Wrong Hypothesis

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Wrong Hypothesis

Postby maziar » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:00 pm

Modesty is a great human characteristic. Usually our good fortunes, such as our physique, wealth, education, intelligence, etc. over others could cloud our minds and create arrogance in us, which is an ugly human characteristic.

Arrogance in our culture, due to our higher intelligence, was injected by the theory of creation introduced by Ibrahim thousands of years ago. The same hypothesis has changed mans' behavior toward women which has created male-chauvinism through spiritual teachings.The hypothesis indicates that God has created the world in 6 days and rested on day 7(the Book of Genesis by Saint Augustine has puts the date as recent as 4000 BC).It continues saying that God have created Adam as his prized creation, put him on Earth and made the Earth the center of the universe. Then God had created Eve from Adams' rib to keep Adam Company. Then God have created everything else that exists on this Earth to serve and comfort humans in general and Man in particular.

This hypothesis flawed in every way, even though as shallow, childish and imaginative it may appear, has captured the imagination of billions of people for almost three thousand years through religious indoctrinations from cradle to grave. The result is a culture that discriminates against other animals, has disregard for the environment, created hatred against people of different beliefs and cultures, and has caused constant sectarian wars from the day of its inception.

In the last three centuries the religious fanaticism and religious animosities among people has been declining due to advances in science, technology, system of communications, system of government, and the emergence of modern economic and trade systems in the world.

The above hypothesis has created problematic culture in human societies which is harmful to animals, environment, and humanity as a whole.

Mankind needs to carefully examine the use of the hypothesis in question, analyze its performance during the last several thousand years, pinpoint and estimate the damages caused to Man and environment, then try to devise a sound and profound ethical standard which could embrace the universe as a whole and create a culture that does not revolve around humans in general and man in particular; a culture free of religious fanaticism, individualism, nationalism, or racism.

We humans must act maturely enough to see ourselves as one of the products of the universe with an equal right to its resources not as a privileged, one-of-a-kind, and preferred creature. We must eliminate this culture of arrogance; a culture which is abusing other animals, the environment, and creating hatred and constant wars among people; a culture by which people are made to believe that the whole universe has been created to serve them, the human animal.
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