I do not accept death

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I do not accept death

Postby alimostofi » Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:54 am

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I do not accept death. To me it is not a reality. When my father died, the Islamic members of my family went through hell, I did not. Why did I not, you may ask? Are you some cold idiot? No I am not. My answer is that a person is what they believe. I believe in Life. Life changes. Life is more than meets the five normal senses we have. There are many other aspects of Life, and not all of us humans are able to sense those other aspects of life. Is that a disability? No it is not a disability. Many of the special needs people in this world, have gifts that other people cannot attain.

Aspects in Life change, and many like to call those changes as death. They are not. There are energy states that remain. Of course many ancient scriptures, from countless cultures, from the year dot exist, that talk in terms of the human spirit, or soul. There were people who lived in central Asia who thought in terms of Life. They celebrated birthdays. No other culture in human history recorded time and had a birthday party every year. Moreover these people celebrated the birth of nature every year at the beginning of Spring. Archeologists call these people Indo Europeans, which includes the tribes that went to Europe in 2000 BC.

The Europeans and Iranians are cousins. We share a common book called the Zend Avesta, which is the oldest document in the world, that speaks in terms of Life. It is commonly refered to as Zoroastrianism. But to be correct it should be called dualistic Zoroastrianism. Many confused Iranians and non Iranian historians came up with another system, but did not change the name. The Zoroastrianism I am refering to is not the monotheistic Zoroastrianism that monotheistic religious historians of Judaic, Christian, Islamic origin refer to. Their belief system is different, and their concept of life is different. Their concepts are wrong, as they incorporate the concept of death. Life is about existance and change in existance. So there is no third way. It is either one form of Life, to another form of Life. There is no other. Death as an entity assumes that there is another. But as I stated, Life changes in its form of existance. When you discover this simple fact, you realise that Life is very wonderful, and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing or death does not exist. Remember that.

As a Zoroastrian Astrologer with the belief in Life, I do not believe in fatalistic systems that do not see the Life changes. Changes in Life sometimes cannot be understood and when the physical entity disappears, we call it a loss. It is not lost. It exists in a different way. One needs to have different channels of communication to be in touch with that existance. So when my father died, I did not think that he had gone. I did not think that he is not there. Actually I am in touch with his existance in much the same way as before. His thoughts are still with me, as are the thought of countless other people in the world who are not with me. I look at the images of Persopolis and I feel and hear the thoughts of my ancient ancestors. I look at the picture of an islamic 7th century priest reciting the koran and I have no feelings. What is it that does that? I know that the islamic friend of mine does not get the same reaction. It is then what you believe. But then every time someone dies in his family, he goes through hell. I do not. I live and enjoy Life in its glory because I can feel a greater existance.

We have to respect the greater existance of Life and not feel loss, as there is no loss. There is just change. One has to manage change. To do that you need the belief and the wisdom to connect to the changes. When we Iranians say Ahuramazda we refer to the greater wisdom that is needed. That is all that is needed. More intelligence to overcome the confusion or void in thought. There is no darkness as there are bright stars in the sky at night. And in your moment of confusion, you will find the little glimers of lights, and you will connect the dots to come to terms with the change that has taken place. Now there are people who would like you to remain confused, and not connect the new little sparkles of truth in your Life.

I wrote all the above because almost one hundred per cent of the people reading this would have accepted death as an entity. Religions suck on people's confusion to substantiate their brand. Their brand has a great deal of money involved and many people's lively hood depends on it, so they are forced to adhere to its useless ways. Many people have been brainwashed to remain confused. There are those who are very strong in the mind or body, and have managed to confront confusion and not been brainwashed. But countless people fail in doing things the first time. Be it a simple action of opening a bottle of water, to doing fractions in mathematics. We all fail at some point. But what do we do about it? We blame. We do not seek the confusion and try to shine light on it with a trust in Life. With a friend or a teacher nearby we learn and move on. But not all people have access to information. With the internet a lot has improved, and many people are finding out about other solutions. Gone are the so called religious books that came after the Zend Avesta that did not help people to keep on searching and connecting the dots. When Gutenberg created the press he unleashed a force that released human beings from the hegemony of the Bible as the only source of information. The first book that Gutenburg published was the Zend Avesta. Just like Nietzsche, many Europeans tried to show the world of other ways. And so the movement to accept change as Good began.

The same has happened to Iranians. The people have seen through the mullah's cobweb. The thread that he has woven to catch helpless confused Iranians is no longer working. Thanks to the fact that the Europeans have discovered their pre-biblical Indo-European roots. Thanks to the uncovering of the false facade that the mullahs have shown in their nuclear dealings. Thanks to the resolution of the world not to think that Iranians are the same as mullahs. Thanks be to those who think that a peaceful change is the only way. Thanks be to those that think that to die for a good cause is wrong, because Life is more important.

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