What is Patriotism? - Patriotism vs. Globalism

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What is Patriotism? - Patriotism vs. Globalism

Postby CR » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:45 pm

What is Patriotism?
Nationalism vs. Internationalism
Patriotism vs. Globalism

Why Immigrants Love America Most?
Why Democracy & Free Markets are Most Appreciated by Immigrants?
Why American Patriotism & Freedom Means a world to Immigrants?

Donald Trump with his American Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at Trump Office in the Trump Tower
Making America Great Again


Please read Ahreeman X New piece on Patriotism Philosophy:


What is Patriotism?
Ahreeman X
February 12, 2021

Immigrants Love America Most

Before I begin defining and speaking of Patriotism and Nationalism, I would like to mention that in this day and age that Degenerate Socialists and Anti-American Democrats are running America, the immigrants, legal immigrants, love America most and they are True American Patriots! Patriotism is in the mind, in the heart and the soul of the immigrants. Patriotism is a state of mind, it doesn’t matter where were you born!

Many Immigrants have lived under totalitarian regimes such as Socialist, Communist and Islamic Regimes and they know what a Hell Hole those regimes are, and that is why they risked everything, even their lives to come here to America to live free! They are the true lovers of America. Immigrants are the ones who wave the Old Glory Flag, stand proudly for the anthem, wear American Flag apparels, know the constitution, celebrate Democracy and love America.

Abroad, they don’t understand why we wave the flag and why we love the flag so much! We wave the flag because we love what it stands for, the Unique American System which represents Freedom and Democracy.

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What is Patriotism?
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Re: What is Patriotism? - Patriotism vs. Globalism

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat Feb 13, 2021 11:42 am

Patriotism is in the Patriots’ Blood
Destruction of America is in Liberals’ Minds

You cannot inject patriotism into people. Patriotism is when you care about the country, tradition, constitution, freedoms, Founding Fathers, basis which the country was created upon them, all of these factors create an urge in you to care about, love and respect that flag, that anthem, that map, that history and the creators of this vision which we call America. The creators are respectable because in that time and age on 1776, they cared more about these crucial issues than their personal benefits! They created the concept of America based on a vision, a great vision, an advanced vision, far ahead of their time and this vision was about the future progress. The minds of the Founding Fathers did not work on 18th century bandwidth but it worked far ahead of their time and our time way in to the 21st century.

It's a shame that today we have socialists, foolish democrats, ANTIFA, BLM and other low lives who have no clue about the American history, Founding Fathers, their vision, concept of America, vision of the future, individualism and true democracy unique to America.

These fools riot, protest, destroy and damage America because of their ignorance which started in schools. Activist Socialist Anti-American teachers trained fools and now the fools are destroying this wonderful concept which we call America. It has all started in schools.

We created a Frankenstein Monster in America named Socialism which this monster had used the American liberties and democracy to take control of the country to destroy the concept of America. This monster created diseases of Deep State, Tech Giants, BLM, ANTIFA and Socialist Regime which controls the government now.

A rational people would not allow this virus of Socialism to grow and to destroy their democratic system. We are too nice and too tolerant in America to allow this virus to grow. Now we are paying back for this tolerance with our lives and prosperity. Now, this virus stole our prosperity, peace, future and functional society. Now we have idiots ruling America moving by the speed of light towards destruction of America. Globalist hands and Communist hands are operating Biden as a puppet to accelerating the destruction of America. With every executive order that he signs, he takes away more of our jobs, resources, prosperity, wealth, freedoms and happiness. Biden’s presidency will be worse than Obama’s because whatever Obama did not have time to destroy in 2 terms will now do it in his third term called Biden’s presidency.

Obama’s complete administration are running the government and Obama is behind the curtain running the regime. Biden is a puppet and Obama’s goal is destruction of American Exceptionality, Nationalism, Wealth, Greatness, Glory and Prosperity. Obama needs a Weak America, as a part of the Global Weakness, a third world country and slave to China and Socialism, a slave to Islam and Islamism.

This regime is destroying America by the speed of faster than light! Something got to give or we are rushing down the drain and drowning deep in the swamp. The swamp is back and is destroying everything Trump done for the people and the country. Swamp is reversing every progress to disaster. If you think Obama 1.0 and 2.0 were horrific, wait to see Obama 3.0 with Biden puppet.

The only solution is the death of Socialism and Liberalism in America which must start in schools. If not, there will be no America! We may as well change the flag to UN flag and the anthem to the International anthem! Down to death we are moving by fast speed. We are moving towards Marxist Islamism by the plan of its designer a Marxist Islamist named Barack Hussein Obama along with Deep State.

Fight this communist Regime or settle for slavery of Globalism! Can you hear China is laughing loudly all the way to the bank? Can you hear Mullahs and IRI are laughing all the way to the mosque?

Fight this Regime or sit back and enjoy watching the death of America during next 4 years of the Socialist Occupation al Regime.
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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