Through the Wormhole - Mysteries of Existence & Universe

Science vs. Faith / Materialism vs. Idealism: How has everything started to exist, the fundamental question of philosophy!?

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Through the Wormhole - Mysteries of Existence & Universe

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:39 pm

Through the Wormhole
Mysteries of Existence and Universe

Science Documentary Series
Philosophy, Science and Astronomy
HD Top Quality Videos
Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Produced by Science Channel
A Network of the Discovery Channels

Defense Mechanism
By majority, people are creatures of habit. The public is not susceptive to change. They are happy with the Status Quo. When they see change is coming, they automatically panic and build a Defense Mechanism! The public are known to build fortresses around their minds to reject change. The public prefers to maintain slave to the mind control of the church and society. Scientific Change brings progress but the public prefers to stay secure in their comfortable and isolated little corner. It is the scientific people’s duty to evolve the Earth or else the Earth would never evolve and the public will never accept the change! The Intellectual Scientific Few have a crucial task to push forward the Public in to the next evolutionary step thus they shall not banish and become extinct!

Read More:

Alien Factor – Part 1 ... /index.htm


Through the Wormhole

Greetings Earthlings:

This Post is for Free Thinkers and Rational Minds. If you are one, then continue to read and if not, then kindly exit the post now!

Fellow Time Travelers,

We are all Time Travelers. We travel through this life from birth to death and then beyond ……

Fellow Time Travelers,

Let us together take a journey through the wormhole ……

Through the Wormhole is a science series about philosophy, science, astronomy and related subjects. It is a series for the rational thinkers and science lovers. The series discusses scientific and controversial subjects such as “Creation vs. Evolution” and “Religion vs. Science”. Is there a conflict? Is there a controversy? Or the 2 are 2 aspects and 2 sides of the same coin?

The series travels through various subjects such as Time Travel, Space, Aliens, Dimensions and Black Holes. Through the Wormhole, we will travel and discover together the secrets of the universe.

Enjoy this wonderful series in High Definition:

Through the Wormhole Series

Is there a Creator? Part 1

Is there a Creator? Part 2

What do Aliens look like?

Are we alone?

How did we get here?

Does Time really exist?

Is Time Travel Possible?

Can we live forever?

Can we travel faster than light?

Is there a Sixth Sense

How does the Universe work?

Is there an edge to the Universe?

Are there more than 3 dimensions?

Riddle of Black Holes


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Read More Philosophy

Philosophy Index

Think with a Free and open mind and a whole new universe opens up to you ……

Think Free or become a prisoner of your own mind!

Dr. X
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Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:21 pm

Greetings my friend Ahreeman X. :D

Man! Your articles are too fucking long!

No wonder most IPC members are in a coma!

To try and read one of your messages,
including all linked articles,
from beginning to end,
will numb the mind into unconsciousness!

IPC Forum is the proof!
A forum full of comatose zombies!
Where only the Alpha Male himself, and
a few people who do not try and read
any of his hypertext monsters
all the way through,
are aware enough to participate.

For Ahura's sake man
make your writings in smaller, digestible pieces! [-X

Okay, now we have that out of the way,
I read most of Alien Factor - Part 1.
Good stuff! :D
I agree with you. :)
I consider that Iranians have the potential to be Persians again.
But they will never realize this potential as long as they cling on to
the mental and spiritual cancer of Islam!


P.S. Where do I send your Nowrouze present?
مرگ بر رهبر :skull:
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