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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:48 pm

I believe that you believe that I am capable to answer your questions, don't you? So instead of just answering your questions, allow me to take a different approach!

This is not the exact traditional answer to your post; however, this is directly related to your post & it will help clarify many issues related to your post.

Lets take a walk in the Memory Lane, shall we?

Fanaticism and it's Results

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

I want to address a few different issues & respond to a few different
people here & in one shot. I want to in a way respond to a few
different subjects here. It is true that we post informative links
around the net. It is also true that majority of the forums that we
post these links in them, simply cannot digest our material. Almost
all of these forums are not having a democratic environment, or even
if they do have a democratic environment, yet they are by no
means "Censor Free". What do you guys expect? Do you think all these
forums are IPC & they run as a censor free tribune? you must be
dreaming! So Cat goes around & shed a light on the fanaticism around
the net or shows an open view & a different view to the people. The
question is not that, these people are fanatics, they will ban Cat &
delete her posts; therefore, cat should never bother to post these
posts! If everyone thought like that, then no one would have bothered
committing the American Revolution of 1776 & USA would have still be
a UK Colony! Of course Cat's posts are deleted, of course she has
been banned from many of these jokes of the forums, of course there
is no tolerance, of course a censor free tribune on the Internet in
general is a rare phenomenon, but what is the alternative? Do not
speak out & keep silence, let the masses remain in ignorance &
consider our efforts needle in a hay stack?

I tell you what, even if we manage to make one head turned around &
think twice before the next blind faithed prayer or following of the
herds, then we accomplished our mission.

I also tell you another fact. If Cat would have not get banned or her
posts would have not get deleted in places like Afghanistan Forum,
Tajikistan Forum, inside Iran Forums, many outside Iran Forums, then
I would really be surprised! Don't you remember that myself, I have
been banned & my writings been deleted in the most so called
democratic environment of the forums like Jebhe Meli (National
Front), just a while ago? Now, these sons of Mosadeq silenced the
freedom of speech openly & in the bright daylight! So when the
Iranian Liberal Social Democratic bunch like JM do ban & censor
people, then for Allah's sake, what do you expect from backwarded
fanatics in Dark Ages like Afghans, Tajiks or certain inside Iran
police controlled forums?!

Now we all know that the majority of Iranians, the whole region,
North Africa, Middle East, Near East, Central Asia are basically
blind faithed, brain dead, herd mentality, following religious
superstitious backwarded fanatics. If they were not such as I have
described, then the whole region would have not been drowned in
Shiite above their heads! anywhere that you go that Islam is the
official religion of the country, you will see fanaticism, barbaric
behavior & herd mentality beyond description. The whole region is
still living in between 11th century AD to 17th century AD times.
They do not live in the present 21sth century era!

Iranians in general are full of Shiite & superstition, otherwise & if
not so, then there would have not been a Supreme Religious Leader as
the guardian of the whole nation! If Iranians were not underaged
children or retards, then Imam Khamenei would have not been their
guardian according to Sharia' of Islam!

Now imagine a place 100 times worst than Iran & people 100 times
worst than Iranians! Can you imagine that? We are talking about
people so backwarded that they are still living a tribal life & they
are more & much more Muslim than the Arabs themselves! We are talking
about the people who have no identity of their own, they are lost in
Arabo-Muslim Sub Culture & forgot all about their Persian heritage.
We are talking about a people who identify with Allah Emblem 100
times worst than Persians! Oh yes, by now, you understand that I am
talking about Afghans! What do you expect from these people or likes
of them?

Have in mind that People like Ferozan or likes of Ferozans are not
the majority of Afghanistan! The majority of Afghans are brain dead.
In my whole life I have seen 2 kinds of Afghans, & I been associating
with many of them. I even speak their dialect & terms with such
accent that they have a hard time believing that I am not Afghan! I
imitate different dialects of Persian or English so well & in so many
ethnic flavors, this is one of my specialties!

Afghans are either extremely intelligent or extremely moronic.
Usually the Afghan brains are either Socialist, Communist, Atheist,
very Democratic & open minded. Also the Moronic ones are often
fanatical Muslim or Moderate Muslims. In both situation, they are:

A bowl which is hotter than the stew! (Persian Expression)
They are more Muslim than Arabs!

Afghans are a type of people who are lost so bad in Islamic Culture
that they do not see the very reason that they been having a 23 years
annihilation of their country, is Islam! If USA pulls out of
Afghanistan tomorrow, then War Lords will be back in power &
Afghanistan will be torn in 20 parts again! The Islamic law still
rules Afghanistan, the same judicial law that ruled during Taliban.
Kharzai, oh boy, what a character! He kisses any one's Ass who helps
him force Afghans to @ least pretend they are civilized! He begs USA
not to pull out of Afghanistan! He just received a Half Billion
Dollars from Iran! The Holy Shiite president Khatami, just gave
Afghanistan half a billion dollars aids. Afghans been bitching about
how Iran always interferes in their internal issues but now I guess
they love to receive the doe! And that bastard Khatami is giving away
money like it's his families bank account!

We have unemployment, inflation, social problems, crimes & disastrous
economy coming out of our ears in Iran. We have 2 million drug
addicts, 300,000 prostitutes running the streets of Iran & massive
unemployed youth college graduates in Iran & Mr. Khatami is giving
away money to Afghanistan!

Of course these numbers are government estimates, believe it if I
tell you that these numbers should be times three! So everybody else
is squeezing the milk from Dar ol Caliphate of Tehran, everybody else
is getting their salary from Tehran, why not Afghans?! Islamic
Republic of Iran is financially supporting:

Tajik Fundamentalists
Al Hamas
Al Jihad
Hezbollah of Lebanon
Afghan Shiites
Sudanese Government
Why not Government of Kharzai?

Hell we are the Generous Hospitable Persians, we support every
Fundamentalist Muslim Baboon in the world who can help us export our
Islamic Revolution & take our money, why not Kharzai?!

Give me a break, its all Crap, it is all Bull Shiite. The people of
the region are brain dead religious Fanatics, their leaders are
opportunist whores, their holy men are thieves packing up all the doe
in Cayman Island bank accounts like Rafsanjani stashes Billions of
dollars in Caymans or that puppet baboon Khatami gives away half a
billion dollars to Afghans, like his giving away candy to the kids!
This is our money been given away to Hezbollah Arabs, PLO baboons &
now Afghan illiterate Fanatics! And of course their hypocrite so
called intellectuals Ex Patriots open up forums or Website Grocery
stores or Baqali in exile, gather a bunch of other hypocrites in
Exile to write crap on the Internet to lighten up their "guilt
syndrome", so that they believe they are actually doing something for
their homeland! This is all crap, a whole bunch of reruns of Near
East Crap ala Carte TV Show that we have seen over & over again! The
same people who scream that justice & democracy has been banned in
their homeland, do the same thing to the people in their little
forums! They ban & Delete or revise people just like the oppresive
governments of their nations is doing the same thing to their people!
The mentality of Dictatorship is their blood, The Islamic Nomad
mentality is in the bone, but some are big baboons & run the whole
nation like Imam Khamenei & some are small baboons just running an
Internet forum like Jebhe Meli Board or any other Bull Shiite
Board...... Seen it all my friends, been there & done that......

The people of these regions are so backwarded that they still do not
understand that this is not about Afghanistan, Tajikistan or Iran!
All three nations, & furthermore great parts of other nations such as
Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. are all Persians & parts
of Persian Empire & Mother Persia!

Until 250 years ago Afghanistan was two states of Iran & Tajikistan
was one state of Iran. Russians stole Tajikistan & British stole
Afghanistan & invented these countries out of their rectums! Every
God damn nation that you see in Central Asia or Near East
with "Istan" @ the second part of it's name, was part of Persian
Empire from ancient time until about 250 years ago. Imperialism &
unworthiness of Qajar Dynasty resulted in creation of all these
puppet nations. Nations such as Kirqizestan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,
Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, etc. Even Azerbaijan, Georgia,
Armenia, etc. were all & all parts of Mother land. Persia has been
there since 8000 years ago, the first civilization on Earth & still
is here in year 2002. Sometime up & sometime down in Islamic Chains
like today, but The back bone of World's civilization has been the
Persian Culture, way before Roman, Egyptian or Greeks. Way before UN
existed, Cyrus created the First Human Rights declaration, The Cyrus
Cylinder & freed 42,000 or so Jews from Babylon. It is a shame to see
Holy Baboons of Qom are now commiting crimes in the land of Cyrus!
And why is that? Simply because our culture is degenerated & infected
by Islam. Do you possibly believe that Khamenei is of the same breed
as Cyrus? Today's Iranian Government does consist of Full Breed or
Half Breed Arabo-Muslim Seyed Degenerates selling out Iran by the
pounds. This is why Iran is where it is today.

The problem is not about defending Islam, the problem is about
defending the Dying Persian Culture against the Pan Arabism & Arabo-
Muslim Dangerous Political Ideology.

Unfortunately people of the region have Shiite for brains & that is
why Afghanistan is where it is today & Japan is where it is today!

Degeneration of Nations starts from degeneration of people's brains &
then enslavement of their cultures & what element can speed up this
degeneration more than the most profitable element called the
business of "Religion"?!

A lady has also asked that if IRI has been trying to destroy Persian
Icons! Lady, Welcome & to answer you, IRI has been trying to destroy
anything Persian, including Persian New Year, celebrations, poetry,
philosophy, traditions, culture, etc for 23 years, but they simply
are not powerful enough to do so. Soon or late the Islamic Nightmare
will come to an end in Iran & we will be back among the global
civilization just like 23 years ago @ Imperial Iran, but I will
promise you that no one will be hearing again about Mullahs in the
Iranian government anymore! This will be the last draw for Mosque
running the government, just the same as Catholic Church has died in

I rest my case

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are educated!"


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