Law of nature

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Law of nature

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:54 pm

Law of nature
By Maziar Aptin

Everything that I look at, I see the law of nature not a well designed work by a “compassionate” supernatural creator.

The law of jangle is apparent in everything that we look at. From the world of microorganism, bacteria, insects, and plants to higher level of living-things, all the way through every human society.

Life is constant struggle where the stronger survives on the expense of the weak. Life can continue to exist only on “kill”. Destruction of one life is the condition for the survival of another.

The stronger rules, the weak becomes the instrument for the survival of the strong and in turn, the strong eventually decays, loses its stringent and becomes food for the new generation of strong and the cycle continues.

This condition in our world clearly points to the “law of nature” not a work of a “compassionate” intelligent creator.
Maziar Aptin
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