The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

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The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:19 pm

The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

From the Dusts of History Comes an Epic Persian Poem
A Poem for Freedom of Iran: I am The Persian!
Ahreeman Came Up with Another Hit!

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New Ahreeman X Poem

Dear members

This one is a hoot. You know my interest is poetry and I read much poetry. I love them all, the classics and the modern stuff both. I love Ahreeman’s poetry. This one just blew my mind! It is one of his best.


It is amazing. You never let anyone know that you are writing a poem, not even me. You know how much I love poetry and you know how much I admire your poetry. I know the projects you are working on and this one was not included!

You must have just come up with this spontaneously like you often do. Then you must have rhymed it, polished it, made the final format and published it in silence without letting anyone know, not even me! You didn’t even post a comment section for this worthy poem. Are we modest now? I have to write a review on it and post a comment post and section on the forum and on the poem page on the website. With your permission I make changes. I must do it.

Every time I believe that your poetic essence has dried up, you go and recite something like this and blow my mind! What a concept Doc. This one is very emotional, sentimental, poetic and patriotic. It is heartwarming, blood boiling and riot causing!

I read this a few times to digest it, comprehend all angles and think it over. You must have written this spontaneous and in one day, right? I know your spontaneous thoughts and inspirations. This is amazing. I love it. It is deeply nationalistic full of soul and heart.

Let’s put it on the paper and dissect it.

These are favorite verses:

I’m sending the data with unstoppable flow
Roaring and storming in a sea of light
From my point of origin exploding across the lands
Refusing to slow down without a fight

This one is fabulous:

I am a Persian
My past is obscured, by the dusts of history
My future will be written by you
I am telling you the now, in the mist of mystery!

Togetherness is the key word:

I am one, with you I’m two
Together, our voice is loud
Whoever is loud will be heard
Stand up now, make us proud

I can picture you shout it here with all your might and soul. You lay it all on the line:

I am a Persian
Are you less than me?
Prove me wrong
Grab my hand, stand by me!

So symbolic and delicate but strong and tough:

I am a Persian
My word is my sword
Are you a Persian?
Will you be on board?

And then the final blow with The Question?

I am a Persian
I will not bow!
Are you a Persian?
Will you join me now?

What an ending! You rocked the boat there and made it eternal.

How do you come up with these concepts? You are a natural poet, a natural Persian melancholic charmer. Your rhymes are amazing and the structure is capturing the soul to ache. You make lovers of motherland cry and pick-up arms. This poem is enough to begin a riot and uprising. Will the silent majority wake up? Will the sellouts grow a conscience? Will Revolts begin once more? These are the questions worthy of asking?

You made my heart ache, my soul burn and my spirit to cry. I shed tears of sorrow and joy both. I read much poetry and I love reading yours.

Promise me you will recite this in a group poetry night or at least in private for me. I love it and I love you so much. You are one in tens of million. Never lose your touch and sensitive approach. This one is a masterpiece in sorrow and hope.

Let’s post it:


The Persian
Epic Persian Poetry

This soul is ancient
The consciousness is within me
This body is only a vessel
The consciousness is around me

We live in a bubble
And this body will die too
We display a facade
And this vessel will pass too

But this soul is wounded
Thus, this soul aches for survival
But this consciousness stays forever
Thus, this consciousness is eternal

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Re: The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

Postby IPC » Thu Dec 24, 2020 2:39 am

This one I like. It’s an easy reading but deep impact poem.
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Re: The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:30 pm

I just read the review by Atusa Qajar, our lovely mistress of the Iran Politics Club. She captured all of the significant points of The Persian with such love and admiration for the great Persian leader, Dr. X, that I hesitate to provide a comment of my own.

I am not a Persian but I have been captivated by the imagination, sensitivity, intellect and devotion of Dr. Ahreeman to preserve the culture of one of the greatest civilizations that has impacted the modern world. Few men recognize the contributions that the great nation of Persia gave to mankind and is why Dr. Ahreeman is to be honored and applauded for insuring mankind does not forget. Each succeeding generation of mankind builds upon former ideas that help all of us to better understand our world and achieve higher accomplishments.

For me, not a Persian, I will be on board to grab the hand of Dr. X and stand with him to improve our world. All those of Persian descent have a heritage to be proud of and whenever possible, join him now to preserve what Persians have given to this world.

It was fitting that Dr. Ahreeman was inspired to write his poem for the end of 2020. It reminds all members of IPC to learn more of Persia’s great men and women as we enter 2021. I am proud to be welcomed by the Iran Politics Club and the honor will always be treasured for I love the Persian people.

Yes, post this poem every year to remind all of us that we share a common sense of love and are willing to die for the values that makes us worthy human beings.
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Re: The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X

Postby Bita Qabus » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:18 am

Atusa thanks for posting this note in the club and send it with mailing list. I was abroad a while and missed a lot of updates.

This thread:

The Persian: Epic Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X Thread

Needs to be added to or linked to this thread:

Ahreeman X Poetry Update Thread

and it is a great sequel which accompanies this literature piece:

Plastic Persian - Epic Photo Literature with No Hero!
Persian Sunset and Persian Sunrise ... /index.htm


In my humble opinion, this one is one of your best and one of the best patriotic poems ever written about Iran, Patriotism, Nationalism and mother Persia. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad Atusa posted it because I could have missed it for a while. Soon or late, I would have read it but now soon than late.

You never seize to amaze me and capture my attention and widen my imagination, making me explore new concepts. With you, sky is the limit. You add spice and flame to Persian Nationalism and as we specify to it as Persianhood. It is for sure glorious, heartwarming and proud. It makes Iranians feel good and proud of themselves and it makes them to make a move and get off of their butts to actually jump start a change and a revolution. Something must give and make this dead silent majority to wake up.

I love it. Only you can start a spark with poetry and create an uproar. Wonderfully illustrated without you lifting a paint brush and without the need for a paint brush. You captured the picture and imagination. Marvelous Doc, one of the best.

I am a thinker and an explorer.
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