Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses in Persian & English

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Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses in Persian & English

Postby CR » Fri Apr 14, 2023 9:18 am

Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses in Persian & English
Salman Rushdie’s Classic Satanic Verses Now in IPC Library
IPC Library: Largest Iranian Online Digital Library

Salman Rushdie

IPC Library Presents:

Salman Rushdie, Great Critic of Islam, Islamic Scholar, Author, Poet, Philosopher

Salman Rushdie
Satanic Verses

Poetic Novel on Criticism of Islam in 9 chapters
Angel Gibreel, Mahound, Ellowen Deeowen, Ayesha, A City Visible but Unseen, Return to Jahilia, The Agnel Azraeel, The Parting of the Arabian Seas, A Wonderful Lamp

Satanic Verses (English) ... Verses.pdf

Satanic Verses (Persian) ... eytani.pdf

Shame (Persian) ... -Shame.pdf

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Salman Rushdie Writings

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