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SEX for Politics!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Dec 02, 2004 5:14 pm

Welcome to "The Dark Corner"!

Episode One:

SEX For Politics!
December 2, 2004

Eyes'll Git Ya!

You are now entering the Deepest Darkest Unknown Regions of The,
Ahreemanic Mind of The Mad Doctor X aka "The Evil1"
All aboard The Twilight Zone Express .......
Is everyone on board?
We are now departing from Earth onto ......
The Evil Zone!
Toooot Tooot, taking off ...........
Ok Boys & Gouls, lets get ready for an Ahreemanic Tale O Evil!

Hello Kiddies,
I am your conductor on this trip to The Evil Zone.
Sit back, relax, grab a glass of your favorite poison, take a sip and....
munch on some Persian Pistachios & Pumpkin Seed.
We are now entering the "Dark Corner"
To the Abyss of the Evil Zone.
Welcome to my Nightmare
Come on in Kiddies, gather around, and ......
Let me tell you all about it
Hee Hee Hee (Evil Smirk)!
On we go..........

Lets start the first article of the "Dark Corner", The Chronicles of Ahreeman! Here or there, from time to time, I will post some interesting events of my life over here! Enjoy the tales & feel free to release your input on "The Chronicles of Ahreeman".

Dear Lord O Mighty, the things we do to get people back to politics!

Maybe I am not supposed to write about this issue but what the hell, I am sure she digs my sense of humor & I am sure you guys could use some juicy gossip! Yous need a break from politics. So here we go ......

These days, I am E-mailing all of our old comrades to find their whereabouts, locate them & hopefuly get them back to politics. The "Islamisto_Yahoo Liberalo" Sabotage of getting IPC off the air for months, has interrupted our line of communication & now that I am back, I cannot locate anyone! Everyone is scattered all around the globe! Europe, South America, Mexico, East Coast USA, West Coast USA, Iran, Turkey, and Mid West!

So suddenly someone responded back! Hell yes! It was Liz, my old pal. Liz aka Elizabeth aka Queen Nefertari aka Queen is best known as The Queen. Same as many other old IPC members, I granted her a title & gave her a new name "Queen". It did fit her so well. Queen was an amazing political activist. Eventually she became a part of operations. She was the mind behind the idea for creation of the "Persian Cultural Month" (Month of March)!

Check out:

Persian Cultural Month

@ the time, that was a revolutionary idea! What a fine idea. I played with it & reshaped it & officially made it an IPC Tradition. Every year, we celebrated Month of March by posting all kinds of historical, cultural, artistic, literature, poetry & Nationalistic articles on Iran. The goal was to revive the Persian Culture. We started a wave on the Internet. Many loved it & many hated it same as any other bright idea coming out of IPC! So Queen was a bright soul with many good ideas, We enjoyed her very much.

Check out:

The Origins of Iranian Nuclear Program

Eventually Queen had disappeared from politics & IPC! Off & on she showed up in IPC. We were off & on in touch with one another. She was very busy with work & school but kept in touch. For some reason, everytime that we arranged to get together, life was so busy that we could not make it. I always seemd to be very occupied with work or politics, running around the world, so I could not find the time to meet with her. Then IPC got off the air.

Check out: ... de0b36f1c2

.... and we totally lost touch until she finally replied to my E-mail on getting back to IPC!

We talked & she told me that she seized all her political activities & opened a SEX B Log on the net! A Heavy Duty Political Activist now left politics for SEX! Heres a bit of my conversation (spiced up) with her:

L: Doc, great to hear from you

X: Hi Liz, how you been?

L: Greater than ever. I feel great.

X: It must be all the Mid Western Corn! Them Mid Western Gals are Corn Fed!

L: Hee Hee Hee as usual the same Doc ........

X: Juice bar (my nickname for her) , Nice to hear from you, how is everything?

L: Cool, .... Great to hear from you too

X: You were the creator of The Persian Cultural Month (Month of March), you were such a passionate activist, what happened?

Liz: I just lost my passion for politics. After Democrats lost the election (she was a flaming liberal) & Iranian Opposition's Unification seemed hopeless & many of the Top IPC Commands (Roya, Cat, Azita, Sarang, ....) left politics, then I felt lost & abandoned! so I turned to SEX! I created a SEX B Logger in Mid West & I spend much time partying like its 1999 (Prince)!

X: What can I do to get you back?

L: Nothing, I am out.

X: What about the cause? You made a difference!

L: F*** the cause! American politics is full of hypocrites, I noticed this in my times in DC as an intern. Iranian politics is useless. Persians are too arrogant and selfish to cooperate on a plan to bring democracy to Iran. They (opposition Groups) hate each other more than they hate Mullahs! You tried for 5 years & got no where. I don't want to waste anymore time. F*** them all.

X: But why SEX?

L: Because it releases tension!

X: Ok check it out, how about if I bribe you?

L: What do you mean?

X: I am willing to sell my body for politics! You can take advantage of my body anyway you want, as long as you get back to politics, hows about that?

L: Are you now peddling your Ass for politics?

X: Any which way we can, to get people back to politics! The things I do to get people to become political! I am telling you, Iranians & Friends of Iran are so seasonal & layed back that I must do all kinds of tricks to get them political!

L: I see

X: So what the hell, back in college when we were short on cash, when I was young, I done sex with older ladies for $ & why not now, having sex for politics! would you come back? Iran needs you (Beady Eyes)?

L: You are too far, all the way in SD. I need someone near in Mid West. You are full of promises & no action! Everytime you suppose to meet me in Mid West or West Coast, you never shown up!

X: SEX & Politics, I sacrifice my body for my nation! Will you find it in your heart to Bang away & for a noble cause to save The Motherland (anxious eyes)?!

L: Same old Doc, promises promises ...........come on, you never showed up!

X: The shame of it all (Googly Eyes)!

L: I don't think you can keep your promises .....

X: But dear, don't you know Ahreeman is everywhere? We are everywhere & with you in your darkest moment of ...........(she cut me off)

L: Oh palease................. give it up Doc. I heard it before (She is on to me)!

X: I'll see you in Oregon. Let me know when you will be there?

L: I know you better than that! Don't trick me again. I know better.

X: Damn! What can I do for you to believe me?

L: Come to Oregon

X: So will you get back to politics?

L: Well, I will decide upon delivery of goods from you! Show me the merchandize & I will let you know of my decisions.

X: Sounds like a Drug Deal! Or maybe a "BlackMail"! Well in this case a "Persian Male"!

L: LOL, so silly .........

X: So what are the chances?

L: Seriously, I am out of politics. I am devoting my time fully to SEX.

X: Dear Lord O Mighty! Remember that song? Chances are .....lala la lala la .............

L: Oh boy! Keep in touch & check out the B Logger, theres new pictures of me in there.

X: I enjoy your photos, whats the Deal with the B logger?

L: Its about Sex in The Mid West

X: Good Lord O Mighty! How did we get from "Persian Cultural Month" to "Sex in Mid West"?!

L: LooooooooooL, LMAO, Haw Haw Haw Ha .........

X: Let me know when you will be in West Coast ....

L: K, see ya

X: I'll miss ya

L: Kisses

X: Peaches & Cream

L: Orevua

X: Adios

And thats how it went ...........

Yes Kiddies, the things we do to get the people back to politics. And these are cream of the crops of the Iranian Politics & the activists of Iran! You do not want to know about the slackers & Non Political ones! No wonder The Revolution has been delayed for 25 years, due to Party Party Party in Tehran, Tehran-Geles (Los Angeles), Shiraz, Shiraz-Diego (San Diego) & all over Iran & with these Iranians in Exile & Inxile (Internal Exile)!

We are now leaving the Evil Zone
Back to your lives you go
Back to Earth indeed
All get off the Twilight Zone Express
Shoo, Shoo people, get out of here & go back to work
Thanks for riding the Evil Train

Back to your lives you go
Until we meet again
In the Deepest Darkest Corners of The Ahreemanic Mind,
"The Dark Corner"
You Hahaha ha ha hahaha haha hawwwwwwwwwwwww (Evil Scientist Laugh)!

Well Boys & Gouls, Time to go bye byes,
Goodbye Kiddies
And always remember,
Who Loves you babies?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

Hee Hee Hee Hee (Evil Smirk)!

And this was yet another amazing tale from the:
"Dark Corner"


Ahreeman Bless


An Ex Patriot & Present Symbiot!

Watcher in the woods

.......and always remember that,

Eyes'll Git Ya!
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