Are organized religions necessary!

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Are organized religions necessary!

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:41 pm

In my opinion, one does not need an organized religion to be able to have a private moment with his/her own god.

I have been doing research about the existence of a supernatural being for a very long time. In my research I have found out that the world is governed by sets of law of nature based on principle law of quantum mechanics (String Theory) which creates our material world and from that point the law of formation of molecules steps in followed by the formation of living organisms and then the start of evolution of those organisms to a higher class of organisms and then “natural selection” and so fort.

With that in mind, I came to the conclusion that up to the present time, there has not been any sign of existence of a supernatural power and if it exists; so far it did not interfere or participated in the order of the universe. In other word; the universe since its conception, at the time of “Big Bang”, has been operating based on strict and unchangeable laws with no interference.

But I do understand that we humans, as a social animal, need the presence of a companion in our life and for that reason human has invented the concept of god which I do understand and I do not object the concept at all. I personally have learned not needing such companion in my own life but for those who feel that they do need it, in my opinion, it is a good thing because; it gives the believer a psychological comfort and could even have therapeutic qualities.

But my objection is to the “middlemen principle”. Why a believer in god should need some dead people of the centuries ago as a middlemen to be able to cozy-in with his/her own god in his own private time at anytime, and anyplace!

Throughout human history, the organized religions have demonstrated themselves as a divisive element among people which not just created so many bloody wars but the leaders of most of these organizations have taken advantage of their own members for personal gains.

Why a person who calls himself/herself, for example, a Christian should need the Pope, Bishop, or Reverent to be able to have a private moment with his/her own god? This; I do not understand! What kind of services these individuals could provide for this very personal contact! The contact between god and the believer, even if one belongs to any organized religion, has always been a private matter anyway. Where do these so called religious leaders fit-in?

Yes; they do serve the purpose of explaining the concept of god to people. To do so; the passed leaders of organized religions came up with specific hypothesis but , as we know now, with the advancement of science in last several centuries the present accepted hypothesis, not just is not compatible with science but, it contradicts science.

This has forced the present leaders of organized religions to come up with a reasonable explanation which so far they could not and this will make the existence of these organizations obsolete. If in the future they do come up with a reasonable answer to this question, then the believers could accept them as only philosophers and nothing more.

Come to think about it; one does not need to find out the reason for the existence of god to believe in it. With above in mind, in my opinion, for those who feel a need for god in their life, they do not need any middleman to make their contact with their god. Consequently people should free themselves from these organizations which, as we have witnessed, they became the source of divisions among humans with devastating consequences throughout the human history.
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