Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:32 pm

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess & Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!

When Celebrating Christmas Season, remember that it came from Iran!
Mitra & Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Book of Mitra in 5 Chapters: Pictorial History with 300 Photos

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
Mitra the Persian Yazata Leader Fierce Warrior

Zoroastrian Priestess at the Fire Temple, Tehran, Iran
Priestess waves her scepter and fires the crowd at the Fire Temple by telling stories about the Glorious Past. Zarathustra Spitmata (painting) watches over the Priestess.

Persian Fire Girl
Ecstatic Orgasmic Persian Girl Roars with Excitement During the Fire Festival in Iran
Chahar Shanbe Suri Persian Fire Festival, Iran

Book of Mitra is History, Philosophy, Culture, Photo Gallery and Everything Else in Between!

This One, I Dedicate to:

Students of History
Free Thinkers
Seekers of Truth
True Persian Nationalists
Persian Warriors
Global Scholars
And indeed,
All Lovers of Iran ……

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Art

Sadeh Persian Festival of Winter Fire Aryan Night Torch Rally
Zoroastrian Priestess at the front carries the Main Torch
Chak Chak Cave Fire Temple Shrine Outdoor, Yazd, Iran

Fire Temple Atash Bahram, Yazd, Iran
Fire Keeper lights the Eternal Flame Torch

Behind the Scenes Story of the Book

Dearly Beloved

Readers, Members, Colleagues, Comrades and Friends:

Let us have a word with each other. Allow me to be blunt as usual, because you will not like me nor will you read my writings or listen to what I have to say, if I am not blunt and if I am not me! You will not like any other way!

It has been years that I wanted to publish this book but I have never found the time to do it. I have been researching, reading, writing, designing, gathering information and material for years. I had put everything in a file, yet, never managed to actually put everything together, write the book and publish it.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess on Horse Modern Art

Mehregan Persian Festival of the Sun Goddess College Girls’ Choir, Kerman, Iran

Well, this is the perfect time to publish it because it is Christmas Season and it is time to educate the public about the True Meaning of Christmas and Where it came from?

So, it took a month for me to actually write it, graphic design it, web design it, photo shop the images, program and design everything and indeed publish it.

Iran Politics Club Lion, Sun and Curved Persian Sword Iran Flag
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess face is appeared in the Sun

Mehregan Persian Festival of the Sun
Chak Chak Cave Fire Temple Shrine Outdoor, Yazd, Iran

This book was a lot of work,
Research and gathering the material took years
Writing it took a month
Design and programing it took 2 weeks

With my busy schedule, imagine what sacrifices I had to do to finally make this project to come true. My neck and back are practically broken, my eyes are blind and my buttocks are in severe pain due to sitting on the office chair, starring at the monitor and working on this project mostly all day long for days and weeks.

The only reason I do this is to protect and serve the Persian Culture, educate the youth about the rich Persian history and heritage, and trying to survive the Persian Culture, History and Heritage which is being smashed under the boots of the IRI, Islamists and Islamic Regime which has been illegitimately running Iran since 1979.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess – Indian Version Art
Mitra the Bi Gender Feminine Goddess of Iran

Mitra Lion Sun and Sword Persian Qajar Dynasty Mosaic Tile Work
Mitra Sun with Qajar Female Facial Features and Hairdo fully shines behind the Lion
Takieh Moaven Ol Molk, Kermanshah, Iran

I neither have time to do grand massive projects like this, nor do I get paid for doing them. I am not here to make money or butter up to some organization or person to get grants. I am only setting so much time for projects like this to:

* Punch the Islamic Terrorist Regime of Tehran in the mouth
* Mass educate the masses
* Teach history to the youth
* Revive the Persian History and Culture from the life support

And indeed, I do it for the,
* Love of Iran

My best reward is for all to read it and enjoy it. The enlightenment of the students of history, the youth, and the future generation is my goal.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Rides Her Horse – Divinity of Mitra
Mitra in her armor with halo around her head, Sun Crest on her chest and Sun Icon on her shield, draws her mighty shining Light Persian Sword and rides her Persian white horse

Persian Sun Dancers
Mehregan Persian Festival of the Sun in Honor of Mitra Persian Sun Goddess

Hopefully the future generation will read and judge for themselves on who they were before Islam and Islamic Republic and who they are now after Islam and Islamic Republic!

From Cyrus the Great’s Declaration of the First Charter of Human Rights in the Globe
Seyed Ali Khamenei, Boy Toy of Imam Khomeini with the Declaration of the First Charter of Islamic Halaal Bangarooni for the Kunis at the Backrooms of the Mosques, Islamically Correct Way with Islamic Methodology on how to Analize the Tolab Religious Study Students, the Halaal Way!

Boy we have come a long way!

From Cyrus Civilizing the Globe
From Persian Culture, Mother Culture of the World
Infestation of Iran with Allahic Virus and Islam
Bending Over to Arabo-Muslims and Their God Allah
Kissing the Feet of the murderers and rapists of our parents
Exporting Islam
And our Greatest Achievement,
Becoming the Greatest Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism in the World!

When it comes to Islam, we are always more Muslim than Arabs!

Do Blacks worship KKK?
Do Jews worship Nazism?
Then why the Hell do Iranians worship Arab Religion, Arab God and Murderers of their Ancestors?

What kind of losers thank their oppressor and enslaver for enslaving them?
If this is not Stockholm Syndrome, then I do not know what is?

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Roman Shield
Mitra appears on top and at the bottom sacrificing the Bull. Zurvan (Aion in Latin) appears in two shapes: Dark Zurvan on the right and Light Zurvan on the left.
Zurvan (Aion in Latin) is the ancient Persian God of Infinite Time and Space. Zurvan is a No Gender God. He is Neuter, has no passion and is neutral on good or evil. Zurvan is the father of Ahuramazda and Ahreeman both. That is why he takes no sides between his sons and that is also why on this shield, he is portrayed as the Dark Zurvan (Ahreeman) and the Light Zurvan (Ahuramazda). It is the element of Duality in the original Zoroastrian Thesis.
This shield further proves that Persian Goddesses and Gods were much more dominant in the Roman culture than the public is aware. Romans did not just worship Mitra but also Zurvan and others.

Every Thinking Iranian at some point of his life must decide between Islam or Iran?

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected
Islam, the Big Lie; Muslims, the Sheeple

Part 1 ... /index.htm

Part 2 ... /index.htm

IRI Mass Media and Mas Propaganda for 40 Years has been loud and it made Iranians more religious, more ignorant, more superstitious and more of an Arab Worshipers!

IPC Mass Education and Mass Propaganda is also loud, maybe not as loud as IRI but it is pretty loud and it has been going on for about 20 years.

So, when I tell you that there is hope for the future generation, I mean it. With all the sellouts, losers, IRI agents, IRI Lobby, So-Called Up-Position (Opposition) Leaders and Feeders, Career Exilists, Pacifist Cowards, Persian Traitors, Half Breeds, Indifferent Millionaires and Billionaires, and other Low Lives of the Iranian Community, I still say that there is hope for serious change in the future of Iran.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess of Iran with her Persian Sword

London Mitraeum Reconstructed Hologram View, England, UK

We are building the Foundation and the Youth will build the Future based upon it.

No Retreat
No Surrender
No Compromise
Death Before Dishonor
Fight Until Victory
Always Rebels

That is our Motto in IPC.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Miniature Painting
Persian Miniature Painting by Master Hojatollah Shakiba


“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”

Never Back Down
Always Stand Your Ground
Persianhood and Mother Persia are Worth it

More Power to the People


Dr. X


You will be the first to view and read it before the actual publication date which is tomorrow. So, dig in and enjoy.

Merry Mitra Sign – True Meaning of Christmas
Mitra is the Reason for the Christmas Season – Happy Winter Solstice
On December 25th, always remember where Christmas came from?
Christmas came from Iran via Mitra!
Merry Mitra Persian Sun Goddess



I am going to offer you two pills, take the Blue Pill and believe in whatever you want as the organized religion, Shiite Islam and the Christian Church have been preaching to you for millenniums, take the Red Pill and see the historical reality which has been hidden from you for millenniums. The choice is yours and the pills are in my hands, take a pick, Matrix style!

Read more:

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess & Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Mitra & Mitraism Pictorial History
Book of Mitra in 5 Chapters

Chapter One ... /index.htm

Chapter Two ... /index.htm

Chapter Three ... /index.htm

Chapter Four ... /index.htm

Chapter Five ... /index.htm

Iran Online English Library Index ... /index.htm

Iran History Index

Iran Photos Index

Iran Philosophy Index

Iran Culture Language Index

Mitraic Temple Ceremony, Rome

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Stone Wall Carving

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess Wall Carving

Chahar Shanbe Suri Persian Festival of Fire, Holy Fire Gathering, Iran
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Re: Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby CR » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:25 am

Doc :irannational:

Let me be the first to acknowledge your great effort to at last complete this project in which we have been waiting for years to witness the final results and the results are surely super. I posted the pre publication announcement on all of the major forums around the net in the world. The early bird got to read it first. I am so proud of you. This one is one of the best you wrote. It is very informative, controversial and bold. It is so you and as you wrote, we don’t want you to change and be politically correct. We want you just the way you are. Magnificent job and by reading this one, it makes me feel that I am part of something great. I have the pleasure of knowing and serving Iran with you. Keep on doing what you do and being who you are.
Love you
Be Best (Melania Trump)

Boos Boos :kissey:

CR :dancechad:
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:40 pm

Hey Doc

Now that you ruined the Christmas for children and adults, I hope that you’re happy! Grinch!!!!!
Cat and I were talking behind your back,
You know what’s the problem with you?
Same as your looks, your writing is!
You look good for your age. You look very good and you know it. That’s the problem.
You’re a great writer and you know it. That is also the problem.
Some people are good writers and some people look good, but they don’t know it.
You know it and you’re also arrogant about it and that’s the problem my friend!
Hey Doc, I saw that Cat put this on the mailing list so the readers on the mailing list would get the info, so I also put it on the general mailing list for relevant media, political orgs and personalities, so they would get it too.
This one would be an Internet Sensation. Iranians would have a field day with this. They would email it and show it to everyone they know, only to rub it in that Christmas came from Iran! This one would cause a great controversy in universities, in intellectual dens and online, but hey, you are aware of it, don’t you? That’s why you wrote it, you Evil One!
Ahreeman I hate to admit it but you’re one in ten million. I remember once someone on IPC wrote you’re one in a million but afterward, some author said no, Ahreeman is one in ten million. Don’t let all of this go to your Ego, like it’s not large enough!
OK my friend, enough of me pulling your leg or as you say pulling your short!
Great job, by the way, I loved it.
I like the way you mentioned Qajar Dynasty in it. Lot’s of trash talk out there about Qajars, but people forget about Aqa Mohammad Khan and Abbas Mirza. They only see the bad ones, not the great ones!
Merry Christmas or shall I say Merry Mitra!
Yours Truly
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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Re: Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby Qambujiye » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:41 am

My Trouble Making Friend

I liked it. This is the best book I read in 2018, let me rephrase that, this was one of the best books I read in a last few years. I enjoyed your descriptive narration and fine timetables.

Your Body Guard
Not that you need it
Freedom doesn't come cheap,
Freedom comes with Blood.
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Re: Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby Bita Qabus » Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:26 pm

Super History Book in Super Easy to Comprehend Format

Master X

Generation to generation we will keep our glorious Persian Culture alive. Generation to generation we will fight heart and soul with Half Breed Mullahs and Hezbollah who occupy our land and slave our people. We will keep Iran alive and we will rid of Islam from Iran.

Master Aryamanesh transferred the knowledge to you Master X and you are transferring the knowledge to us. I am privileged to refer to myself as your student. I had the honor of sitting in your class for 3 years. I cherish those 3 years. Those 3 years built my character, priority and love of our Aryan Motherland.

I finished reading this super book. I loved it and I enjoyed it. You make boring history exciting. Only you can write, color, image, format and design so lively and comprehensive in a manner so from 13 to 90 year olds will enjoy reading them the same way. When start reading your books, it is hard to stop until it is finished. I loved this one.

You educate the world about Mitra in a way that no other boring published book or net site had ever done. This is on the net and at the quick search button of the engine. Everyone can easily and freely access it, so they can learn and educate with magnificent knowledge.

I learned how to do computer graphic design, animation, web design and programing from you. I learned computer architecture from you. I learned how to write an essay from you. I learned Persian Nationalism from you. I learned Persian History from you and now I learned about Mitra, our Persian Heritage from you. Honestly, I became a reader and thinker by you.

Doc, to me and my peers in the university, you were and are God. I cannot imagine what path would I go without having you in my life. You changed my life. You are one of those educators who impact the students for life. You are a life changer. I don’t think anyone who had your classes would ever forget you because that was an experience of a lifetime. So much love was in those classes.

You pushed me into Computer Science and Modeling. You made me successful in both. You made a professional computer graphic designer and a professional fashion model of me. The most important lesson you taught me is how to be a True Persian and what the True Persianhood means. You taught me Persianhood and Honor. You made me love History which I used to hate. To think about it, without you, I would have been another statistic, another airhead Persian girl in California lost and confused.

I want to thank you for years of education, help and favor. You built my foundation in the same way that you built many other peers, students and youth’s foundation.

The results of your hard work paid. Today I am a computer graphic designer and model by profession, thanks to your teachings:

Bita Qabus Chic Album ... /index.htm

Bita Qabus Cheers Album ... /index.htm

Bita Qabus Pink Album ... /index.htm

Bita Qabus Free as the Wind Album ... /index.htm

Bita Qabus, the Private Life Album ... /index.htm

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and love you forever.

Congratulation on the new book
Thousand kisses
Your Student for Life
I am a thinker and an explorer.
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Re: Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity!

Postby IPC » Mon Dec 27, 2021 11:56 am

Are You Part of the Problem or Solution?

Dear Members

It is amazing how much of the global civilization and to be specific the western civilization including the roots of their language, culture, laws, philosophy and even Christmas is inspired and based upon the Persian culture, an 8000-year-old mother culture of the world.

It is also a shame how a coalition of Iran Lobby, Democrats and Deep State is America are cooperating with the Mullahs’ regime to destroy the Persian culture and replace it with the Islamic culture! It is a grand plot formed in Washington DC, engineered by George Soros, implemented by Hussein Obama and executed by Trita Parsi and NIAC.

Soros and Democrats are not only enemies of the American culture but destroyers of the Persian culture. An Iranian American Democrat whither intentionally or unintentionally is accelerating the death of the Persian culture and replacing it with the Arab-Islamic culture, hence is the enemy of Iran and Iranian people.

Let’s call them for what they are. Let’s call spade a spade. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then by god, it must be a duck. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. If you are not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. Being the silent majority does not fly anymore.

Iranian American Democrats of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Media, Political Establishment and Deep State are supporters of Iran Lobby, in bed with Democrats and on the payroll of George Soros. Call them for what they are: Criminals.

In our battle, you are whither with the global workers or with the establishment. Iranian American Democrats have chosen to be with the Establishment, Elite, Iran Lobby and Soros. They are enemies of the Iranian people, Iranian Culture and Iran.

Inform yourselves:

Best Shahnameh Persian Poetry Book Translation and Illustration Available
Save Persian Art, Culture and Language ... /index.htm

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby
Why Mullahs have been Running Iran for Over 4 Decades? ... /index.htm

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation! ... /index.htm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Mitra
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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New Portraits of Mitra the Persian Sun Goddess

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat May 13, 2023 2:49 pm

New Portraits of Mitra the Persian Sun Goddess
Mitra & Mitraism are the Foundations of Christianity
Christmas has Persian Roots!

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess (right) with Varuna Vedic Sky Goddess (left) - Mysteries of Rig Veda
Mitra and Varuna are both Bi-Gender Goddesses (both Male and Female)

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess’ Resurrection from the Rock
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess - Mysteries of Rig Veda
Mitra is a Bi-Gender Goddess (both male and female)
Mitra and Mitraism are roots of Christianity and Christmas. Mitra originated in Persia (Iran) and then moved to India, Greece, Rome, England and become global. At the time, Mitraism was the major religion of the globe.

Ahreeman X states:

Similarities between Mitraism and Christianity

* Mitra was the daughter of the virgin Goddess Anahita.
* Jesus was the son of the virgin mother Mary!

* Mitra was born on December 25th.
* Jesus was born on December 25th.

* Mitraists were having bread and wine at Mitraic Temples.
* Christians are having bread (body of Christ) and wine (blood of Christ) at the communions in churches!

* Mitraists brought gift of Pine Tree to honor Mitra.
* Christians celebrate Christmas with the Christmas Pine Tree.

* Three wise men of Persia came to visit baby Sun Goddess Mitra and brought her gifts and gold.
* Three wise men from far away came to visit baby Jesus in the stable and brought him gifts.

* Mitra had 12 followers which were the 12 months of the year and the Zodiac signs.
* Jesus had 12 disciples who followed him.

* Mitra wore a Corona which is a crown of thorns similar to sun rays and had a halo around her head.
* Jesus was put a crown of thorns on his head by the Romans and had a halo above his head.

* Mitra walked on bodies of water.
* Jesus walked on water.

* Mitra sacrificed herself for the humanity.
* Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins of humans.

* Mitra crucified, resurrected and then ascended to heavens.
* Jesus crucified, resurrected and then ascended to heavens.

* Mitra was known as the Way, the Path, and the Salvation.
* Jesus is known as the Good Shepherd, the Messiah, and the Savior

* Mitraists were baptized head and body down the water to cleanse sin and reborn clean.
* Christians baptize with water.

* Mitra was portrayed both as the Lion and the Lamb.
* Jesus has been mentioned in the Bible and holy texts as both Lion and Lamb of God.

* Mitra displayed amazing magic and shown mysteries.
* Jesus performed miracles.

* Mitra blessed the soldiers with her Sun Icon on their foreheads.
* Christians draw a cross on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday and had done during the Crusades.

* Mitraists’ sacred day and worship day was Sunday.
* Christians go to Church on Sunday.

* Mitraists held Mass and Liberation.
* Catholic Church conducts Mass.

* Mitraeum held Divine Banquet in tradition of Mitra’s Divine Banquet.
* Christians believe in the Last Supper of Jesus and his 12 Followers.

* Mitraist Ravens wore Black, Persians wore Red and Father wore White.
* Catholic Christian Priests wear Black, Cardinals wear Red and Pope wears White.

And many other similarities…

So, who copied who?
Christianity is a bit over 2000 years old.
Mitraism is over 4000 years old.

Mitraism was practiced in Iran during the Susians over 3000 years ago and was practiced by the early Aryans during the first Aryan Migration of Iran over 4000 years ago.

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
Mitra Head of Yazatas
Mitra Enlightens the People and Brings Justice to the World

Book of Mitra

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess and Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Mitra and Mitraism Pictorial History ... /index.htm

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses ... /index.htm

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess on Horse Modern Art
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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