Biden & Raisi Halloween Special Animation Graphics

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Biden & Raisi Halloween Special Animation Graphics

Postby CR » Mon Nov 01, 2021 7:56 am

Biden & Raisi Halloween Special Animation Graphics
Democrats & Mullahs Dirty Deals
Come & Get Your Hot Animation Graphics

:paranoid: :sarcas: :hanging: :whip: :guillotin: :WOW2: :whiper: :vamp: :CS: :skull:
Extra Extra, IPC Halloween Special is Out!
Tales of Terror & Horror from Washington DC & Tehran
Worldwide Green New Bull Shiite Eats the World!

:satan: :steamroller: :grandp: :drown: :ripcall: :shackled: :banghead: :lolbang:
Come Gather Around Poppa Ahreeman’s Fireplace
Listen to the Dark Tales From the Biden & Raisi Sides!
The Iranian Butcher & The US Democrat Bull Shiite Artist!

:restpeace: :preach: :brainwash: :sodapop: :peeper:
Don’t Watch Alone, They are Scary!
:voltage: :toxic: :warning: :toxic: :voltage:
Let the Terror Begin! :paranoid: :sarcas:




Raisi: Look, I don’t have blood on my hands, I just washed them! And I didn’t even touch the ballot boxes, it was all a rumor!

Biden: I’m not an angry boxer, I just have arthritis of fists! They get locked & I can’t open them! I have hollow fists!

IPC Comics Halloween Special
Hot Juicy IPC Anime & Graphics
IPC Comics Presents:
:shocked: :surprised: :shocking: :WOW2: :shocking: :surprised: :shocked:
Biden and Raisi Halloween Special
Big Guy Mobster vs. Mullah Massacre
USA Mafia Boss vs. IRI Mafia Boss

:shocked: And Here's Your Host, Poppa Ahreeman! :firedvl: :shocking:


Biden and Raisi Halloween Special
Democrats and Mullahs Dirty Deals
Joe Biden and Ebrahim Raisi Similarities

Ahreeman X
October 31, 2021

Hello Boys and Girls, come and get your Halloween Special,
Hot Out of the IPC Oven!
Let me tell yous a Real Horror Story & a True Tale of Terror!
It is the All-Hallows’ Night of Terror in Washington DC & Tehran!

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Biden: I’m not the reincarnation of Bozo the Clown, That bastard Ahreeman dressed me like this! I am your president! Don’t call me the Regime Leader, it hurts my feelings! I’m not a vegetable, I am a human being!
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