Trump News Network Must be Created to Save America

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Trump News Network Must be Created to Save America

Postby CR » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:19 am

Trump News Network Must be Created to Save America
Real News Network & Major Broadcasting Org. is Needed
Time to Tell the Truth to America

Urgent: Real News Media Needed!
Trump News Network (TNN)
Trump Broadcasting Organization (TBO)

Trump David vs. Establishment Goliath Branco Cartoon
Modern Day David and Goliath Story of the US Elections 2020
Establishment Goliath armed with the Democrat Party Helmet, Google Strong Arm, Deep State Sword, Fake News Media Shield and Rigged Dominion Software Armor, stands tall as a giant, seeking to rig the US Elections 2020 due to stealing the votes via “Cheat by Mail” ballots in Blue States’ “Liberal Shiite Hole” Large Cities! Stands strong as the final hope for freedom and justice is man of the people, Trump slinging the final rock!

Trump and FOX News Transformation to Democrat Jackass Branco Cartoon
“FOX News is abandoning its conservative base and joining the Fake News Media!” (Media)
“FOX Management Trying to be Overly Fair and Balance, abandons principles!” (Media)
“Paul Ryan the RINO and the Liberals have Taken Over FOX News Management!” (Media)
“FOX is joining the Woke Mob!” (Media)
FOX Transition to Donkey!
Trump: What’s happening to you?
FOX: Racist!

Trump Foundation Logo
Graphic design can be inspired to use for the future Trump News Network logo



Please review Ahreeman X latest piece on the urgency to create the Trump News Network:


Trump News Network Must be Created
Save American Culture and Civilization

Ahreeman X
November 18, 2020

Dark Winter of Socialism

Biden’s “Dark Winter of Socialism” is approaching quick! ANTIFA, BLM and other Socialist Thugs and Democrat Foot Soldiers have already started the assaults, riots, lootings, arsons, thefts, rapes, murders and burning down the businesses and cities nationwide. Any opposing voice will be silenced, beaten and sent to hospitals. You have enjoyed a sample of Democrat Thugs’ Assaults in the streets of America, after the Million MAGA March on Washington DC, where George Soros paid Street Thugs, assaulted and battered the Trump Supporter elderly, women, children and families dining in the local restaurants or trapped in the streets of DC! ANTIFA and BLM Animals are running the streets of the “Liberal Shiite Holes” (large Blue State Cities) and demanding revenge, reparation, social justice, burning down the suburbs and Socialism! Election is not still over but the Biden’s promised “Dark Winter of Socialism” is already here!

Read More:

Trump News Network Must be Created

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Catayoun Razmjou
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Trump Family Crest Metallic Logo
Graphic design can be inspired to use for the future Trump News Network logo

Trump Two Thumbs Up with Two US Flags Famous Gesture
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Re: Trump News Network Must be Created to Save America

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:41 pm

Truth and knowledge of real proven facts regarding the fake news media efforts to carry Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States cannot win against immorality and corruption that now pervades America. That is because truth and “knowledge without action means nothing” - Ginex.

The ever-watchful leader and founder of the Iran Politics Club has in his post, Trump News Network Must be Created - Save American Culture and Civilization offered a worthwhile, practical solution that will definitely save American culture and the freedoms enjoyed by all people born in America and those that risked their lives to become American citizens. :praiseyou:

This morning I was encouraged after viewing most of Trump lawyer Giuliani briefing the press on the progress of accumulating evidence that substantiates voter fraud in several states during the November 2020 presidential election. I was equally impressed with two of his elite lawyers, Sidney Powell and Jenner Ellis. It may be viewed on ... ularities/. \:D/

Most of all, my spirits were lifted up after reading Ahreeman’s article that proposed President Trump take on the initiative to develop and own a national news network that can be an effective tool to not only fight for a fair election process in the future but to be a beacon of hope to all Americans whereby they can be assured that their news is not tainted with falsehoods but also be an instrument to emphasize truth, love and integrity throughout the United States. :lol:

The one thing sorely lacking is the failure of our educational institutions emphasizing values that build character and integrity to be admired and trusted. Our colleges and universities have failed because we can see our journalists and news editors, graduates from these institutions, are prone to lie and distort facts for the benefit of an agenda that endangers the principles of democracy. [-X

All Americans can agree with Dr. Ahreeman when he wrote,

For above reasons, only the presidency will not do, but it takes a major network or at least a news network to change the culture and put it back the way it was and it supposed to be. The only way to make sure that America will survive and will be set back the way the Founding Fathers intended is, for you to create the Trump Broadcasting Organization (TBO) or at least Trump News Network (TNN) and make sure that it is free and only be supported by the future ad revenue.

There is one recommendation with regard to the news network emphasizing the Trump name; because it appears to be self-serving, it would be better to not emphasize Trump. Instead, I recommend that the Trump news network be named "Integrity News Network" or INN because it is the integrity of the news media that sorely needs to be the focus in reporting honest and factual news.

In the future, history will remember that the greatest Trump legacy will be his devotion to make America great again and his efforts that made it happen by starting a national news network – thereby learning from the above quote, Knowledge without action means nothing. The reverse, Knowledge with action leads to successes; successes that will eventually benefit mankind. :jump:
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Free Real News Information

Postby CR » Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:34 am

Free Real News Information

Dear members and readers

For those of you who own Smart TVs, most likely, you have “Pluto TV” and “Xumo” applications on them (smartcast).

Go to Pluto TV
Go to Live TV
Go to News Section
You will get these channels free and live:

Blaze TV
First TV

Go to Xumo
Go to Live TV
Go to News Section
You will get these channels free and live:


You can also get Newsmax live on their YouTube channel and on their website.

For more information:

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media

Don’t allow the mainstream media to brainwash you
Don’t allow Tech Giants and Social Media to put you in a digital prison

Time to move on with our own media, social media and lifestyle. Time to move away from the liberal globalist socialist media and social media.

Who made Google, Facebook, Twitter and Media, giants?
You did.
You can also make them humble again by leaving them.

DuckDuckGo is the Google alternative
Gab is the Facebook alternative
Parler is the Twitter alternative
Dailymotion is the YouTube alternative
Unlike tech giants, These networks respect freedom of speech. And there are many more.

You gave the power to tech giants.
You can take it away from them and teach them a lesson.

Tech Giants goal is to collude and rule the world.
Tech Oligarchs want unlimited power over you.
New World Order with
George Soros
Sundar Pichai
Mark Zuckerberg
Jack Dorsey
Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos
Tim Cook
And the rest are now controlling the information and affecting elections including the US election.

They choose what you are allowed to read or not. They control the encyclopedia’s full of lies (Wikipedia) and if they dislike you, they will defund you (PayPal). George Soros billions allows him to operate the Internet and Tech Giants as a puppeteer.

Trita Parsi and Iran Lobby are funded by and work for George Soros.
Whose side are you on? Make a stand for American, Iranian and all Free People.
Patriots, join hands and free the world from Globalist Corporations.
Support IPC, Support Opposition, Support Trump.

Stop being a sheep and start waking up to the reality.

Patriots join together to save America and the Free World from the Globalist Socialist Corporations only driven by greed and power.

You have made Tech Oligarchs billionaires
you can also break them

Free thinkers of the World Unite

Catayoun Razmjou
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