Ashura Special: Funny & Bloody Shiite Islam Festival!

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Ashura Special: Funny & Bloody Shiite Islam Festival!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:05 pm

:basij: Ashura Special: Funny and Bloody Shiite Islam Festival! :imam:

Ashura the Psychotic Shiite Islam Festival

:stop: Warning :stop:

:hazardeous: :surprised: If you have a weak heart or mind, don’t open the links! :shocked: :hazardeous:

:moo: Ya Hussein, Ya Imam :sheep:

No Shiite Islam Sign

Allah blesses Obamas!
Left: Closet Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama wearing a traditional Muslim Turban and Somali Garb during a visit to Kenya, near the Somali border, Africa.
Right: Closet Black Militant Marxist, Michelle Obama wearing a traditional Muslim Hijab Scarf during a visit to a Mosque in Indonesia, Asia.

Ashura Blessing from Imam Hussein Obama

Special Ashura Condolences to the Global Shiites
Special Ashura Condolences to Brother Hassan Rouhani
Special Ashura Condolences to followers of Imam Hussein
Imam Hussein Obama and Sister Michelle Obama
From Hussein Abi Talib to Hussein Obama
May the Good Muslim Tradition Continues

Praise be Upon Allah
May Allah Bless you All
Allah O Akbar from the White House (Presently the Black House)!!!

Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim


Iran Ashura Special
Pulling Imam Hussein’s Shorts!

Islam Virus: Allahic Virus

Very Short History of Ashura!

1300 years ago, Hussein stole a pretty woman named Oraynab from Yazid. This rivalry over a pretty woman, caused the two tribes, ilk of Hussein and ilk of Yazid to get on each others’ throats!

The Greens were Hussein’s ilk and the Reds were Yazid’s ilk.

As long as Arabs are all cousins and incest is Halaal in Islam, many of the members of the two ilks were related families yet they ended up killing each other. For instance:

Shemr who was Yazid’s General, was also Um-Banin’s brother. Um-Banin was Ali’s wife and Abbases mother. So Shemr for example killed many of his own family including his niece Sakineh (Sokinah) who was Hussein’s daughter! Of course Hussein also killed many of the red ilk whom were also his family! In addition Hussein was no innocent and he mass murdered many Iranians during the invasion–occupation of Iran by Arabo-Muslims.

Battle of Karbala occurred due to Hussein stealing a woman named Oraynab from Yazid, so Yazid took revenge and killed Hussein; therefore, in reality, Hussein’s martyrdom and Ashura was due to a woman! Hussein did not fight and die for justice but he did fight and die for sexual pleasures of a woman! In other words, Shiite Islam is based on Bull Shiite!

Due to this Karbala killing of these two Arab klans (Ibn Moaviyah and Ibn Abi Talib) and murderers, both oppressors of the Iranians and both responsible of mass slaughter of Iranians, this Ashura tradition was invented.

After 1300 years, until this day, Shiite around the world including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and USA, self mutilate themselves with chains, daggers, swords, knives and other weapons, cry and mourn for the martyrdom of Hussein and his klan!

Imagine how weak must the minds of Shiite Muslims be to make a martyr out of a murderer, a rapist and a sadist; furthermore, to raise him to the level of God and worship him!

Iranians due to Stockholm syndrome love to worship their oppressor, mass murder and Arab Master, Hussein! After 1300 years, due to historical ignorance, Iranians still worship Hussein!

Who has a larger brain: Insects or Shiite Muslim Iranians?
Now have in mind that Iranians are the masters and intellectuals of the Middle East!
So go figure how idiotic and brain-less must be the rest of the Middle East!

That is Ashura in a nutshell for yous!

Ashura, this is Shiite Islam
Animation Graphics


This is Shiite Islam!
Culture of Mourn and Death

Ya Hussein
An IPC Production


Ashura Part 1 ... /index.htm

Ashura Part 2 ... /index.htm

Ashura Part 3 ... /index.htm

Ashura Part 4 ... /index.htm

Ashura Part 5 ... /index.htm


Iran Animation Graphics ... /index.htm

Funny Ashura Rowzeh

Savage Shiite Ashura Mourning

Iraqi Dance Ashura Style! ...

Imam Hussein the Wide Ass Kun Taqar

Funny Nowheh

Mullah’s English Rowzeh

Ashura Mourning Rowzeh with Trash Can!

Psychotic Ashura Chest Banging

Azeri Turkish Style Chest banging!

Zeynab Sisters’ English Nowheh

Qom Khaharan-e Soqra
Siqeh Band (Muslim Whores)

If You Have a Heart

Who Are You?

Daughters of Fatimah

Asqar Baba Ali

Allah Raised a Nation Tall

Aina Al Alam (Banner of Islam song)

Jew Rowzeh!

Israeli Nowheh ...

Ashura in Iran

Presidential Ashura Rowzeh and sineh Zani Tehran, Iran

Ashura Rowzeh Tehran, Iran

Abdul Reza Helali Rowzeh, Tehran, Iran

Rowzeh and Sineh Zani, Tehran, Iran

Sineh Zani Tehran, Iran

Ashura around Iran – Chest Banging and Rowzeh

Ashura Animal Sacrifice and Children Brainwash in Tehran, Iran

Ashura Animal Sacrifice and Drum Banging, Shiraz, Iran

Ashura Tehran Rowzeh

Hojatol Eslam Ahmadi Lecture on Angels in Ardabil and Ayatollah Qomi Chest Banging

Ashura in USA

Ashura Knife Chain Banging in New York, USA

Ashura in New York, USA

Ashura Chest Banging in New York, USA

Ashura Houston - Indian Style (Pro IRI), Texas, USA

Ashura Atlanta - Indian Style, Georgia, USA

Chain Banging USA

Albanian Ashura Rowzeh, Michigan, USA

Ashura Lecture USA

Ashura around the World

Ashura Shiite Blood Festival - Savage Traditions

Ashura Shiite Blood Festival

Ashura Self Mutilation Karbala, Iraq

Ashura Chain Banging in Kabul, Afghanistan

Ashura Knife chain Banging, Kabul, Afghanistan

Ashura Chest Banging Afghani Style

Ashura Sword Banging

Ashura India

Ashura Traditions

No Allah Sign

Ya Hussein, Ya Imam

More Information:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

Part 1 ... /index.htm

Part 2 ... /index.htm

Islam Index

Gorg Ali the Exiled wolf
Gorg Ali dar Qorbat

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Re: Ashura Special: Funny & Bloody Shiite Islam Festival!

Postby CR » Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:06 pm

Ta’ziyeh Program
Beloved Umma’

In the spirit of Muharram and Ashura, here’s a Ta’ziyeh for you guys. :tantrum:

I dedicate this one especially to Ahreeman who really loves Ta’ziyeh and IRI Press TV! :vdance:

Ta’ziyeh: Ashura Theatric Play

Um ol Zeynab :dancechad:
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Re: Ashura Special: Funny & Bloody Shiite Islam Festival!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:01 pm

Happy Ashura Tasua
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