Zorastrians Today - A Documentary

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Zorastrians Today - A Documentary

Postby Liberator » Mon Apr 10, 2006 7:23 pm

Zorastrians Today
Tenaz Dubash

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... an&pl=true




This hour-long documentary will focus on the assimilation of the Zoroastrian community into North America. The film ... all » will highlight the challenges faced by members of this ancient Persian religion today. By documenting the personal stories of individual Zoroastrians, we will shed light on this little known but highly successful community, enabling others to appreciate the religion's rich history and heritage.

These personal, character-driven, stories will underscore the challenges facing many immigrant groups in the 21st century and will follow the assimilation process of a small group into a wider social setting.

What beliefs have the Zoroastrians doggedly held on to? What have they been forced to discard? Will the followers of the world's oldest monotheistic religion be able to hold on to this claim 50 years from now - as their numbers rapidly decline?

These are some of the central questions that this film will attempt to answer.

Current Status:

We have been working on this film for over 3 years. We have shot footage in Chicago, Vancouver, Boston, Bombay and New York. We hope to have a finished project by the summer of 2006. Once we have completed the project we will submit it to documentary film-festivals with the hope of airing it on PBS after the festival run.


Please visit this website for more on this documentary:


Ba Sepaas
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