True Zoroastrianism (Maziar Aptin)

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True Zoroastrianism (Maziar Aptin)

Postby IPC » Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:52 pm

True Zoroastrianism
Maziar Aptin
September 27, 2011

I am a none-Zoroastrian born Iranian. I have done years of research about Zarathushtra by reading books and essays written by Zoroastrian Iranian, non-Zoroastrian Iranian, as well as European scholars and came to the conclusion that Zarathushtra was not a prophet nor he claimed to be one. He did not start any religion either. He was against religion and campaigned against it all his life. The Zoroastrian religion that we see today was created by the Magies (Pre Zoroastrian Priests) after his death.

I recently have found out that a research has been done by another Iranian in IPC (Ahreeman X), who came to the same conclusion that Zarathushtra was a philosopher not a prophet. Please check his site for detail.

Iran Politics Club

The reason that I am writing this letter is that Iran at this time is on a cross road of her long history and needs our help. As a writer, I feel that I have a responsibility toward my country of birth and must do my share of duty to the best of my ability and I am sure that all Iranian patriots would like to do their share in any way that they are able to, including passing this article to friends and relatives.

Iran is on a cross road because about 1,400 years ago the multifaceted irregularities in the latter fifty years of Sassanid dynasty including; constant multilateral unnecessary wars, high taxation, religious and political persecutions, and political instability within the royal family have caused the empire to rot within to a point that like a gigantic tree rotted from inside waiting to collapse by a slight sandy wind blowing from the southern desert.

Group of opportunistic nomad barbarian Arabs invaded Iran, after murdering, raping, looting, and burning they forced the survivors into accepting their primitive religion.1300 years ago the Islamists have deceived the original survivors telling them that Islam is a religion of peace, compassion, and social Justice and the trend continued till three decades ago when the Islamic law, "Shariat" has replaced the modern western laws and also the mullahs became the administrator of the said law.

As a result the people of Iran have seen the real Islam first hand and realized that the religion of "peace, compassion, and social Justice" that was promised and, supposedly, being enforced by the Islamic trained administrators is not a religion of peace, social justice and brotherly love but a primitive law which was designed for primitive seventh century nomads of the Arabian peninsula.

An example of Islam "religion of peace"; Quran orders peace within the believers only. But under "Jihad" principle, War against non-believers and torture killing them is the sacred duty of every Muslim with promise of key to the heaven's gate as a reward.

Even among believers, as the history indicates, political assassinations and war among the elites for power has started from the very beginning and constant sectarian wars have been going on throughout the history of Islam.

An example of Islam and its "Compassion"; Shariat is a law-book based on the verses of Quran. For capital punishment there are dozens of verses in Quran that orders beheading, stoning, and torture-killings of condemned or the victim whose crime could be only not-believing in Allah. For lesser crimes; again barbaric acts of slashing in public and chopping limbs are common.

An example of Islam and Its "social justice": women are not allowed to vote, apply for divorce, must submit to the husband's wish of not only bringing another three women home as wives but he could legally have sexual relations with forty more women (Siqeh), as short a time as 15 minutes, as long as four months (legal prostitution AKA Temporary Marriage). Further more the children resulting from siqeh have no rights what so ever including zero child support from the father, zero inheritances, also they are given the title of “bastard” which that title by itself deprives them from certain social rights with the stigma attached. As far as the child is concerned, his father was just a sperm downer. What a Just law!

With above in mind, at least for the last decade or so, numerous intelligent Iranians have either converted to other religions, became agnostic, or atheist. But there are the silent majority who are unhappy with Islam, for verity of reasons, but are not able to make their final decisions and need the leadership of their fellow Iranians.

The silent majority in every society need a hero or someone to worship or depend on. The leadership cannot expect to do this task only through education, taking Mohammed, Ali, Hussein, etc away from that class of people and not to offer any alternative.

In my opinion the alternative for these people need not to be another religion. It could be a national hero who is able to offer an ethical guideline which could constitute the basic principle of the constitution of the future secular Iran. Let those classes of people, in their private times, believe-in whatever they please but give them a constitution based on Aeen verses din, doctrine verse religion.

We need a constitution with unchangeable clauses of ethical principles such as; Andeesheyeh Neek Goftaar-e Neek, Kerdaar-e Neek, Abandonment of lies and deceptions and so on. Just getting rid of mullahs will not solve the main problem of Iran. Ousting mullahs is only the firth step. The main problem of our country is the culture of slavery (Lies. Deceptions, Flattery, etc) which is instilled in us due to passed dictatorial regimes and over nine centuries of occupation by Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and Turkmens.

Most people of Iran, from any religion, have great deal of respect for Zarathushtra but do not care for the religious part of it. For that reason we must, through research, discover the true identity of Zarathushtra then let people of Iran to know the truth about the greatest philosopher of all times. In that case his doctrine, free of religious tone and ideology could be accepted by the "silent majority" of Iran as Aeen placed in the constitution.

Sometimes ago I wrote a short article and sent it to you on this very subject and made the above suggestion about the future constitution of Iran. The title of that article is; "There is no need for religion".

Thank you

Maziar Aptin
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