Long Live This, Death To That!

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Long Live This, Death To That!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:45 pm

Long Live This, Death To That!

People who often shout:

Long live this,
Death to that!

Are often Cultists pro this or that cult!

Are often simpletons or members of the Hanging Mob!

Are often Fanatics, Easily Influenced , & Emotionally Unbalanced Public.

People need to be less emotional & more logical. Instead of shouting slogans and wishing death on a group or praisal of another group, they need to ponder a bit and discover that:

Nothing is Absolute
Nothing is Sacred
Nothing is Pure Good
Nothing is Pure Bad

Therefore, it is primitive to shout:

Long live this,
Death to that!

People simply need to Evolve to a higher degree of Mind Set!

Take Action Or Shut Up!

* Now if you really want to pro long someone's life, then why don't you discover the cure for Cancer, so they will live longer?!

* And if you truly want someone dead, then by all means, why don't you actually go & shoot them dead?!

But for Camel of Prophet's sake, stop wishing life or death for this group or that group!

Stop wishing life or death upon people like little old, helpless, uneducated, superstitious Persian Grand Mothers!

Stop it right now, because you certainly sound like:

Zaneke-haye Dahati-ye Salite-ye Bi Savad-e Bademjun Dor-e Qab Chin!

Nefrin chera mikonid?!

Why do you curse people and condemn people?
Just take action & actually do what you preach, & stop wishing this or that upon people!

You certainly do not sound like Political Activists!

Get it?!

For instance, I am often being Loved or Hated by the masses!
The only people who are indifferent towards me or ignore me, are often the ones who have never heard of me!

For those, who love shouting slogans, I have one for you:

Long live those who love me,
Death to those who hate me!

Chew on that one, if you please?!


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