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Postby LOJ » Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:45 pm

A benz hey? Moving up in the world aren't we???? Rob, yes he is more than welcome to stop by...now another person who keeps wanting to come my way....well I happen to be always busy when he wants to stop by from Rhode Island...but I guess I have his naked pics so why would I want.....need the real thing.... ](*,)
And yes a digital camera works if you've got it, and your friend sounds like she has it...she is a model after all :---) ?
You will see about the book, we are using a self-publisher right now since I pissed so many of them off during my drug induced numbing phase, so this will give the book a chance to get out there again into the population!
Then the real publishers and screenwriters can pick it up if they think it has worth. It might be hard finding llamas that want to cooperate though.
I still SWEAR that is what they were, but who knows the malnutrition could have been working against me. But those llamas might get you your MASERATI! :badgrin:
As for the pic....I forgot about the "properties"...but I'm still learning...Remember I just figured out again how to post a pic onto this website for a post. I will get there.
Later babes,
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Re: Poo Bear

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:23 am

Lori Poo:

Those Llamas were actually gay Muslim camels which lost their humps due to too many recitations of Namaz, bending up and down! But then again you were so high on morphine and taryak that they could have been a couple of Shirazi hairy perverted ugly men giving you two ladies, piggy back rides in the deserts (of course after molesting yous) and you assumed that they were Llamas (you must have been thinking of Peru at the time)! In a way dorkey Shirazi perverted guys kind o look like Llamas!

Knowing you, most likely you will end up sending me one of those Llamas instead of the Red Maserati. You no good hussy!

Robert got in touch with me. We located him in Chicago. As long as he is next door to you (Michigan), he got my message and he maybe drop by in to your bedroom in the middle of the night! He will be the one with the South African Accent! Please distinguish between all the guys in your bedroom (murder, riot)! After Chicago, he will move on to Washington DC and then back home. He is on the move and has limited access to the net; therefore, he won’t be able to invade IPC soon! He is really enjoying this experience and I told him to write all about it once getting back to Jersey. He started from Jersey to Florida across South all the way to California and then moved north across America going back to Jersey. He covered many states and visited many unusual sites. He cares to see specific places rather than tourist attractions. He goes to unusual places and meets unusual people. He is very particular and eccentric. That’s what I like about him!


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Postby LOJ » Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:35 am

I spoke w/Robert, he was heading back to Chicago, so I excused him from the visit THIS TIME....also since I have a following now...I also have another email addy which is: loris_fanclub@loris-song.com
Sick isn't it, what people will pay because they see ONE PICTURE, but they have no idea the club is about my book and anyone else that wants to share their ideas as well.
Take care...People can join by going to FANBOX.COM and joining under the club name LORIS SONG, or by accessing me via my email there:
No, No, No, this is not a club that will compete with your club again...like LORIS LORDS...yes the good old days..this is simply to get my book info out there....Want me to refer all the horny perverts your way too...so you have some members that have ALOT in common with SHMOI?
Just checking dear...
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:56 pm

Thank you for your Efforts

From: Amin < ……. >
To: IPC.Founder@gmail.com
Date: Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 3:13 PM
Subject: Thank you for your Efforts

Hi Sir,

How are you? I deeply apriciate your efforts in educating people about Iran. I have been researching groups to associate myself to and I strongly feel your the one.

I always believed that the Monarchy like Pahlavi family has not done enough to fight against the Mullahs, and feel like they should of hired forces with the monies thy collect and help destroy the mullahs shit.

About me: I am 30 years old. born in America and have never been to Iran. Only my family goes back and forth. For some reason I am feeling like I must do anything I can to Help our people. by all means possible. I am for peace and always have been but these ayatollahs will never leave. they need to be forced out. I have recently been thinking of even joining the army and have met with a recuiter and he suggested to do special forces. it is a 5 year dedication. I feel this will give me the tools necessary to help bring a revolution in our beloved Iran.

I dont understand my feelings, I cant look away from our oppressed people.

My birth name is Amin, I was born March 21 1978. I am willing to help, be guided, and do what i can to help you/ our people/ and bring for democracy in Iran.

Please guide me.

* * *

Dear Amin:

For privacy, your name and e-mail is blanked.

My comrade, thank you for your kind e-mail and interesting words.

Reza Pahlavi II and his cronies (Monarchists) + Maryam Rajavi and her cronies (Mojahedin) are the 2 great obstacles for misfortune of Iran and 2 main reasons that IRI is still in power. These 2 cults (monarchists + Mojaheds) are basically wasting Iranians and Iranian Opposition’s time. These 2 groups are the main reasons for this opposition not to get united as a single punch in the mouth of IRI.

Reza Pahlavi is the most worthless so-called opposition leader, master of flip flops, lies, laziness and cowardice. Maryam Rajavi is a Marxist-Islamist but at least unlike that bum (Reza Pahlavi), she is a revolutionary.

Monarchists and Mojahedin have 2 things in common:
1. They hate each other.
2. The rest of Iranians hate them both!

Both of these people (Reza and Maryam) are Muslim. How can they save Iran and Iranians from Islam?

As you are aware, I have done my best to unite this scattered opposition. How can I unite this opposition if all 101 groups of them refuse to unite?

Now I am down to cultural and moral revolution. I am building the future mind frame of the student movement and the youth. I am directly working with the Iranian students inside and outside Iran. I given up on the old because their arrogance had brought nothing to Iran but misery and disunity.

Look at the bright side:

Khomeini used cassettes to jump start his Islamist Revolution in Iran. He imported cassettes in to the Iranian mosques and through the mosques distributed them around the country.

Khomeini could only dream of the powerful tool which I use today!
Khomeini would have loved to have this tool back then!

I have the most powerful propaganda tool in my hands: Internet.

After years of cyber battle with Hezbollah, now IPC is the largest Iranian Network in the world, like a dagger pointed at the heart of IRI, Hezbollah and Islam.

This Virtual Empire (IPC) will not die with me. Other comrades will continue my path, the same way that I have continued Aryamanesh’s path.

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/authors/kou ... /index.htm

This is how you can support IPC:

Support IPC

To be frank with you,

Iranian Democratic Movement
Iranian Student Movement
Iranian Opposition

Are the resistance to IRI. IPC supports all 3 of them. IPC is the greatest ace which we have to eventually end the reign of Islam on Iran. IPC is the results of 30 years of my life fighting IRI, Islam and Hezbollah.

I strongly suggest for you to join the club:


get active, state your mind, teach others and learn from others.

I strongly suggest for you to join US military (Special Forces or Marines) or at least get into Martial Arts (Kung Fu or Karate). Build your body, mind and spirit. Get strong physically and mentally. Get disciplined and organized. Do you see how organized is IPC? All Iran and Iranians’ problems are lack of discipline and organization. Everyone releases the responsibility to God and no one takes responsibility for anything!

Try to get in to the philosophy of Kung Fu. It revives your body and soul.

Even though it is a disgrace to accept Obama as commander in chief; however, we believe in what America stands for, even though an empty suit is the president for 4 years!

Military and Martial Arts can build your body.
IPC and I will build your mind.

Together, we will create a warrior out of you, the same as we have been doing the same for hundreds of other Iranian youth inside and outside. In returns you will enlighten many others.

A warrior is an artist. His art is War!

Soon or late the Zero Hour will come and soon or late the Iranian Nationalist Revolution will occur. On that day we will need you and Iran will need you. Iran will need your able body and mind.

Do not hesitate to join the discussions, state your opinion, be in touch and ask me about any issue which you desire.

I’m here for you.

I end with these words:

Some people make things happen.
Some people watch things happen.
Some people wonder what happened!

Ask yourself, which one are you?

Give me your hand and be a part of folks who make things happen.

We build the youth’s mindset.
We build the future of Iran.

Pure Persian Pride

Ahreeman X
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Reza Pahlavi, Opposition and Forum Problem

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:56 pm

Reza Pahlavi, Opposition and Forum Problem

Here is an interesting trade of words. Sensitive material for security purposes are blanked:

From: Amin <…>
To: < IPC.Founder@gmail.com >
Date: Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 12:56 PM
Subject: having problems going to forum and ipc site

Hi Im sorry to email you here , but I cant for some reason go into your forum from my pc.

I hope you find this interesting. this is what shaw should of done. more or less his son.



* * *

From: AX
To: Amin

Dear Amin:

You need to completely describe what type of problem you have logging in to the forum?

Reza Pahlavi is a bum. He had a chance in the 80s to help the 2nd coup (read my articles about him). We did not need mercs, we had plenty of our own warriors inside Iran. Now he lost the momentum. He will be a bag full of hot air and lies and will yak forever until his death. He is a joke to Iranian opposition, CIA and US State Department. He was never cut out to be a leader.

If we ever regain our nation in my lifetime, I will drag this guy and put him on trial for abandoning Iran and Iranians, a step short of Treason.



* * *

From: Amin
To: AX

Thank you for your reply, Your really an amazing person.

the problem i have is at my work pc. I cant got to the forum page, it just wont show up. or sometimes random articles. a page comes up that says not connected to internet but i actually am.

from my laptop its ok thats how i got on early this morning. but since im at work most of the time i enjoy going on your site.

another question i had, do you know anything about the MPG people? marze por gohar? if they are legit or IRI? You have balls and say the gutsyest shit and i really respect that. I would imagine you would know better than anyone.



PS I hope one day we can meet each other. Im a designer in Los Angeles, my family has a boutique on …… Ave. but i understand if you cant.

* * *

From: AX
To: Amin

Amin Jan:

Do you mean you are a clothes designer? Do you mean you work for your parents? Do you mean this computer of yours is at your work in your boutique? If so, then maybe your parents put parental control permission for you not to surf inappropriate sites such as IPC (I kill myself)!

Buddy the problem is your pc. Bad connection or setup issues or parental control!!!!!!

MPG people are good people and are not IRI. They do what they can in their ability which the same as other Iranian opposition groups (except Mojahedin) is very close to zilch! Mojahedin are more organized and effective than the whole other groups of opposition combine! The problem is that they are Marxist Islamists. The most lazy ass, irrelevant, all talk and no action, drug addicts, alcoholics and corrupt Kos Mashang members of this opposition are Monarchists. They are basically a bunch of Kos Kholz living in 1970s!

Nationalists such as myself are the greatest part (by numbers) but they are not organized and they lack unified leadership. I would connect them, start a new party and eventually start a civil war in Iran (had the offer from CIA), but call me selfish, I already spent 30 years of my life on this Kun Goshad nation of people, why should I spend another 20 years, creating a party and start a civil war to take over Iran?

Iranians always look at the sky for a Reza Khan or a Nader Shah to save them. No one wants to make a move! Always in history someone must bail them out! Well this time, it can't be me, because I don't want to spend the rest of my life conducting speeches around the world and drafting members and creating an army! I want to enjoy life.

Today's Iranians are not yesterday's Persians.
This is the problem, if you know what I mean?!

Hasta La Vista baby


* * *

From: Amin
To: AX

Theres no Parental control, come on brother im 30 years old! Yes your right its the pc itself. Im a accesory designer for headwear.

You had an offer from cia? thats so awesom! If no civil war then what do we do now? I have to put aside my dreams of fighting along side nationalist? I was hoping one day Id be fighting alongside with you.

I understand todays Iranians are not not yesterdays Persians.

I dont see the relavence in this life, if its not helping the oppressed. Im so far from consunmerism. I rented my apartment out and started sleeping in my car and the store just to detach as much as possible, and learn.

Should i just go back to my regular ant in the farm life?

Thank you


* * *

From: AX
To: Amin


"Theres no Parental control, come on brother im 30 years old!"

You never know with Persian parents! Even if you'll be 50!

" Yes your right its the pc itself."

For God's sake get a new system!

"Im a accesory designer for headwear."


"You had an offer from cia? thats so awesom!"

Any of these bozos (Iranian Media Lords or Up-Position Leaders) would jump the wagon right away, but then again CIA – State Department are not idiots and they know who to pick to gamble! This is how it went:


CIA – State Department is tired of funding a bunch of bozos for decades with no results (Media, Up-Position, etc.), but I am not a CIA puppet.

"If no civil war then what do we do now?"

Inform the public about the "Word", educating the public, Moral Revolution. What I told you before:


http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

"I have to put aside my dreams of fighting along side nationalist? I was hoping oneday Id be fighting alongside with you."

Hopefully one day we will but that day is not now. Public is not ready.

"I understand todays Iranians are not not yesterdays Persians. "


"I dont see the relavence in this life, if its not helping the oppressed. Im so far from consunmerism. I rented my apartment out and started sleeping in my car and the store just to detach as much as possible, and learn.

Should i just go back to my regular ant in the farm life? "

Using my quotes?

I did not say that. You need to do as I told you: Develop your mind and body. Inform all.

What I am telling you is that I am sick and tired of bailing out this "Do Nothing Opposition". Here is the latest episode:

http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/tr ... /index.htm

To expect one man to carry the weight and play the savior is way too selfish of this opposition, their cheesy leaders, IPC members, my comrades and even you.

Why should I? Where are all of these Up-Position Leaders? 30 years of my life is wasted on these morons. Now many expect me to waste another 30 years on the cause! What if I live only 10 more years?! It is pure selfish to expect me to run around the world to save the people who do not even want to save themselves!

That is why I am doing the best thing that I can do, which is running IPC Website. Today's wars are fought on Internet because Internet is a tool to as quickly as possible build the minds of the future generation by transferring the information all over the world. Today's wars are not fought by killing a Pasdar or a Hezbollahi or two like Anjoman Kun Goshadi (Padeshahi) does!

Get my drift?

Until we create the actual revolutionary situation inside Iran, we can't make a political revolution. To create this situation, we must win hearts and minds of the youth. This may take a long time. This is what I am doing, working with and on the minds of the Student Movement.

There is no quick fix and all of these bozos who pop up on TV every month and preach that there is one, are charlatans!

You want to be an activist?
Spread the word, inform people, start posting and discussing issues in IPC Club, build yourself first before building others, etc. ……. because we are far from the actual battle. With Obama and the cheesy opposition and today's Iranians inside who have turned to slaves, the battle will not be happening soon!

"Thank you




* * *

From: Amin

Im glad you put …… and …… in check. I respect you dont want to be a part of the CIA, and your right they treat everyone like puppets.

I am a Hat designer. Like the ones Al Capone wore, I make mainly for the entertainment industry. A lot of celebs have my hats.

Im not quoting your words. When I first read you site, I felt like I could relate to you somewhat, when I was 21 I had gotten my girlfriend at the time pregnent, so my father kicked me out and I couldnt stay at my girls house so I slept in a old toyota mini rv for a few months, until i saved money for a condo.

Now I stay in the store on my own accord, just not to get to comfy and be blinded by society. This way i feel i can open my ears more to whats happening in Iran. Also theres a restroom to pee at nite!

So Moral Revolution it is, Inform all, work on my mind and body... Ok at least I can still screw girls...( i even gave up a few girls because of your site!!!!)

If you ever come to LA come visit me, Id love to meet a Legend.


* * *
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:04 pm

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

From: Ali < ………. >
To: IPC Founder < IPC.Founder@gmail.com >
Cc: AKX < ……. >
Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 6:50 PM
Subject: Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (AX)

Dear Mr. Ahreeman X

I am writing on behalf of my father who is seeking out the book in which you have authored, Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (AX). How would we go about purchasing/ordering a copy of your book?

Please email a reply to this email address so that we can order this book about the History of Iranian flags as soon as possible.

We found this book on your website www.IranPoliticsClub.net

Your time and attention are much appreciated.



* * *

Ali Jan:

Thank you for your e-mail. Your father must be old school and not cyber friendly. All my books are only available on the net. I have done this on purpose to allow people to access them for free, or else I would provide hard copies. The only way for you to draft it for your father is to take a color print of all pages (don’t go bankrupt)! Maybe in the future, I will publish hard copies of all my books, but for now, you can read all of them in the IPC English Library section of the:

IPC Library

Please understand that these books are written to educate the youth and the masses and prepare them for the future Nationalist Revolution to end IRI. I did not write these books to profit. As you see, every single book which is illegal in Iran, is published in the IPC Library. Check out the Persian library for your father. You can always take printouts.

Give my high regards to your Dad.


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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:05 pm

Flag of Turkmen Sahra Republic

From: Yildiz < ….. >
To: IPC.founder@gmail.com
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 1:17 AM
Subject: flags of minority people of Iran

To whom it may concern:

while ago accidentally searching for Iranian flags through Internet where I found out many Iranian minorities flags. These flags were flags of Iranian minorities who had a short life.I was wondering if you know anything about Iranian Turkmen flag too( Turkmensahra or south Turkmenistan).Turkmen were also claiming their land in Turkmensahra who were wiped out around 1925 by Reza khan pahlawi.This is only for curiosity.Thank you.

Thank you

* * *

Dear Yildiz:

There is particularly no official flag for Turkmen Sahra Republic of the 1920s in our hands; however, as you can see, there is a flag for Turkmens on the page:

Ethnic Flags of Iran

This flag could easily be the off shoot roots of the 1920s republic.


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British had done it!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:09 pm

British had done it!

From: Shahrzad < ………… >
To: ipc.founder@gmail.com
Date: Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 5:19 AM
Subject: Ahreeman X, What do you think of this story?

Salaam Ahreeman X,
What do you think of this historical claim for the overthrow of the Shah?
It can be found at:

http://www.iranian.com/Opinion/2004/Aug ... index.html

I am aware of Britian and the US's involvement, particularly the issue of independence in oil sales policies and the antagonistic intent of the British - I am too convinced that the West (Britain & US) were purposely seeking to undermine the Shah and Iran, and the nation's accretion of power (Lovely Western sentiments, huh?)
As a lover of Persia and aware to seek behind surface value, I am tempted to subscribe to this view - but have my doubts, of course.
I am seeking your opinion and would value it greatly.
Thanks so much! ;p

Excerpt from the site:
The British did It!
Or did they?
Qumars Bolourchian
August 3, 2004

I received many comments regarding my recent Iranian.com article, "W is for War--with Iran". One response however was both frightening and eye-opening. The man claimed that Iran is currently a British colony.
A US invasion will result in liberation of Iran from the British colonial masters who currently rule everything and control every aspect of Iranian society from behind the scenes. Having heard this theory before, I was skeptical. But I decided to do my own research on this subject. I read many articles and interviewed scores of individuals. At the end I can't help but conclude this: It's true, it's all true.
But there's more to it.
The fact is the British were never happy with the Shah. He was bringing real independence to Iran and his awesome industrial power was frightening most of the western civilization. But the Shah, knowing the evilness of the British, preferred the company of Americans, who gladly took over the "best friend" position formerly occupied by the UK.
By 1975 the Shah was even more powerful than the United States. He, skillfully, pretended to be USA's friend but he was planning on shaking the Americans too.
After the 2500 year celebrations, the Shah moved quickly to restore the glory of his powerful ancestor, Cyrus the Great. Iran's armies were strong and well disciplined. He had an elaborate plan to masterfully benefit from the cold war and the west's fear of a World War III.
The Shah would use Cold War fears to put pressure on the USSR to nullify the treaty of Turkamanchai and turn over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to their rightful owners in Tehran. Shah's awesome intelligence services were ready to topple the regimes of Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and quickly annex them.
After that, Iran, as the protector of the Shiites in the world, would take back the Sheikhdom of Bahrain and the gulf coast of the Arabian Peninsula -- easily.
If the Shah had not been betrayed by the British, Iran would have control over most of World's oil by 1980. Iran would rule over the lands of the Arabs and re-introduce Persian heritage to their backwards inhabitants.
In the West, Iran was ready to take over Afghanistan and unite the two countries once again. Furthermore, India and Iran had decided to takeout Pakistan and reunite it with India. This was especially ingenious because it was Shah who had forced this confrontation by secretly transporting Nuclear technology to Pakistan in 1973.
As a token of appreciation to a fellow ancient civilization and a long overdue bow to Nadir Shah's glory, India would grant the lands of Paksitan all the way up the Indus River to the Iranian Shahansha. It was little secret that Iran was on its way to become the dominant power on Earth.
Knowing all this and feeling left out and betrayed, the British decided the Shah had to go. They found a perfect agent, Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini came from a long line of British agents. His ancestors were in India during the British rule and had pledged allegiance to the Empire.
Little Ruhollah, was instructed to obey the British from an early age. The British Royal Family who runs most of the world's financial services backstabbed the United States in order to wrestle Iran from them. Khomeini quickly stopped all US trade and communications so the British could take over everything.
The Shah's fatal flaw was his humanity. He refused to put down the revolution because he didn't want a single Iranian getting hurt. Instead he courageously decided to leave and launch a plan to expose this evil plot. In Egypt while working on the final touches of a secret TV broadcast that would've exposed Khomeini as a UK-owned traitor, he was captured and given a lethal injection by British agents.
The world lost a true humanitarian. Shortly after his death, the Shah's offices in Cairo were raided by secret British agents and the tapes found there were destroyed. Only one person besides the Shah had viewed them. The Shah had shown a rough cut of the film to the British author Salman Rushdie who was in Egypt researching the power of the Pyramids.
But Rushdie, being afraid for his life, has never come forward with this information. Once Khomeini found out, he issued a fatwa to kill Rushdie, knowing that he could decide to expose the entire operation. To this day, Rushdie is afraid to talk, but some say his writings have been inspired by the sheer power of the video he saw that July day in Egypt, 1980.
Most real Iranians are aware of the British betrayal. What I've stated so far is not controversial among them. It's mostly the non-pure Persians and agents of the Islamic regime that spread rumors to the contrary. But the story goes deeper.
At this point, I'm jeopardizing my own life by publicly writing about this, but I don't really care. The world must know. The British policy is decided by the British Royal Family who own most of the financial sector in the world. This is a fact that could be checked by reading the writings of Lyndon LaRouche.

However, the true power behind the Iran betrayal is not the Royal Family itself. They are controlled by the Pope in Rome. The Vatican, through an impeccable network of churches around the globe, brokers almost all major weapons trades in the world.
Without the Vatican's consent, no major military action can take place anywhere. The United States is allowed to participate only when their actions coincide with the interests of the Vatican Elite. Because the Pope himself is polish, the Polish arm of the Vatican has been given special privileges that allow it to intervene directly.
You don't believe me? Think about it. Iraq is militarily divided between three countries: US, UK and Poland. Through UK and Poland, the Vatican controls 2/3 of Iraq directly, and has the US side in check! What's truly disturbing, however, is that Polish relationship with Israeli Jews.
There have been scattered reports of the Vatican cooperation with the orthodox Jews in Israel. There has even been evidence presented that the Pope himself is not Catholic, he's Jewish. With the Israeli Right's control of the Pope, they affectively control the UK, the US and are the power behind Western Capitalism. Knowing the secretive and overtly militaristic nature of Israel, this is not hard to confirm.
What is more difficult to see, but most essential, is that the state of Israel has been corrupted and manipulated by an outside power since it's inception in 1948. This is a powerful society with members in every country and of every nationality and with important functions in the United Nations. It is now growing faster than ever in history. Of course I'm talking about the followers of the 19th century Iranian Hossein Ali Shirazi, better known as Bahaullah.
The Bahais have been living in Israel since their departure and persecution in Iran in the 1800s. Bahaullah's son, Abdulbaha, moved to Israel and vowed to punish the people of Iran through the very same kind of persecution that killed his father and drove away his people. To seek this revenge, a secret, but dominant sect of the Bahai movement welcomed the European Jews in Palestine and defended their right to establish Israel. In return, the Jews allowed the Bahais to slowly infiltrate the ruling classes of Israelis.

By the 60's the Bahais were fully in charge of Israeli politics and thus dominating the Middle East. Invoking Jewish connections with the Pope and exploiting Pope's domination of the British Royal Family, the Bahais convinced the British that the Shah must be silenced.
Through intensive consultations with the British, the decision to put Khomeini in charge represented Abulbaha's final revenge on the people of Iran. Bahai agents trained the British in how to infiltrate Iran and to start a revolution. With their wildfire-like growth in the West, they now dominate many aspects of our lives.
A word of advice: Do not mention to them what you know or your own life may be in danger. The Shah was silenced and Iran was made a pawn in the international game of power and revenge. For that, we can never forgive the Bahais.
Qumars Bolourchian is a writer and photographer living in California.

* * *

Dear Shahrzad:

Can I be frank with you?

As a historian, a valid journalist and a solid member of this opposition with 3 jobs, I do not have time to read Kos O She’r (Iranian.com and alike).

Why do you think Jahanshah Javid publishes Kos O She’r such as this? Because he is a democratic person and he publishes all sides of the story? Hell no! He is publishing Kos O She’r such as this from some Kos Mashang like the author, so he can openly mock the Iranian opposition! In a way, he brings evidence that Iranian opposition are all Kos Kholz who live in La La Land and what is the best way to prove it? Obviously to publish nonsense like this!

Jahanshah Javid is a Fat Blind Rat (Moosh-e Kur-e Chaq)! His sole purpose is to propagate for Reformist Hezbollah (Khatami, Ebadi, Ganji, etc.), provide a tribune for IRI Lobby in USA (Trita Parsi, Houshang Amir Ahmadi, etc.) and to keep the average Iranian Hassan and Soqra dumb and dumber to the realities of Iran. He is a man with a mission.

By publishing off the radar crap like this, he is showing the world that Iranian opposition, such as the author are all delusional. The author sounds like a conspiracy theorist monarchist who has been away from Iran for 30 years and is still justifying the cause of the Revolution as “Ingilisa, hamash zir-e sar-e Ingilisas!”

Monarchists see the sole cause of the revolution as the British Empire. Shah was a saint, his regime was heaven and how could anyone would have wanted to overthrow it?! It must have been a UK – US Plot to do it!

I don’t want to narrate or analyze this garbage, because I have read or heard many such as this garbage before. Go to Opium dens of LA and London and talk to any monarchist and you will hear the same!

Industrial revolution has passed them by for 30 years and they are still piling up this type of rubbish.

At the first glance, a naïve mind would fall for this crap! But then again, I am not a conspiracy theorist, an out of touch Joe Shmoe or some Kos Khol reader or writer in Iranian.com. I am a scientific historian who deals with facts and I bring my facts from reality, unlike this Kos Khol who researched God knows what and brought out nonsense out of his rectum!

You see, this is why any Kos Khol gets published in Iranian.com except the Hard Core Iranian opposition with brains! This is why we only publish the elite brains of Iran in IPC. I don’t publish garbage. I only publish the crème of the crop.

This is why IPC is IPC, website for thinking Iranians and then you got Iranian.com, a tabloid for the most illiterate Iranians.

How can I critic this garbage? The whole thing is garbage! It is Sci-Fi!

The most awesome military which was even more powerful than US military, would had not go upside down in a few months like Guz (Shah’s Military)! It’s Generals would not wear Chadors and escape Iran! Its commanders would not sign a paper and hand Iran to Khomeini rather than stick with Bakhtiar and fight to death! Baba Kos O She’r hadi dareh!

The Imperial Military was a paper tiger, the same as its Shah and the Imperial Iran. Everything was for a show but not fundamental. The complete economy, industry, military and society was a show. Everything was Montage and Shah had no popular backing! Shah was even out of touch with reality and when he saw no one liked him (1978), it came as a shock to him!

Imperial Iran was one of the most dependent Iranian regimes in history of Iran, practically a servant of USA.

IRI is one of the most independent regimes in the history of Iran. IRI is a regional and continental power who is standing in the face of USA and the West.

To say IRI is a British servant is similar to say that Israel blew up the twin towers! This is Middle Eastern conspiracy theorist mentality!

IRI is an independent Shiite Empire. Our problem with IRI is not its independence or dependence, it is not even the fact that it is a republic, but our problem with IRI is Islam. Take Islam out of the picture and everything else is reformable. It is because of Islam that nothing can be reformed!

Otherwise, IRI is much more independent and surely opinion tolerate than the Imperial regime! Everyone speaks freely in Iran today but at Shah’s time no one could even talk without getting arrested! Who are we kidding? I lived in Iran back then!

You can cuss everyone out in Iran of today except Islam. Back then you could not speak a word against the regime.

I am not here to compare regimes. I am against dictatorship may it be Shahollah or Hezbollah or any other ollah!

If you want to discuss issues, you can join the club like others and shoot. We can have a vast dialogue. E-mail is no place for such issues. But if you want quick info, then here is actual history. Read these material which are directly related to the issues brought up in the article and by you:

Reasons for the birth of IRI

How independent is Iran?

Read the bottom part of the article:
I Hold Imperial Generals and Statesmen Responsible
Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Shirin Neshat vs. Ahreeman X

You see, I don’t live in LaLa Land and that’s why people like you ask me questions like this! That’s why people read IPC to get accurate info.

Otherwise, Kos O She’r maliyat nadareh! Anyone can line up some Kos O she’r and send it to that Fat Frag Javid to publish! No standards, no journalistic integrity, no value, no principles!

Best to you


Watcher in the woods
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Postby LOJ » Mon May 18, 2009 5:24 pm

MSN stands for Masters of Science in Nursing, therefore my title technically is:
Lori Foroozandeh-Johnson, RN,BSN,MSN
BTW Whats yours???
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Not Fair!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:04 pm

Not Fair!


This is a good one. Name and e-mail of the sender is blanked to respect his privacy. Here is my response to this e-mail. Devour and enjoy:

from: AP <……@...>
to: IPC.Founder@gmail.com
date: Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 5:38 PM
subject: Not fair


Do you realize how many e-mails such as this one we do receive in all our e-mail accounts?
Do you realize how many e-mails such as this one I do receive every week?
Some Shahollah, Hezbollah, Mossadeqollah, Marxollah or other Ollah due to fanaticism, irrational thinking, historical illiteracy and emotions reads one or two articles by me and then decides to grant me the pleasure of his comments and inform me of his wisdom!

Every week IPC receives thousands of e-mails and I receive hundreds of them and many of these e-mails are similar to yours. By replying to this one, I hope to reply to all ….

This is your lucky day because amongst hundreds of e-mails a week, I decided to respond to you! It must have been your e-mail Title which made me to read it before many others and to even reply to it! So take this opportunity and educate yourself from my historical knowledge!

“I enjoyed most of your article on the patriotic nature of FH's generation.

God bless them all.”

Thank you for the comment.

“I'm a little more emotional and irrational than you,”

You said it all! Most Iranians are emotional and irrational. I am logical and factual. I deal with historical facts and scientific history. I deal with logic and in my logical world there are no rooms for emotions, hero worship and fanaticism of Shahollah, Hezbollah, Mossadeqollah, Marxollah or any other Ollah type.

I teach logic and factual history. This is why a massive viewership reads everything that I write.

“ so I'm no one to critique your comments”

I do not write comments but I write History; however, technically you are correct because you do not have the credential to do such but as a human, you have the right to express your opinion.

“ but this one stood out.”

So Shoot?

“He stood his ground, he stayed in Iran to defend his good name in a just trial, while he could have easily fled like the Pahlavi Thieving Cowards had done! My mother is also from this generation and surely Fereydoun Hoveyda was from this generation of Super Nationalist technocrats.

Hoveyda was told he was being overly courageous to stand his ground.
He was given several times opportunities to leave which he would not take.
He was told by the shah upon requesting him to leave that this was intrige against him
and it would be honorable to leave iran and not stand a sham of a trial, specifically
because no fair trial could be guaranteed or for seen.

Hoveyda made a big mistake and we lost a valuable, honorable, loyal and essential
progressive leader that we could have used
in exile. He should have easily fled.

You lie about the pahlavi's. One thing they were not
was thieves, because they gave everything they had to the people of iran, time, money,
blood, sweat, vision, creativity, confidence, cooperation, wisdom. No individual monarchs,
prime ministers, leaders so far in our history had the balls to do what they did.

I live in the USA and in the next 25 years 30,000 billion dollars (30 trillion)
will be passed from one generation to another as inheritance. Are they thieving?
Th thousands of billionaires who live lives of inherited privelege.

Unlike the pahlavis who gave away everything they had, built hospitals and schools
gave up their property and never built a palace I tell you they were no thieves.
So its either ignorance or lies, which puts you with the mullahs.

Don't go to the dark side of pain, you dishonor Hoveyda too.”

Thank you for your bits o wisdom!

“So its either ignorance or lies, which puts you with the mullahs.”

Actually it is not lies but it is due to ignorance that you wrote this letter to me.

Anyone who is not with Shahollah must be with Hezbollah (Monarchist Logic)!

Shah of Iran with all the good that he had done for Iran was at the end of the day the main reason for the birth of IRI. Iran was lost on his watch. He will always be remembered as the Coward Shah who abandoned Iran on 2 occasions (1953 and 1979) and fled to save his own neck. The ship captain who was the first to abandon ship!

Yes, Pahlavis were thieves. They fled with billions and you are welcome to check their bank accounts! If you would have bothered reading all my material rather than one or two articles, then like a typical emotional Iran you would have not opened your mouth to critique me without the knowledge!

Exclude Reza Khan, Shahryar Shafiq, Azadeh Nikbakht and Kourosh Aryamanesh and what you will have left are the rest of the Pahlavis who are cowards, thieves and worthless.

You cannot read an article or two or a book or two of mine and then release the verdict on me. You need to read:


Reza Shah, the Real Story

Reasons for the Birth of IRI


Iran History

Iran Politics

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?
Why Imperial Generals Surrendered Iran to Khomeini?



Was Shah Really to Blame?

Monarchy or Republic Thread (most read Iranian forum topic on the net)

Immortal Guards, Then and Now!
Imperial Generals betrayed Iran and Bakhtiar!

Shirin Neshat vs. Ahreeman X

Once you read a page of IPC a day, then a new world opens up to you which normally in your Status Quo life, you would have never known about it! Fanaticism, Uninformity and historical illiteracy is common amongst the Iranians and you are no exception. There is no shame in them. What you can do about it is to educate yourself so you will continue thinking with your brain and not with your heart (like most Iranians do).

I am only a preacher. I preach logic, true history and common sense.
I educate.
It is up to you to grasp what I have to offer or continue to fall under the typical Iranian Fanaticism, Emotions, Illogic and Despair.

Your words are based on what you have been taught by the society either biased towards Shahollah or Hezbollah or other ollah.

I am here to dissect and open up a new world to you and millions like you. I am here to replace fanatical bias with logic and historical facts.

In this mission, I do not care to piss off the mainstream Iranian Tabloid Media or Fanatics. What I care about is for thousands who tune in to IPC and read what I write on daily basis.

What I do is to build the mindset of the future generation so they can Change the present Tragic Iranian Mindset!

If you want to further discuss these issues, you are welcome to do it in the club:

IPC Club

e-mail is no place to debate or discuss issues.

Read a page of IPC a day
It will keep the Quran away
It will show you a better way
It will blow your mind away
It will brighten up your day


Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:08 pm


MSN stands for Masters of Science in Nursing, therefore my title technically is:
Lori Foroozandeh-Johnson, RN,BSN,MSN
BTW Whats yours???

My titles are:

BS in BS (Bull Shiite)
MS in BS (Bull Shiite)
and indeed
PhD in MS (Mull Shiite AKA Mullah Shiite)!!!!!

You dig?
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:11 am

Re: Not Fair!

My Final Notes in response to this e-mail are listed below the e-mail:

From: AP <………@....>
To: IPC Founder < ipc.founder@gmail.com >
Date: Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 7:44 PM
Subject: Re: Not fair.

Thanks for the honor.
You give too much credit to Monarchists. I am not one.
I do appreciate the Pahlavi record for Iran and do not believe that the
shah was a main issue as you do, that everyone else was
without flaw and had he stood his ground it would
have had a positive impact. Clearly our styles differ.
I don't like the Bush/ Ahmadinejad style. I like the Clint
Eastwood style in the movie Grand Torino.
The first time the shah fled,
he showed how mean he could be. He screwed the
british harshly, restored himself and took 50% of all
iranian contracts from the UK and gave it to the new
world leader, the US companies and in return for
extraordinary cooperation that benefitted Iranians
in a way the british had not helped. The 60's and 70's
brought massive progress.
The second time he fled, he showed his meanness
and uncompromising style had no limits. He screwed
3 groups, The USA which betrayed his peoples desire for
democracy in the most critical region of the world, and the
fundamentalists and marxists who are both in the process
of being painfully and slowly destroyed today based on
their track record of failure.
Look this process is painfully humiliating for all Iranians,
but why blame the pahlavi's.
Lets not even call him the shah. This Iranian Mo Rez Pahlavi
had an angelic quality in that he played the role of a fair district
attorney that observed peoples actions and gave them something
to help them in their process of transforming their thoughts and actions.
What would have been sad is that after all the good that he and the majority
of his team of progressives and traditionalists represented and were, had those
cheated them got off freely. Both the USA and The Fundamentalists are
immeasurably worse off. No one could have done a better job for the USA or Iran
under the circumstances. Then when the equilibrium of iranian society was disturbed
from out side, he knew how weak Iran really was and that his team stood little chance
so he followed a mean course of action that will have undoubtable results over
the course of less than 75 years. Be patient, you have no idea how dark things will
get for those who betrayed Iran.
P.S. As far as wisdom goes, if you know the true beginning of any story you will always know the
I am qualified to discuss and can see many iranians need help with a certain subject. I'll help you with it soon
I know you struggle with the subject of freedom in your own life... how it works... it's essential mystery.
I see huge errors in your logic in this area. Most personal development comes not from having understanding,
but from being understanding. I look forward to learning more based on your factual knowledge, not the
billions you say the Pahlavi's stole which is funny to hear.

* * *

Dear AP:

….. and then you woke up and noticed that you had a wonderful Dream which in it, you had created a Fantastic Version of Events occurred in Reality!

A few observations:

I. What style of writing is this? Is it poetry? Is it literature? Is it Cubism? Is it Abstract?

II. So you are not a Monarchist?
If he looks like a duck,
If he quacks like a duck,
If he walks like a duck,
And if he Conspiracy Theorizes like a duck:

Conspiracy Theory, Persian Style!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/features/co ... /index.htm

Then for God’s sake he must be a duck!

De-Nial is not only a river in Egypt but it is also a state mind unique to many Iranians!

III. But I have to honestly give you credit for this! You have connected Aseman and Risman and yet you came out with a unique Neo Version of the 1953 and 1979 Events! This was an amazing defense for the Shah. If this was a trial, you would make a fine defense lawyer for him! Even though extremely unique (I never heard this version before) but sadly it is more like Fantasy than Reality! But then again, I am sure Shah would have loved this version and he could even put it in “Answer to History” book!

For creativity I have to give you 2 thumbs up! Bravo AP!

IV. Billions of dollars of wealth does not appear from nowhere! Reza Khan, a true Nationalist had nothing except his dirty old boots, a mattress on the floor which he used to sleep on it and a big heart full of love for Iran!

Reza was Iran and Iran was Reza ….

Where the hell did these billions of dollars in Ashraf, Qolamreza, Farah, Reza de Nim Pahlavi and other bozos’ bank accounts came from?

Pahlavis could have not inherit anything because Reza Khan lived like a Darvish and owned nothing!

Yes it is very funny, but so funny that it is cryable how Pahlavis disgraced the good name of Reza Khan and stole Billions from Iran and now they live a life of luxury and do not give a Rat’s Ass about Iran!

For God’s sake man, you are not talking to some Jujeh Monarchist Kos Mashang member of Anjoman Padeshahi or other Cheeseball Organizations! You are talking to a scientific historian and an insider who grew up in the Pahlavi Imperial Court! Give me a break and give Iranians a break because no one buys these stories anymore and Pahlavis have become Cartoon Characters!

I worship Reza Khan but the rest of them are criminals not worthy to even be called Iranians.

This is the end of these chit chats. As I stated before, I do not debate in e-mail. You got something to say, then say it in the Club for the public to hear!

I end this note by a poem. This is how Pahlavis think and feel about Iran, specifically that Human Dirt bag Reza de Nim Pahlavi:

Cho Iran Nabashad, be tokhmam ke nist!
Ravam jaye digar, zamin qaht nist!



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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:01 am

I Want You Tonight!

Amongst this type of e-mails, this one was interesting and it stood out! This is funny yet persistent! I don’t know what to make of it: is it an invitation, a love letter, a demand to have forced sex or a love threat! We’re not even dating yet but she acts like an Ex Psycho wife!

Sexy photos, address, phone numbers and e-mail address are blanked for her privacy! Check it out:

* * *

From: Elham ... < … @ … >
To: IPC Founder < IPC.Founder@gmail.com >
Subject: I want you Tonight!
Date: Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 8:45 PM

Hi Dear

Are you trying to lure women down through your Myspace profile? Are you a player? I’m an independent and liberated woman which is your type.

I saw your Myspace profile and I like what I see. Let’s cut the chase. Do you want to come over? I make it worth while for you. I’m attaching my naked photos in different poses and my address in San Diego to the e-mail. My phone number is …. And you can call me at work …… at this extension …

Don’t be shy cause I’m not. I know what I want and I always get what I want. Call me and come over. I want to see you tonight. I don’t take NO for an answer so think of a better excuse. People who say NO to me live to regret it. Do you want me as much as I want you? Then come over big boy.



* * *

Dear Elham:

Thank you for your e-mail and kind words. MySpace account is only a promo for my site and it is also a movement of minds for Thinking Iranians. As stated in MySpace, My actual profile is this:

Ahreeman X profile

I do not need to lure women through MySpace account. Women automatically get lured down all around me because I publish the largest Iranian website-network in the world. Please review:

E-mails to Ahreeman X

You are not amongst my circle of friends in MySpace. You my dear do not even have a profile on MySpace! Hypothetically, you could be a Hezbollah assassin hired by Tehran and I am an important Anti Regime journalist which assassination attempts have been done on him before! Get my drift?

Primarily you need to create a profile with your complete information and photos before you send a sweet e-mail such as this one to me.


Aheeman X
Publisher and General Editor of IPC
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What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Postby IPC » Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:44 pm

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?
Monarchist Nowruz Amnesia!

Here are a couple of interesting e-mails which were good enough to be published in the Website:

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/humor/carte ... /index.htm

Monarchist Nowruz Amnesia!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/humor/monar ... /index.htm

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Bozorg Artesh-taran or Bozorg Artesh-daran (Shah’s Title)

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:30 pm

Bozorg Artesh-taran or Bozorg Artesh-daran (Shah’s Title)

Here is an interesting one:

From: alainp < info@antimullah.com >
To: IPC.Founder@gmail.com
Date: Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 3:23 PM
Subject: KUDOS! For all your accumulated hard work putting your site together Well done!

Highly impressive reference site with in depth, erudite content.
I sent this off to your webmaster but you might check: it’s not bozorge artesh-daran (with a “d”) but artesh-taran with a T.

Meanwhile, in a total departure from my “promote nobody’s site whom I do not know personally” I am putting up a brief kudos article on my main page to be seen by several thousand visitors a day I get from some 70 countries.

One time plug but it will be viewed for some time.
Be happy, be well,


* * *

Dear Alan:

Thank you for your input and kind words. You have brought up an interesting issue which is worthy to be posted under this thread for all to read. Please note:

Bozorg Artesh-Taran = Ancient Persian
Bozorg Artesh-Daran = Modern Persian
Meaning: (1) Grand Military man (2) Owner of the large army (3) Field Marshal (4) Commander in Chief

What you state is correct and it was used in older era and even in Pahlavi era; however, the new version was the official term in the Pahlavi era.

ps: I don't have a Webmaster but a Web Mistress, unless you have made a sex change operation!

Best to you

Watcher in the woods
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