Christianity, The Big Lie based on Persian Mithraism!

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Christianity, The Big Lie based on Persian Mithraism!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Nov 15, 2007 5:38 am

Christianity, The Big Lie based on Persian Mithraism!

Christianity is not a religion, yet it is a storybook made for adults. Even this storybook is not an original, yet a fake one, copied from the Persian Philosophy of Mitraism!

* Mitra was the daughter of the virgin Goddess Anahita.
* Jesus was the son of the virgin mother Mary!

* Mitra was born on December 25th.
* Jesus was born on December 25th.

* Mitraists were having bread and wine at Mitraist Temples.
* Christians are having bread and wine at communions in churches!

And many more similarities…

So what are they? Coincidences or thieveries? The whole Bible is copy/pasted!

Does direct copy/pasting of the Persian Philosophy of Mitraism sounds familiar?

Christianity is not a religion, yet it is a storybook made for adults. Even this storybook is not an original, yet a fake one, copied from the Persian Philosophy of Mitraism!

After reading this research, it will be all clear to you of how primarily Christianity and then Islam copy/pasted much of their holy books from ancient Persian philosophies of Mithraism, Vedaiism and Zoroastrianism!

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses – Part 1 ... /index.htm

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses – Part 2 ... /index.htm

Educate yourselves, cause your priests and Imams won’t!

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Postby Aurioles » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:43 pm

Ancient Iranian religions,

I really liked this post, i posted something similar in another forum 2 years ago and i was almost banned,

I would only ad a few things:

While your cows worshiping theory seems reasonable, and true the cow worshiping in India comes from the worshiping of the whit bull which created the World in ancient central Asian religions, the bull sacrificed in roman cults. And the lamb sacrificed to yawe.

Judaism was also influenced by Iranian religions, in fact

The meshia was Cyrus the great in the julish bible, The thora, And the julish bible was first written By the prophet Esdras, during the time of the reforms of Artaxerxses. It is also a coincidence that he made 12 satrapies and Israel tribes are twelve.

The same myths are in cananeans and in jewls, they both have a hero who took Jericho at some point, in the same way, one cananean, one jewlish, There are also several other religions that come from that place I wonder why, (because it is an important trade rout to Africa).

Artaxerxses wanted to divide this people so they did not raised against him, he made Cyrus look like the meshia which was not hard, and he installed monotheism on his subject maybe a different monotheism, but monotheism at least, the myths of creation and ending are also very alike in Judaism, and in Zoroastrians.

Both Christianity and Islam are relatively new religions they took parts not only of Zoroastrism, Mithraism, and Judaism, but on the cults of Isis, and of the cults to the moo, and of the kaba worshipers, to aim at a bigger public easier to control; it looks it worked.

Religions are aimed at different kinas of people, Mithraism used to aim for the seekers of the hidden like modern masons, they had this weird hidden ceremonies, the cult of Dionisio was aimed as an escape for ladies, The cult of Isis was aimed at those who were believed to be pure, and were obsessed with that, religions in general we now what that aim at. Zorostrism aimed at simple but wise people; that is why it is not so popular nowadays.

Also most atheists are so because they want to feel superior, and while little enlightened they follow the crowd only a different crowd, they don’t think twice
So the girl of the other discussions was not all that wrong, mainly because

There are agnostics. So in the other tread when I said not believing in god I meant to this kind of people, unsure fellas that choose not believing in god as a religion because it fitted them best.

This unsure people can then turn in abominations like scientology

This explains why books, like the Da Vinci Code are so popular, even if Jesus may not even have born.

(the catholic encyclopedia, says Muhammad is a myth because the only record of his life are writings done about 100 years after his dead, interesting the catholic view while there is political evidence of Mohamed so I understand, under their same standards, Jesus is a myth because there is no trace of him being real until about 250 years after his supposed dead)

And of course the best proof of Zoroastrian tolerance and enlistment are the next Words, words that often paper on Sasanid inscriptions, the only 3 words of Persian I understand, words that refer neither to a god nor an angel but to:

Adam yad mazdah
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:20 am

My Friend:

You have heavy philosophical and historical studies on Ancient Persia. No wonder you are writing a book on the subject. I am sure it will be very constructive and productive one. Is this book going to be in Spanish or English?

One thing you need to do is to seriously brush up and make your English strong. Eventually after your graduation and continuation of studies, you need to do many historical and philosophical debates with scholars in public and on public forums, so you need to speak perfect English because it is the International language.

For instance I can carry on a discussion with you in Spanish, but barely anyone else can understand us over here!

As I told you before, I find you very interesting and I am truly amazed and proud of you. It is so wonderful that a Mexican student, studies Ancient Persian Culture and History. It is also very interesting and great that you know so much about our history and culture. You yourself are from a great ancient culture, so you appreciate our ancient great culture. By the way, do you have any Indian in you (Aztec, Maya, Olmec) or are you pure Spaniard?

I am terribly sorry and disappointed to say that while a Mexican (you) knows so much about our culture, yet there are many Persians who are practically strangers to their own culture and they do not even know who the Persian greats were, but they surely know who Mohammed, Ali, Hassan and Hussein were! It is a shame! Arab Worship (Islam) for a Persian is a shame!

So by the other thread (in your post), did you mean this?

Dialogue of Lori Forouzandeh and AX (Philosophy)

or do you mean this?

Dialogue of “Little Miss Dingy” and AX (God’s Warriors)

I want to thank you for adding some light to the issue. Your additions are always enlightening. What you wrote about Artaxerxes is valid.

Yes, Cyrus was the Patron Saint of the Jews and this is in Torah.

You see, as you know, Quran was basically written by Salman Farsi, a Persian Traitor (Ex Mazdaki) through the grudge he had to the Persian Empire, he planned the destruction of the Persia. So even the Arab’s Holy book was written by a Persian Communist (Mazdaki)!

Now Bible is another story. It is a pile of gathered material by tens of different authors (so called saints) like Book of Joe, Book Shmoe, Book of Dodo Bird, Book of Ding Bat, etc. Any two bit Christian Salvation Seller added a book to the Bible and a version to these stories. No one even knows what was the original Bible! But one thing is for sue, that all of these texts were inspired by ancient Persian texts and religions.

So Quran was copied from Bible and Torah.
Bible was copied from Torah.
But all three were inspired by ancient Persian Texts:


It is simply laughable for me to see today’s Evangelists assume that Jesus is God and they give him a western spice of their own with Blonde hair and blue eyes. While these people sing and dance and speak in tongs in their silly little churches, they have no clue that their God and Religion is based on Persian Philosophies!

So their religion comes from Ahmadinejad’s hometown! If they new that, they would choke on it! Christians are some of the most dogmatic, fanatical, uninformed and thick headed folks existing!

Have you seen the new National Geographic film “Rivals of Jesus”?
If not, check the “Updates” (right hand) column of IPC Homepage and see the film in 5 parts. Later on it will be moved to IPC Multimedia Library. It is pretty exposing and educating document on Christianity! Tell me how you like it? Of course you and I know much about the history behind this film, but average people have no clue about these historical facts!

Jesus was only one magician amongst many other magicians (his rivals). Historical circumstances had caused him to become famous and Christianity to become the main religion; or else it was pretty possible that for instance Simon Magus would have been the Messiah now! Another interesting point to this film was the information on the “Nostic Cult” of Christianity which for centuries, the Catholic Church has been trying to wipe out of the history! Nostics are more realistic than Catholics! What do you think?

One thing you mentioned in the other thread (Philosophy Discussion) was interesting and you were correct:

You came to this conclusion that Western Culture originated and inspired by the Persian Civilization (Susa, Achaemenid) and they do not even know it! Everything they hold valuable, has Persian roots, but they assume it has Greco-Roman roots! The average Westerner, specifically American youth are dumb as logs when it comes to history!

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome ... /index.htm

Do you have anything else to add to our other discussion?

And why you did not like Apocalypto (Mel Gibson)?

I found it a magnificent historical movie on Maya Culture.

Say amigo, what is your level of studies now, undergrad or graduating studies or doctorate?

Best to you my friend

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Postby Aurioles » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:35 pm

Well thanks for the compliments and sorry for the delay. I tried to upgrade

Mitras, the friend, can be represented as both male and female, as the fierce rider of the hardly ever seen white bull who has come as messiah to change the world, as the bull that sacrificed himself to create all life in the ancient central Asian steeps, or as the kind friend represented by the cow or by the goddess Mithras.

Ahuramazda also follows a similar pattern, the lord of light and Ahreeman of the shadows are as you said two sides of a same deity because. How will light shine if there is no shadow?

I would really appreciate if you could review and comment it, in a couple months when it is finished. I want it to have as less mistakes as possible, so it will be written in Spanish. Hopefully that’s not a problem for you.

there were many profits around the beginning of our era. This may be z consequence for several situations.

1. The parthian lack of control and presence

2. The long lasting war to regain the empire causing lack of trust in the old gods

3. The parathions encouraging new religions to weaken the roman empire (like the Jerusalem revolt) but eventually weakening theirs.

4. Greeks trying to gain the favour of the Iranian people

5. And the new roman religions coming to the middle east

6. The Dahe cults and their variations of Mithraism

7. The Greek version of Mithraism (solinvicus)

8. The new Greek influenced Egyptian cults

9. The old magis and mazdakis wanting to become as powerful as in median times

Whatever are the reasons at the beginnings of our era there were many so called prophets. One of them become Christ, others are less remembered.
This period lasted until well entered in the sasanid era, where people like Minakeas mixed several cults, and several religious uprisings were put down by the new Eranshars.

Simon magus, or even Mani could have become gods, but Christians aimed at more varieties of people. Not just Kurds, not just the smart, not just those how wanted to escape tier lives, not just those how seek the occult, but many more kinds of people.

Nostics were more alike the Zoroastrian cult than Christians. Instead of Mazda they worshiped Sophia. Their books are older than most of the New Testament. But three are not many people that would worship wisdom and not many governments would benefit from it. With a narrow public it was going to disappear.

I meant the dialogue with miss dingy.

I liked the other two articles, I have not red the second entirely I will hopefully coment later. I also liked very much the one on Artemisia, few people describe the Persian army as realistically.

On me, I as most Mexicans have both Spanish and native blood in me, and as many Mexicans I descend not only from natives or Spanish, my last name for example, Aurioles comes from the French last name Auriol (like the first French president after WW II), But Aurioles is only found in Mexico, and has existed for 6 generations. There is only two Aurioles living in la Paz, my father PHD David Aurioles, and me Felix Aurioles an almost 16 year old Hi-school student.

Thanks for your swift replay and sorry for my huge delay, but I wanted this post to be more polished than the others.

The best to you too
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:50 am

Mi Amigo Mexicano:

Like father, like son. An educated father brings up an educated son. I am thrilled to see a 16 year old with such curiosity, thirst for knowledge and passion for history. Obviously you are an over achiever and a bright young man.

You remind me of myself in my teen years. I wrote my first play (very first thing that I had ever written) at age 12. It was a play about Peter The Great (Russian Tsar), his life, his campaigns against the Swedish Kingdom, his border conflicts with the Swedes and his reforms in the Russian Empire.

Actually me and my cousins ended up performing this play and even recording this play with those old Reel Tape Recorders. We even performed this play in a formal reception, for a crowd of couple of hundred people.

This was my first experience, writing and directing a play at age 12.

You truly had revived my old memories. When I see you writing a book on Ancient Persian history in Spanish at age 16, and then I see that many of our 16 years olds are drugging, rapping, whoring and wasting their lives inside and outside Iran, with no clue whatsoever about the true meaning of Persianhood, then I sigh and alas and pity our present situation.

This is why I have always stated that:

Persianhood is not a birth right. One cannot automatically be called Persian, only because he was born in Iran! One must earn the Persianhood. Basically Persianhood is a state of mind. One must feel it in his heart and bones.

About your book. Let me be very frank with you. Language is something that one needs to practice or he will forget it! Presently, I have no one to practice my Spanish or German.

Once I was very good in German, but now I can barely speak a paragraph without making grammatical errors!

I taught myself Spanish (over 12 years ago). Due to business reasons, I had to learn Spanish; therefore, I used books, dictionaries, tapes and practice with Mexicans to learn Spanish. Years later, when I went back to school, I took various Spanish courses to improve my Spanish.

My Spanish is conversational Spanish to communicate with people. I also try to speak Spanish with Castilliano accent, the way they speak it in Spain. However, by no means, my Spanish is in the level to read and edit an Ancient Persian History book in Spanish. Besides, I am dead busy and have no time for it. But, I will gladly answer any questions, which you may have in regards of the history of Iran.

While you are writing the book, you may use any of my material including books and articles (just make sure that you will mentions the source, that’s IPC or myself). Once you will be done with the book, you are welcomed to ask me any questions in regards to history. I will try to respond to you on a timely manner. These days I am tied up with the website, politics and writing articles and very busy.

Anyhow, keep up the good work and keep the passion burning.

Buena suerte

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Postby Surena » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:21 pm

About mithraism : It was the main religion in the roman empire before christianity became the official religion. An historian says : "If christianity did not succeed, the wourld would be mithraic". The fact is roman society was attached to its traditions and that christianity had to compose with other religions : mithraism was the main pagan religion. So naturaly they included the biggest part of that mithraism through their belief, and so they did with the other religious traditions and feasts. It was a way to simplifie the conversion for mithraists..
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:16 pm


One important point: As you know, Mitraism primarily formed in Iran as the Ancient Persian Religion and then it moved to India, Greece and Rome and then became global. So Mitra was originally one of our most powerful Goddesses, The Persian Sun Goddess. For more info, read my series on Persian Mythology in the history section of the website (if you have not already read it)!


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Postby vishtasp » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:22 am

Roman Catholicism in particular borrowed heavily from Zoroastrianism: concept of Hamestegan (Purgatory), All Souls Day, the afterlife, just to name a few. With the exception of Original Sin which seems to be unique to Christianity, of course.
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