On Bahaiism, Bahaollah and Bab

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On Bahaiism, Bahaollah and Bab

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 1:42 pm

On Bahaiism, Bahaollah and Bab

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

Dear Comrades:

There is no denying in the fact that Shiite Islam is intolerant to the minorities of Iran. The Islamic Regime even considers the original Persians (Zoroastrians) as Zindiq (Kaffar). Imam Khamenei, openly calls Zoroastrians as Fire Worshipers and Kaffar (Apostates)! Go to the File Section of the club and read exposing documents on Islam & then read Imam Khamenei's letter in response to a religious question & see his mentality about Zoroastrians (must be a member to have access to file section). So my point is that, in a nation, were to be a True Persian (Zoroastrian) is a crime (same as being an apostate), then what do you expect that the Islamic Regime would be doing to Bahaiis?!

Bahaiis are technically not even a minority! Christians (Armenians, Assyrians), Jews and Zoroastrians are legally considered minority but Bahaiis are not even legally considered minority. For instance, when I was in Iran (Imperial Era), minorities did not have to attend the Religious Studies course & class; however, Bahaiis had to attend. Islam does not consider Bahaiis as a minority cause they do not recognize the Bahaii as a religion. Bahaiis have been oppressed & murdered in Iran since the creation of Bahaiism during Qajar period. The best period of peaceful life for Bahaiis was during Pahlavis, because eventhough they would not officially recognize Bahaii as a religion, yet @ least no one would hurt them, confiscate their properties or damage their lives. There were some incidents happening in Iran even back then (Mullahs influenced) but that was not the norm & these incidents were happening mosltly in small towns. Many important businessmen, corporate owners & politicians of Iran during the Shah were Bahaiis. I remember that Mullahs even back then would boycott for instance Pepsi Cola cause the Franchise owner in Iran was a Bahaii, they even started some garbage about Hoveyda being Bahaii and that was a joke cause Hoveyda's Mother was a religious Muslim!

So Bahaii's heaven in Iran was Pahlavi period & after 1979, the IRI period became their worst Nightmare. The worst period of Bahaii's lives in Iran is the last 25 years even much worst than Qajar period, because Qajar period was a Mullarchy influenced period but IRI period is basically a Mullarchy ruled period!

So technically, Bahaii religion is an off spring sect of Islam or better put Shiite Islam which eventually became a separate religion. If you read the history & Bahaii Historical books, specifically Book of Aqdas (the Holy book of Bahaii), you will understand that Bob and then Bahaollah were prophets of God (Allah) and Bahaiis believe that Mohammad and the rest of the prophets were prophet's of God (Allah); however, they also believe that Bahaollah was the latest prophet and came after Mohammad, also they believe in miracles and for instance all of Bahaollah's future visions were considered miracles, prophecy, premonition and future readings of Bahaollah!

Bahaii's in Iran were very conservative, they were clearly stating that they believe in Islam & Shiite Islam but they also believe in Bahaollah. Every Bahaii that I met in Iran were good preachers & they could preach. You see, Bahaii have duties & one of them is to expand Bahaiism by preaching. Bahaii preachers called "Mobaleq" and they do "Tabliq", they are like missionaries & the Bahaii Head Quarters sends them to the furthest points of Africa, Australia and South America to live, make a family and to preach and draft new Bahaiis. Every little corner of the world that you go to, you will find a Bahaii preaching rhetorics to get new converts!

I have debated with so many Bahaiis in High School, in College, in Iran, outside Iran, from my own family & amongst my friends and ............... I know many Bahaiis.

In general, they are highly "schooled" people. Mostly they are college graduates and professionals. You will not find illiterate Bahaiis, they are all well schooled. But have in mind, I said "Schooled" and I did not say "Educated".

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are Educated!

It is very hard to find any religious person who is also Educated! Do you get my point?!

Bahaiis are often very highly schooled, professionals, powerful and rich. I have never met any Bahaii who was a Bum, well, except my friends! Hee Hee Hee!

Bahaiis often avoid political debates, they also often avoid philosophical debates, like any other cult, they propagate a lot, but once it comes down to science verses Religion or Materialism verses Idealism, they come to a halt & seize rhetorics!

During all my contacts with Bahaiis (which were many), I found only one non religious Bahaii, who is not very uptight about his beliefs, not so brainwashed and not totally awaiting & looking towards "Orders from above" coming from "Dar al Caliphate" of Bahaii's in Israel. This gentleman is an elderly Dr. of Medicine who is very dear to me and the most the open minded Bahaii that I ever met. Well, him & maybe our own local Nima who is a semi Free Thinker (pulling Nima's Shorts)! Hee Hee Hee ...

In general, Bahaiis are basically modern Robots who follow orders from Their Head Quarters. In each community they have their "Mahfel", which is a gathering of their local groups, then there are Congresses which held in larger nationwide format & of course all orders come from the Dar al Caliphate to all the smaller group units. Each Bahaii is responsible to convert people to Bahaiism, each Bahaii is a propaganda machine of one! They have Book of Aqdas in one hand & great Bahaii hospitality in the other hand, but once you talk to them, all of them are awaiting the orders from above, directly from Head Quarters! They call this order "Dastur"! Free Thinking element in Bahaiism is nonexistent.

In other words, Bahaiism is yet another Cult the same as any religion or sect. Bahaiism reminds me of Scientology (Grocery Store of L. Ron Hubard), well organized Org. & well distributed in the world. The perfect mind control machine! Bahaiism is the second expanding religion in the world after Islam. Did you know that? Bahaiism is of the most rapidly expanding religion in United States. Go to any Boon Town Redneck village in Canada or America & you will find a Bahaii Mobaleq over there! I bet my last dollar on it! Look @ IPC, we have many Bahaii members here.

The funny thing is that Bahaiis are not allowed to interfere with politics but since I was a child, I have always heard about this law of Bahaiis but then I seen all of them get involved in politics! They don't directly get involved & become members of a political party but indirectly they support different political moves & factions! They been doing it in Iran & now in USA & everywhere else. Amazingly, their Dar al Caliphate recently broke their silence & condemned the Islamic Regime! So Bahaiis have this passive attitude on involvements in politics but deep inside they are all political. For Allah's sake, we had Bahaii cabinet and parliament members in Imperial Iran!

Bahaiis sole duty is to expand Bahaiism to reach that ideal utopia, the perfect world that Bahaollah envisioned! They concentrate all their efforts to reach that point, so once they concentrate on this goal, they shall not involve themselves with any political party cause it avoids them to reach this goal or put all their efforts to reach this goal.

The role of British Government was also amazing in support of all cults, such as Free Mason, Shiite Mullarchy and Bahaiism indeed! British Foreign policy in the third world requires British to Divide & Rule; therefore, they support or even help creating all kinds of sects, cults, etc. in their past colonies or present common wealth or friendly third world countries!

Bahaiis are most likely the most prosecuted religious group in IRI. Basically if you are a Bahaii in Iranian jails, you have to either renounce your religion or you will be executed. This has happened to some members of my own family. You see, my Grandmother's sister and one of her daughters married to Bahaii Mobaleqs & thats how some of my family members are Bahaii. So I am aware of Bahaii persecution in Iran. I have many Bahaii friends, they are all good people, decent people, powerful & wealthy, highly schooled and great Persian Hospitality, but this does not change the fact they act as Robots with no Free Will & awaiting orders from Israel Head Quarter to reach their Mahfel!

But hey, they are consistent, aggressive & hard working, otherwise Bahaiism would have not become this popular in the globe! Many celebrities and people in high places right here in USA are Bahaii.

My Official point of view is that we must fight for Freedom of Religion & to make sure that Iran of the future is secular so Bahaiis like any other religion are equal to the eyes of the state. Bahaiis must be of equal rights to all other religions. All religions are equal & it is not duty of the state to decide which one is lawful or not lawful. Bahaii's rights to worship & practice their religion must be protected. Bahaiis must have the rights to practice their religion, to vote, to own business, to live freely in the future of Iran like all others. We (IPC Revolutionary Movement and Iranian Opposition) will continue working with Bahaii & fighting for Bahaii Rights in Iran. Secularism, Federalism and Democracy must be established in Iran or we will have problems until the end of the world!

My personal point of view on the other hand, is that Bahaiism like any other religion is a cult, yet a Large Size Cult. A cult does not allow the brain to do Free Thinking therefore the brain cannot Evolve! Even though people like Bahaii or Zartoshti (Zoroastrian) are highly sophisticated & evolved in comparison to Shiite Muslim, yet they are still entrapped to the orders from the above!

As I always stated, Zoroastrianism & Buddhism are the most progressive sophisticated religions of todays world. And as I always stated, neither Buddha nor Zoroastra ever claimed prophecy from God. They considered themselves poets, writers & philosophers. Later on the hierarchy of the Zoroastrian & Buddhist Temples created religions out of their ideologies.

Mubede Mubedan, Mubedships & Zoroastrian Priests corrupted the poems & philosophy of Zoroastra. Now this is way different from Bahaiism! In Bahaiism, Bahaollah is supposedly the prophet of God! Now in my opinion, all prophets were charlatans & con artists or magicians, so Bahaollah is no exception!

Religion was formatted for more simpler forms of brains as a guideline to follow to reach salvation. Higher brain masses do not require religion to function! In contradiction religion becomes an obstacle for them to progress and to evolve, and as Marx Stated:

"Religion is the opiate of the masses"

A Free Mind, a Free Thinker, an Evolved Mind, does not need a God or a Prophet or a Religion to tell him how to live, how to think & how to behave. A Free Human Being does not worship some invisible man in the sky. A Fee Human Being is his own God like, "I am The God". Science and Evolution does not match Religious Mumbo Jumbo, no harmony can exist there between the two. But hey, if religion makes you keep in line & be a decent person, then more power to you! I rest my case.

I though to give you my input on the Bahaii issue. Now, I shall leave you with these thoughts to ponder upon them.

..... and theres your prayer!

Ahreeman Bless


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