48, Price: 1 Toman (1969)

Constitutional Festival of Iran Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“At the night of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran Anniversary Festival, many of the MPs had a grand party and a feast!” (Media)
“MP Abbas Mirzai often dreams of Hoveyda and Khosravani as the Constitutional Revolution leaders Baqer Khan and Sattar Khan!” (Media)
“Abbas Mirzai with a belly full of food and a hand full of cash dreams all night!” (Media)
Amirza (in dream): Sattar Khan joon, Baqer Khan joon, I love you guys and your Constitutions!

Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh) Brand

Miniskirt Girl and Persian Guys who Like Thigh Meat Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“According to statistics, Tehran Residents enjoy the thigh meat more!” (Media)
“Persians always prefer Thick Thighs and Lamb Shanks!” (Media)
No Narration!

Autumn Wind girl Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Boy to Girl: Allow me to give you my umbrella!

Nowruz Persian New Year Man of the Year Construction Worker Finger Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1968
Nowruz Special Issue – 47th Year of Publication
Man of the Year = Construction Worker
Construction Worker (Amaleh) MO is his Finger, ready to finger the miniskirt wearing ladies!

Hoveyda and Public Fasting Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Ramadan Special
Public: Shaikh, I want to fast but I don’t have early dawn breakfast?
Shaikh Asai: You get your fast, even without breakfast, it is accepted and Halaal!
Note: Check out the cat cannot catch the bird at the background and check out Hoveyda’s pipe in Qalyan (hookah) format!

Hoveyda and Public Reconciliation Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda said: The public and the government should reconciliate!” (Media)
Public (with Unfaithful song by Soraya style):
I’ll not make up with you,
You have conned me!
Note: Check out Kaka playing Kamancheh instrument and Mamuli balancing!

Hoveyda Kaboby Meat Production Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Meat production dropped in half and there’s a shortage of meat!” (Media)
“The “Hand Slap” Game in Iran is called “Bring Bread and Take Kabob” because the lower hands are the bread and the upper hands are the Kabob, so the kabob goes on top of the bread!” (Media)
- Abbas Kaboby Shop heading reads:
Meat used to be served in this Kaboby,
Kabob smoke is not available, so the unemployed don’t bother the customers!
- Placard on chains reads:
In this Kaboby, we serve the customers without meat and onions!
- Side sign reads:
Every day from dawn to 2 hours pass dusk, in this Kaboby, the game of “Bring bread and take Kabob” (Hand Slap Game) is played!
Abbas Kaboby to Public: Bring bread and take Kabob (Hand Slap Game)!
1st Bum to the 2nd Bum: Remember the good old times when we used to come here and smell the Kabob smoke?

Nowruz Persian New Year Eve Dinner with Hoveyda Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1971
Public: So, what happened to our New Year Eve Dinner?
Prime Minister Cane Man (Asai): As soon as Piyazi serves the herb rice, I’ll fry the white fish!

Abbas Mirzai and Iranian National Budget Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Abbas Mirzai MP said: I would never allow myself to interfere or give an opinion about the Parliament’s Budget or the National Budget.” (Media)
Kaka Tofigh: Then what would you allow yourself to do?
Amirza: Representation without Objection!

Arabic Teacher Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The educational system is chaotic to the point that many teachers teach other subjects than the subject of their study!” (Media)
Arabic Teacher teaching sports (in Arabic): Be Yesar, yesar, … be yamin, yamin …

Arab Peace Plan Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Dr. Rogers’ Peace Plan created chaos in the Arab world!” (Media)
“Dr. William Rogers, US Secretary of State (Nixon Administration) is not neutral!” (Media)
Dr. Lajerz (Rogers) to Arab patient: I wrote you a peace plan that makes you envy the Vietnam war!

Barry Goldwater the US Senator and Negro Tofigh Bomb Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Goldwater suggested for America to use the atomic bomb for victory in Vietnam!” (Media)
Kaka to Gold Qater (Golden Mule): First, come close, so I can bang on your head with 2 Bombs (hands), then if you like it, you can drop 2 bombs on people’s heads in Vietnam!

Bread and Water Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Minister of Water and Energy said that our country has water, enough for 40 to 50 million people!” (Media)
Kaka Tofigh: But you didn’t say for whom it has bread?

Brigitte Bardot 3D Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1970
Tofigh Monthly Special 3D – The 3D glasses are included
“BB is a bomb!” (Media)
BB’s husband: Wow, honey your naked body is beautiful. Today I saw you in front of the filming camera!

Budget Legislation Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda always takes a big budget legislation pack of papers to the Parliament because he is sure that they will pass it!” (Media)
Hoveyda at the Parliament
No Narration!

Charles Conrad American Astronaut Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“US space officials allowed the Apollo 12 astronauts to sleep as much as they want.” (Media)
Charles Conrad to Houston: So please allow us to land in the Iranian Parliament and Senate!

Dirty Ogle Parrot Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Woman to pet shop Owner: What’s with the dirty parrot you sold me? He doesn’t talk at all, but when I take off my clothes, he starts whistling!

Farokhroo Parsa Minister of Education Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Even though schools have opened up, yet some of the parents haven’t been able to register their kids!” (Media)
Mom: So, where should I take my kid to register his name?
Parsal (Last Year): Take him to the New Iran (Iran Novin) Party and right away they will register him!

Googoosh and Elaheh Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Elaheh did not file an official complaint about Googoosh but she separated from her in sulk!” (Media)
Sing with Elaheh song rhythm:
Belaheh (Elaheh): I’m in sulk with you, swear to God, I’m in sulk with you!

Group Wedding Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“A Mashhadi merchant and his 2 sons married in one night!” (Media)
Father (Mashhadi accent): Garbanzo Bean, Garbanzo Bean, everyone to their own bedroom!

Hoveyda and Negro Tofigh Chat Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda said: I haven’t seen anyone in the city of Rezaiyeh (Happiness) to be unhappy!” (Media)
Kaka: Your excellency, how did you find out that everyone in Rezaiyeh is happy with their situation?
Asai: Because even you say Rezaiyeh (Happiness) and not Na-Rezaiyeh (Unhappiness)!

Hoveyda and Public Snow Dialogue Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Due to heavy snow, people were cleaning the snow from their roofs!” (Media)
Cane Man: Ahay, can’t you see me?
Public: I can see you but for once, I wanted you to see me!

Hoveyda Change Tofigh Iran Cartoon
On the top left: Price: 1 Toman, price of 2 apricots! (check out the cheap prices back then!)
“Some say, since Hoveyda become the prime minister, there has been no change in our lives!” (Media)
Prime Minister Cane Man (Asai): You dishonest people, why do you say there has been no change in your lives? When I came to power, was the price of bread, meat, water, electricity and rent this way?

Hoveyda Meat Production Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The Production Minister stated: I dream of meat at night!” (Media)
Asai: God bless your father (to people), this guy is a Minister and he dreams of it, but you guys actually want it?!

Hoveyda Premiership Thoughts Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda said: I have never thought that I would become the Prime Minister!” (Media)
Negro Tofigh: Not to worry now, don’t bother yourself with these strange thoughts!

Hoveyda Premiership Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Soon, Hoveyda’s 4th year of premiership begins!” (Media)
Prime Minister Asai to Shaikh: Mr. Shaikh, it is 3 years that this beauty (Premiership) is my “Siqeh” (temporary wife), I am crazy about her, I brought her to your honor to officially wed us, so I can turn her to my “Aqdi” (permanent wife)!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister and Abbas Mirzai Christmas Trees Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Pine Tree Seller to his confused Sidekick Boy: Idiot, stop calling the customers “Monsieur” and “Mister”, can’t you see that all of them are Muslims?!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister and the Traffic Tickets Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“By prediction, one of the greatest government incomes for the next year, will be the traffic tickets!” (Media)
Asai during prayer: Dear Lord, make our drivers worse in breaking the laws next year!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister Reforms Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Book
Prime Minister Asai (at the street barber): Bravo, Wow, so many cleanups (Reforms) are happening in our time that we are unaware of!
Note: check out the cheap prices back then: 4 Rial for hair and face, 2 Rial for face, …

Hoveyda the Prime Minister Speech Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“After 5 years of premiership, in Azerbaijan province, Hoveyda said: This is only the beginning of our work!” (Media)
Azerbaijani (banging on his head): Oh God, Dear Father, Please Help Us!

Hoveyda the Prime Minister Wedding Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Prime Minister’s Wedding Special
Title reads: Due to the Prime Minister’s sudden marriage and massive amount of material and jokes, there will be a 16-page full color special without ads with the special price of still 1 Toman!
“Hoveyda married but since the first night of wedding, the conflict broke between the bride and the groom!” (Media)
Negro Tofigh: What in the name of God, Amir Abbas Khan, how many days is it that you married?
Amir Abbas Khan: 6 days!
Negro Tofigh: But there’s only 5 lumps!
Amir Abbas Khan: Because she received 2!
Note: Tofigh is referring to Hoveyda not even able to count properly! Check out Kaka’s donkey!

Hoveyda Public Bathhouse Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“At the beginning of the third term, Hoveyda’s cane got lost!” (Media)
“Hoveyda makes special blend tobaccos with apple and other aromatics! (Media)
- The sign poem on top of the entry attendance reads:
Anyone who owns a little cane,
Leave it to me at the time of entrance,
If you don’t leave it to me, it’ll get lost,
And I won’t be responsible for your loss!
Prime Minister Asai dancing and singing in tradition of a popular public bathhouse song:
Bathhouse attendant, may you never have peace,
They took my pipe and cane,
The hell with pipe and cane,
They took my homemade tobacco bag,
The hell with my new cane, bent pipe, and rubbed tobacco,
They even took my special blended homemade tobacco!

Hoveyda Sistan and Baluchestan Province Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda will attend to people’s needs in Sistan and Baluchestan!” (Media)
“Sistan and Baluchestan is one of the poorest provinces of Iran!” (Media)
Asai: What do the residents here are lacking?
Governor: Only pheasant, caviar and jumbo strawberries!


Hoveyda Winter Sleep Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Winter Special
“Hoveyda goes in hibernation in winter!” (Media)
Lili (Leila Hoveyda): Ohoy, artillery, bomb the cannon a bit slower and quieter because the “Mister” will wake up!
Kaka Artillery Man: Be assured, he won’t wake up, even if I bomb it near his ear!
Note: check out the lizard tickling Hoveyda’s foot with his tong and the pacifier tied to Hoveyda’s finger!

Hoveyda Workaholic Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Prime Minister: My cabinet’s program agenda is work!” (Media)
Note: On Hoveyda’s jacket states Ho-peyda (appeared)!
Kaka to Public: He is a workaholic … Alam used to bang a lot of mattock to the ground but he bangs a lot of cane to the ground!

Hoveyda Young MP Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“There is an attempt to have new and young MPs with good names for the next term’s election!” (Media)
Amirza to Asai: It is not the will of God for you guys to bring the good youth and change them to us!
Note: Bademjun and Us Abbas are watching with pitiful long faces!

Infallible Members of Parliament Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“If the MPs had done their duties and did not cross the lines, then luck will be with them for the next term and they shall come out of the ballot box victorious!” (Media)
Amirza: you haven’t done anything wrong, did ya?
Bademjun: Except the sneeze which I had done during my first term, no!

Iran Constitutional Festival Celebration Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The Constitutional Festival was conducted with much passion!” (Media)
“Abbas Mirzai and Abbas Rustai entertained, and the guests had a blast!” (Media)
In tradition of children’s rhyme:
MP Us Abbas: Sunlight and Moonlight are what color?
MP Amirza: Red and white, two colors!
MP Us Abbas: Blue Handkerchief, you must pick up!
MP Amirza: 3 pounds of pear, you must pick up!
Note: At the back, Asai (Cane Man), Lili (Leila), Piyazi (Onion Man) and the officials are being entertained!

Iranian Elections Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“By selecting the governors of provinces, the Interior Minister and the Prime Minister started the process for the next elections!” (Media)
“Iranian political parties are all the same Bull Shiite!” (Media)
- In one pot there’s puppets (like fruits) of the “New Iran” (Iran Novin) Party. Tofigh mocked as “Look at These” (Ina-ro Bebin) Party. The party leader Khosravani (mocked as Khor Savani) sitting next to the pot and promoting the pot as a peddler.
- In the other pot there’s puppets (like fruits) of the “People” (Mardom) Party. Tofigh mocked as “Scorpions” (Kazhdom) Party. The party leader Professor Alam (mocked as Professor Zalam) standing next to the pot and promoting the pot as a peddler by shouting promos.
- Interior Minister with basket is shopping, so are Asai (Prime Minister Hoveyda) and Lili (Leila Hoveyda).
Interior Minister: These are old and rotten (pointing at the New Iran Party Pot)!
Asai: Not to worry, those are also Crappy (pointing at the People’s Party Pot)!

Iranian Women Nudity Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Tehran women are dressing up with less clothes and getting more naked by the day!” (Media)
Sign: Welcome to Tehran; Children under 18 are not allowed!

Iran Nostalgic Ad of Glemo Shampoo Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Eggs are good for the hair!” (Media)
1st one: Why the eggs are so expensive this year?
2nd one: Because they put them all in the Glemo Shampoo!

Iran Novin Party Beggar Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“We still do not know if the Tehran beggars are pro Mardom (People) party or pro Iran Novin (New Iran) party?” (Media)
“The New Iran party started donation to build its new building!” (Media)
- Sign says “Ina-ro Bebin” (Look at These) Party mocking the Iran Novin Party.
Beggar (Politician): Give for the love of Iran Novin Party!

Iran Parliament Bread Basket Abbas Mirzai Amirza Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“For the Month of Ramadan, drink service rooms in the government facilities are closed!” (Media)
Amirza: Thank God that the bread basket room is not closed (referring to the Parliament)!

Iran Political Parties Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The Iranian Party (3rd Party) started operation!” (Media)
- On the left are the New Iran Party politicians and on the right are the People’s Party politicians!
Kaka: What’s your difference with the other two?
Dr. Zard (Yellow): Those (New Iran) are in triple agreement with the government, these (People) are in double agreement with the government but us (Iranian) are only in agreement with the government!

Israel Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan with George Brown UK Labor Party Deputy Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“George Brown the Deputy Leader of the UK Labor Party told Golda Meir the Israel’s Prime Minister: How are you beautiful?” (Media)
“Moshe Dayan Israel’s Foreign Minister said: we are pacifists!” (Media)
“George Brown said: Britain is pro-Arabs!” (Media)
Kaka: In a world that this guy is its pacifist and you are its pro-Arab, the beauty wouldn’t be better than this!

Israeli Soccer Team and Mostafa Arab the Iranian Captain Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“In the Asian Cup Final, Iran beaten Israel and become the champion!” (Media)
“Last night the Israeli players were on the field for hour and a half, and lost!” (Media)
“Captain of the Iranian Soccer Team is Mostafa Arab. His last name is Arab!” (Media)
- Notice the complete Israeli team has Moshe Dayan eyepatches!
Asai: The game has been over, why don’t you leave?
Israeli Players: We’re not in the habit of leaving the land field which we come in to! If you don’t believe us, just ask Arab?!

Jamshid Amouzegar with Asadollah Alam and Hoveyda Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Hoveyda said: Stop the Persian Platitudes and Flatteries (Ta’arof)!” (Media)
“Hoveyda has been sitting on the Premiership chair for a long time! (Media)
“Persians use a lot of flatteries and platitudes!” (Media)
Alam to Amouzegar: He has no clue about our Persian traditions! He has been sitting on this chair for a long time and never asks us to take a sit and rest our bones!

Jamshid Amouzegar Treasury Minister and Public Chat Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Jamshid Amouzegar stated: People need to get in the habit of paying taxes!” (Media)
Begging Minister (Amouzegar) to Public: You little devil, you really got in the habit! Do you recall long time ago, we used to force you to take it off?
- Note: Public taking his pants off to pay for taxes. On his pants written “Taxes”! Check Hoveyda swinging in the picture frame!

John Lennon and Yoko Ono with Jahel Persian Thug Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“To save the Vietnam and the World Peace, John Lennon the famous Beatle and Yoko Ono his wife are going to the bed for a month!” (Media)
Drunken Persian Jahel: To end the war soon, let me come in too!

Lemon Girl Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Top Left:
Bademjun to Coal Seller: Haji, do you have Coal Seeds Fruit (Zoqal Akhteh)?
Bottom Left:
Sign on the guy coming out of the bar in winter reads: Anti-Freeze has been served!
“Price of Lemon went up!” (Media)
The Lemon Girl!
No Narration!

Making Faces Sport Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“A British Expert announced that Making Faces is the best sport for the face!” (Media)
1st World Traveler to 2nd one: What are they doing?
2nd one: Group sports!
- Note: Asai (Hoveyda), Dahan Bini (Jahanbani) and Shahrtar (Mayor) on one side; and then Mamuli, Kaka Tofigh and Public on the other!

Manouchehr Kalali New Iran Party Secretary General Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The new “Iran Novin” (New Iran) Party Secretary General has been erected!” (Media)
“Schools don’t have enough teachers!” (Media)
Asai: not to worry kids, if you don’t have a teacher, then at least you have a Secretary General!

Maxi Skirt Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Since Split Maxi Skirts become fashionable, girls get bothered more by the boys in the streets!” (Media)
Girl: Are you gonna shut the split of your mouth or not?
Boy: When you close the split of your Maxi, I’ll close the split of my mouth!

Miniskirt Girls Wrong Deed Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Yearbook – Girls Spring Talk
1st Girl: Why did your fiancé breakup with you? Have you done something wrong?
2nd Girl: No, its because I haven’t done something wrong which he wanted me to do!

Miniskirt Wearing Persian Girl Tofigh Iran Cartoon
1st woman: Your daughter is so happy; did she find a husband?
2nd woman: Not at all, she washed her skirt and it shrunk 2 handful length!

Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir vs. Ibn Muljam and Qatameh bint Shajna Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Moshe Dayan resigned but Golda Meir convinced and instigated him to continue his work!” (Media)
“Qatameh bint Shajna was a beautiful woman who instigated Ibn Muljam to kill Imam Ali!” (Media)
Moshe Dayan to Ibn Muljam: At least your instigator was a catch!

Moshe Dayan Israel Foreign Minister and Arab Assassins Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“After the latest slaughter of Arabs in Jordan, Moshe Dayan said: On the contrary to what is told, many Arabs have a friendly relation with us!” (Media)
Moshe Dayan: Ahlan va Sahlan (welcome, hello, how are you fellows)?
Ibn Muljam, Shemr and Azraq al Shami (Historic Arab Assassins): Marhaba (hello, great, thank you)!

Negro Tofigh and Hoveyda Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Summer Special
Kaka to Asai: Don’t be scared, jump, the water is only up to my chest!

Negro Tofigh and Public Stew Tofigh Iran Cartoon
At Halim Restaurant of Haji Abbas
- Hoveyda portrayed as Haji (Pilgrim) Abbas the Halimi
“Halim is a favorite Persian thick stew for breakfast!” (Media)
“With the opening of the Parliament, the speedy passing of all the cabinet’s projects by the representatives had begun!” (Media)
Public to Kaka Tofigh: For God’s sake look, they (MPs) eat my bread but they stir Haj Abbases Halim Stew!

Neil Armstrong Astronaut Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“An Italian Sex Symbol Movie Star asked Armstrong to sign her back and he did!” (Media)
Amirza to Bademjun: If she asked me, I would have fingered!

New Parliament Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“The 22nd Parliament started work!” (Media)
“In the new parliament, Hoveyda the prime minister brings forward the bills and Abdollah Riazi speaker of the parliament rings the bell for the MPs to pass them!” (Media)
Amirza (New MP) to Us Abbas (Old MP): Now what is our duty?
Us Abbas: It is to keep our eye to his (Asai) hand and our ear to his (Piyazi) bell!

Nowruz Sizdah Be Dar Special with Hoveyda and Riazi Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1971
Sizdah Be Dar Special
At the Sizdah Be Dar Picnic
Head of Cabinet to Head of Parliament: Lets play 5 stones (til be til) for piggy back ride and whoever wins, rides on his (public) back!

Omar Sharif Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1971
Tofigh Monthly
Walking behind Nadja Tiller
Omar Sharif to his friend: Do you know that this year, the same color purse, shoes and underwear shorts are in style?
Friend: How do you know?
Omar Sharif: Because I’m looking at it!

Opium Sales Age Limit Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Legal Opium is only sold to people of over 60 years old!” (Media)
Store Banner: Legal Opium Sales Market
Opium bought outside this market has no quality reliability
Hung sign: Sales to people under 60 is forbidden
People over 60 can purchase a whole roll!

Opium Sales Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Since regulation and legalization, the rush for opium sales is astronomical!” (Media)
Sign: Location for Distribution of Opium
Opium Addict: You have no conscience; this itty-bitty thing is neither enough for my Ramadan early morning breakfast (Sahari) nor for evening dinner (Eftari)!

Ramadan Fast Breaking Cannon Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Food prices are on the rise!” (Media)
Asai: Are you crazy? Why do you bomb the cannon to remind the people of eating?!

Richard Nixon and Golda Meir Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Golda Meir: Nixon will not allow Israel to become incompetent!” (Media)
Dr. Khikson (Fatso): I have prescribed you 50 Phantom Jets! Use them 3 times a day, once in the morning, once at noon and once at night!

Richard Nixon and Moshe Dayan Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“America announced that the US Phantom Jets were not used in the latest Israeli attack to the Suez Canal!” (Media)
“Nixon was pitiful of the latest Israeli attack to the Suez Canal!” (Media)
Mr. Mouse: Sir, why pitiful and regretful?
Khikson (Fatso): Because why on earth our phantoms did not participate in such a beautiful attack?!

Richard Nixon Vietnam and Moon Landing Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“One of America’s plans is to grow carrots on the Moon!” (Media)
Kaka to Khikson: Hey fellow, you plow the land here (Vietnam) but you plant the carrots over there (Moon)?!

Rostam and Hoveyda Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Most of the Sistan and Baluchestan Province streets are dirt roads and with one rain, they turn to quicksand and Swamp!” (Media)
“Rostam the legendary hero of the Shahnameh the Epic Book of Kings is from Sistan.” (Media)
Asai: Where is your legendary horse “Rakhsh”?
Rostam: I’m riding it!

Silence License Tofigh Iran Cartoon
“Candidates have given their documents to the political parties for study and investigation.” (Media)
“MPs are often silent about the government’s ordeals!” (Media)
Dr. Piyazi (Abbas Riazi): Why do you need a silence license?
Candidate Bademjun (Eggplant): I want to give it to the party as an attachment to my documents!

Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti Film Producer Marriage Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Diva Makeup Set Ad
Carlo Ponti: Honey now that you given me a son, tell me whatever you want and I’ll buy it for you?
Sofia Loren: Then buy me a Diva makeup set!
- A satirical poem for the Club Diva Makeups and beauty products at the bottom.

Spring Girl Boobs Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Girl to Calf: These are not for you little one! Yours is over there!

Summer Beach Girls Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1969
Tofigh Yearbook 1969 – Summer Special Cartoon
1st girl: My mother in law had lost 4 of her sons in this beach resort!
2nd girl: Did they drown?
1st girl: No, they got married!

Thorn Plants Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Doctor to man: Please be cautious, in the spring, when you explore in the grass, watch out for the plants with thorns!

Typist Secretary Tofigh Iran Cartoon
Tofigh Monthly
Boss: this typist which you sent, is good but now send me a typist who can also type!

Year of the Sheep Tofigh Yearbook Cover Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1967
Man: Baa baa baaaaaa ……

Year of the Rat Tofigh Yearbook Cover Tofigh Iran Cartoon 1972
“1972 is the year of the Rat!” (Media)
Rat Man to the Delicious Girl: May the Rat eat you!

* Citizens, do not forget two things for Friday night, the second one is buying a copy of Tofigh!

Kaka Tofigh (Negro Tofigh) Brand

See you in the funny pages

Dr. X


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