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Modern evaluation of monotheism

Postby zartoshti » Tue May 10, 2005 10:20 pm



Far far away in the history of man kind, maybe between ten and twenty thousand years ago preferably according to the book of LIFE OF USTAD SAHEB BEHRAMSHAH NOWROJI SHEROF, about 14500 years ago in the west part of ARIANA- VAEYJA (äriänä vAeyjä) (IRAN VIJ), a king by coincidence made fire and he discovered a way to keep fire permanently under control in the hole country.
According to the most famous ever-living Iranian poet-historian FERDOWSI (ferdosi), HOOSHANG Shah (hūshAng) was the first law giver and founder of permanent fire and maybe the fire keeping.
After that, fire has been brought to the safe places and has been kept burning for all nights and days to get benefit of it.
According to AVESTA, the first book of monotheism,
there was domestic permanent fire before 20000 years ago in Iran. Before that (as far as this history-period-duration guesses) man was watching and sometime using the natural fire, like what remains after lightening or volcanic activity. May be the permanent fire once has been vanished from Iran before 14500 years ago and discovered again by HOOSHANG SHAH.
In that time, deep in the history of man kind, permanent fire became one of the most precious things after water in the world of humanity. Now man could with fire and water under his every days control, do extraordinary things. The simplest ways of using fire was to keep the houses warm and kook, and most important thing to extract metals out of stones. So maybe every house must pay a little thing or wood to the fire-keeper to get fire and bring it home, and maybe man thought from the beginning to keep fire burning constantly and continuously at home for not to go every day or maybe sometimes a few times a day to the fire place.
To control fire place and to keep fire burning continuously in fire place, fire keeping became a job, and fire needed special caretakers to keep fire away from the malevolent. There was a need for a very firm and strong distinguishable building. So the fire went in very well-guarded strong places, with special keepers and watches and without doubt guards, in center of each city (maybe in different places in one city) and community.
Maybe after that, because man found those precautions were not enough, gave the fire more credit to be kept dearly and to be defended to the last person.
Even today if fire is omitted from the world, the humanity will immediately return to forty thousand years ago.
After the attack of wild Arab Moslems to Iran with the target of destruction and stealing and killing which was based on jealousy and the teachings of Moslem’s prophet, some of Iranian people immigrated with their galleys to India and named themselfs PARSIAN in India. Other Iranian people who were afraid of being looted and killed and raped by wild Moslems and could not run, lost the real way of monotheism and changed their religion and became Moslem. The other Iranians, who did not want to bow before the enemy and accept the wrong Islamic religion, went to places far from reach of wild Arabs. The real magi who had little to do thereafter, were discretely busy with old fire, and teaching the real Zoroastrians in fire places, and they have the 14500 years old fire still burning today.
The foreign visitors who visited Iran during their trips like Marco polo (because they did not know the local language and they were mostly illiterate) described these Zoroastrians as fire worshipers.


After 20000-18000 years ago, according to the AVESTAA, the first known monotheism book, and according to the real PARSI scientists calculations, more than 9500 years ago, when in the whole world except Iran, even before the wisest people of that time period, to find a real woven textile or sewed textile or to find a real tent, if not impossible, was scarce or unobtainable, came a man named ZARATHUSHTRAA (zArAthūshträ) (name) and SPITAAMA (spitämA), or Spitman (surname), or in short as Iranian pronounce this name today, ZARTOSHT.
He claimed to be the Peyaambar (peyämbAr) or peyghambar (prophet) (which in Persian means Messenger) of a unique power, much greater than any other powers of to be in imagination’s domain of man kind. He said the name of this power that has created all existence is, AHURA MAZDAA
(AhurA mAzdä) which means WISE LORD.

He said human being or a tree or the wind, and lightening and stones are not worthy of being worshiped. Human being must worship only the cause behind the creation of all kind creatures, the earth and the stars, and this was the beginning of MONOTHEISM in the world.
The Holy book that ZARATHUSHTRAA has brought for the people of the world is named the AVESTAA.

Why more than 9500 years ago must be accepted as the time of prophetship of ZARATHUSHTRAA?
There are several reasons for this allegation; also these three reasons are worthy to be recognized.
1 – The date of prophetship must be very near after the Ice Age. Because as AHURA MAZDAA says in AVESTAA, VENDIDAAD, the WISE LORD was precisely before Ice Age looking for a prophet to guide and lead the people of the world, and this
Peyaambar must pass the words of AHURA MAZDAA to the people. So the time of prophetship based on monotheism logic must be after the beginning of Ice Age or near the end of Ice Age (20000-14000 years ago). Based on this AVESTAN fact ZARATHUSHTRAA must live before 14000 and near 20000 years ago.
2- According to the very old documents have been found in China and preserve in UK, the time of birth of ZARATHUSHTRA is 3715 years after the ICE- AGE. Now if we assume 3715 years after the beginning of the ICE AGE, it becomes:
20000-3715=16285 years ago
and if we assume birthday of ZARATHUSHTRA was 3715 years after the ICE AGE, his birthday is:
14000-3715=10285 years ago
3 – Literature reason. If a literator looks at the words, like for example VAHMAN (vAhmAn) and BAHMAN (bAhmAn), he/she can realize that the time duration which the word VAHMAN needed to become BAHMAN is about 2000 years. Just how much time do the word VOHU MANA (vohū mAnA) needs to become BAHMAN? It is indeed more than 10000 years.
And a literator can compare the pronunciation of the word NEREBIAS-CHAA (nerebiäs-chä) from the AVESTAA and the word NARAAN (nArän).
There are many other words in the AVESTAA which can be compared with the words which we use today in Persian language. We chose here these two words because they are easy to compare with.
From the grammar point of view, the time of AVESTAA is older than 9500 years. Only the countries like Germany and the surrounding countries make adjectives like AVESTAA today. In IRAN this style is totally vanished millennia ago.
Because of illiteracy of the people (except most of ZOROASTRIAN priests and AVESTAN real scientists), some of Iranian literators took advantage of this illiteracy of the people and feel themselves gods in the field of AVESTAN science and the age of AVESTAA, and sometimes judge some of the elderly ancient scientists without doubting their judgments. One of these kind of scientists dared to say that Xsanthus (xsantÅ«s) has made a mistake when he wrote the birth date of ZARATHUSHTRAA “6000 years before the Xerxes warâ€
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