Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gallery

Science vs. Faith / Materialism vs. Idealism: How has everything started to exist, the fundamental question of philosophy!?

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Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gallery

Postby CR » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:41 am

Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gallery

New Philosophical Concept by Ahreeman X
Food for Philosophy Buffs Out There!
Essential for Students of Philosophy

What is Your Purpose for Existence?
What is the Meaning of Life?
What is Universal Intelligence?
What is Universal Trinity?
How did Everything Started to Exist?
Are You a Universal Man?
Are You Future Compatible?
Are You Looking for Answers?

Man stares at the Universe
You are not alone. You are so small and insignificant compare to the universe, yet you are a part of the Universal Intelligence; therefore, you matter.

Zarathustra Spitmata, the great Persian Philosopher, Poet and the Founder of the Zoroastrian Philosophy

Ahuramazda Persian Zoroastrian God
Ahreeman is the Shadow of Ahuramazda
Half Light Ahura and Half Dark Ahreeman Duality Concept Statue

Universal Man and Universal Intelligence System


Do you have questions?
Here are the answers,

Amazing New Concept in Philosophy by Ahreeman X

Ahreeman sometimes comes up with superb concepts. This is one of those moments. The piece is well thought, well planed and well written. It is essential to read for you seekers of truth out there. The piece is full of energy and compact with information. Very educational and illustrated piece for the students of philosophy, the philosophy buffs and veteran philosophers.

Are you thirsty for the truth?
Here is your thirst quencher!

Read the new pictorial philosophy piece by Ahreeman X:


Universal Intelligence vs. God
Philosophy + Photo Gallery
Ahreeman X
December 12, 2019

The Alien stares at the Universal Intelligence.

The Spaceship

You are about to step in to a spaceship, to be precise, a starship cruiser for an exciting space travel, a trip deep in to the trenches of your mind, a Mind-Bending Trip indeed. As of now, you are unsure of your role in this space travel. Will you be the passenger, the crew or maybe even the captain? Time will tell, Time will change all, Time has no mercy. In this trip, only the brave enters because the weak has no desire to change the Status Quo of his life. People are not susceptive to Change. If you decide to enter this ride on this spaceship, then you will find out more about yourself, your role in this spaceship, your purpose in life and the fundamental question of the philosophy: “How everything started to exist?”

Read More:

Universal Intelligence vs. God
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/philosophy/ ... /index.htm

Iran Philosophy Index

Iran Photo Index

Iran Founder Index

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office


Man reaches out for the sun, the truth, the Universal Intelligence ……

Ahuramazda Persian Zoroastrian God - Ahreeman is the Shadow of Ahuramazda
Ahreeman and Ahura are 2 Sides of the Same Coin
Half Light Ahura and Half Dark Ahreeman Duality Concept Statue
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gall

Postby Qambujiye » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:13 am

Cat, thanks for the informative post.
Doc, long time ago when you talked about wanting to write an article about UI, I was curious about the final outcome. You finally done it. I had no clue it would be so elaborate and comprehensive. Good work for sure. I don’t see eye to eye on parts but in general I like. It is very colorful and easy to read for the public. UI is an interesting subject. You gave a very new and distinctive meaning to UI. I like.

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Re: Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gall

Postby Shahrzad BB » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:39 pm

Doc you Rock
Good post Cat
Wow, Really Interesting, must read a few times to grasp complete hidden secrets! Really enjoyed it. Makes you think twice about your core beliefs and question fundamentals. Good for Thinking Minds guys.

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Re: Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gall

Postby Bita Qabus » Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:07 am

Uplifting Experience

Honorable members

UI is a mindboggling concept which was polished and perfected by Doc.

Any text in which advances the human mindset and progresses the human spiritual and physical health is a positive factor for evolution of mankind. This factor is a move forward for mass awareness and uplifting of human intellect and spirituality. Every constructive move in these directions must be supported, appreciated and respected. Ahreeman’s philosophical writings are of these moves and factors. It is uplifting to read Doc’s writings. Every time I read a new philosophical text written by Doc, I learn something new, add to my intellect and rise my mental and spiritual level to a substantial amount. It is mesmerizing to read Doc’s work. The years I had the honor to be his student were some of my most rewarding and memorable years. It is an amazing experience to read his writing but it is a life-changing experience to encounter him, enjoy his company and listen to his lectures and speeches. Those years were life-changing and evolving period of my life and I will forever remember them. Anticipating for more writings of philosophy.

Love to Web Mistress for lovely post.

With special love and kisses for all of my fans who supported me through the years. Without you, I was and am nothing.

I wish everyone the best holidays and Christmas season


Bita Qabus
I am a thinker and an explorer.
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Re: Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gall

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:31 pm

:lol: I enjoyed reading Universal Intelligence Versus God, especially the ride on the IPC spaceship. The idea of a Universal Mind was introduced and the definition given as,

“Universal Intelligence is a collective intelligence force made up of all intelligence around the universe and all interactive forces between energies and matters. This is a real force and a reality. This entity is not holy; therefore, it does not require respect and it is not requirement to respect it.

UI (Universal Intelligence) is not a higher power but it is ‘The Higher Power’, it is a collective universal intelligence which includes yours and my intelligence. Every element in the universe is a part of it. No higher power here. No lower power here. Universal Intelligence is The Force.”

The question I would like for us to consider is, :-k

Is UI capable of thought or is it some level of Consciousness that exists that is capable of evolving organic matter that is capable of thought for the purpose of acknowledging that it is truly a marvelous force that lives to develop life throughout the cosmos to enjoy the wonders that it has evolved?

This question involves a bit of philosophy and the best scientific discoveries at our disposal. To define UI as a collective UI which includes mine and your intelligence as a force that we are part of is really an overreach of the imagination and, possibly a hidden belief that we are part of this awesome force. From a realistic view, knowing that upon death our ability to generate brainwaves of thought is no longer possible and that whatever brainwaves we have emitted into space are a form of energy that will eventually be absorbed and destroyed by the high power of suns, black holes, pulsars, quasars, and supernovas it becomes clear that our intelligence cannot be put to good use by our universe.

However, there is some form of Consciousness throughout the Universe. It is not a force that knows beforehand what kinds of matter it wants to evolve through the transformation of energy. =P~

One thing we can all agree on is that space has always existed. But the great question is, how did space throughout the cosmos come to contain energy? It has been concluded by quantum physicists that matter is created from energy. Some people believe that matter and energy have always existed. But this cannot be true when physicists have determined that matter is created from energy. It is energy that forms the fundamental particles called electrons, protons, and neutrons. In fact, our scientists have already found that one or more electrons evolves around the nucleus of an atom consisting of protons and neutrons. In the Periodic Table of Elements there are 118 elements that are made up by the different configurations of atoms on our earth. Surely, these elements, and many others, have evolved on the planets of billions (undefined trillions) of other star systems. :wow: The Periodic Table of Elements contains the building blocks that make up the objects in our world. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Carbon atoms are in all living things.

This leads us to conclude that certainly, there are other intelligent beings in other star systems. They may look different, like many of us do here on earth, but they, having existed over millions of years, do possess a high level of intelligence. It would be a great honor to have them welcome us into the universe or, introduce themselves to us sometime in the future. :hug:
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Re: Universal Intelligence vs. God – Philosophy + Photo Gall

Postby CR » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:33 am

Universal Intelligence Concept

I studied this concept in depth and I find it very interesting. It is an intriguing theory which is very tempting to be assigned as one of the most scientific and practical explanations to the fundamental question of philosophy which asks: Where has everything come from? The concept is very well thought of and written. It is simple to comprehend even for those without any philosophical background.
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