Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Persian & English Texts

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Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Persian & English Texts

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:31 pm

Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Persian & English Texts

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Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Texts



In a near future, I am going to write an article about Imam Khomeini’s legendary quotes, sayings and fatwas; however, until then, you can enjoy reading the original texts of some of his major books in IPC Library.

Get to know the depth of Ruhollah Khomeini’s Twisted Mind, Regressive Thought Patterns, Grand Dark Plans and Fanatical Ideology.

I would like all of you who have already read Imam Khomeini’s books to reread them as a reminder to never again hand the destiny of your nation and your lives to ill men such as him!

I would like all of you who have not already read the Imam Khomeini’s books to also read them. Each for their own purpose:

Those against him, to get enlightened by the sea of knowledge from this man!

Those pro him, to get enlightened of whom they brought to power to destroy the Persian Culture.

Those still in denial and who justify the disaster of 1979 and put the blame on UK, US and anyone else but the pure ignorance of the Iranian people, review and observe the depth of the disaster. Maybe at last, they will take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Those who committed the 1979 Islamic Revolution and now complain about the Islamic Regime, get educated on what they have brought as a present for the globe, the Father of the Neo Islamism.

All and all, I would like all of you to read and get enlightened of the wise words of Imam. It is truly hard to believe that millions of people followed this man and destroyed a prosperous nation without even reading his hundreds of books or at least the major important ones such as these!

Either way, it is good for all to enjoy reading the thoughts of this man who basically started the global Neo Islamist Fundamentalism by the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. It all started with Khomeini and until this day, we are all involved with the fruits of the Khomeini Tree, globally!

Fruits such as:

Shiite Fruits
Al Jihad


Sunni Fruits
Al Qaeda
Muslim Brotherhood
And so on …

Persian Books

Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah)
Founding Father of Global Neo Islamism, Shiite Islam, and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Resaleh of Imam Khomeini (Doctrine)
Amazing and outrageous words of wisdom by the Founder of IRI and Father of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism!
* Resaleh of Imam Khomeini (Doctrine)
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... esaleh.pdf
Resaleh: Touzih-ol Masael-e Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini

Discovery of Secrets
Fantastic Revealing of Historical, Islamic, Social and Political Secrets by the Founder of IRI and Father of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah)!
* Discovery of Secrets
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... ecrets.pdf
Kashf-e Asrar: Kashf-ol Asrar-e Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini

* Tahrir Al Wasilah (Guide for Shiite Muslims)
Ayatollah Khomeini’s views on life and how the Shiite Muslims must live it. Shiite Islamic Guide for Shiite Muslims on how to live their lives reaching salvation. Imam Khomeini's book in 4 volumes.
Volume 1
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... silah1.pdf

Volume 2
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... silah2.pdf

Volume 3
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... silah3.pdf

Volume 4
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... silah4.pdf

Tahrir Al Vasileh-ye Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini dar 4 jeld

English Books

Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah)
Father of Modern Islamic Fundamentalism
1st IRI Imam and Supreme Spiritual Leader of Shiite

Little Green Book
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Select Important Fatwas and Sayings
The astonishing beliefs of the man who shaken the western world
World according to Imam Khomeini
Little Green Book
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/en ... enBook.pdf

More Books

Iran Online Persian Library
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/pe ... /index.htm

Iran Online English Library
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/en ... /index.htm

Iran Online Library

Light of Allah Iran Flag
Light of Allah shines over Islamic Republic of Iran and all the Good Muslims
This is where Allah Emblem of IRI belongs,
Where Sun does not shine, Allah shines!

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