Introducing Ginex 2020 Book - Everything Has a Beginning

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Introducing Ginex 2020 Book - Everything Has a Beginning

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:56 pm

Dear IPC Members and most welcomed Visitors,

The 93 page book, Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe, reveals the author’s conception about the beginning of the universe, the phenomena of Consciousness, the existence of Extraterrestrials, and discoveries kept hidden by the United States military through control of the national news media, TV news, movies, publications of scientific and astrophysics papers.

Every conclusion has been grounded in facts and references that have come from reliable sources. This author will not waste time on gobbledygook to prove a point. It is love for the truth that gives him the stamina to share his research efforts with you. There is no other agenda in this book than to open your eyes, widen your perceptions, and bring you closer to understanding yourselves. It may give you greater insight in the God you believe and help guide you to increase your knowledge, love, and integrity. Attributes that will prepare you to one day meet other intelligent beings in the universe (First 2 paragraphs extracted from back cover of book).

The contents of the book began with a philosophical-scientific dissertation that everything has a beginning and how the universe began. It then provides conclusive evidence that Extraterrestrials exist followed by facts that expose a seven-decade coverup by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC); a coverup that is still going on today. The MIC has back-engineered UFO technology and built interplanetary flying objects (IFOs) that can travel throughout space without biological fuels. In addition, the book provides additional evidence that Extraterrestrials have landed on our moon.

To drive the nail in the MIC cover-up, this author has both in this book and its companion book, Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind, included an Appendix. The Appendix provides an exhaustive list that reveals the CIA and FBI were complicit in the deaths of military personnel, journalists, writers, scientists, biologists, UFO investigators, and radio talk hosts who had knowledge of Area 51 activities.

Too long, more than seven decades, the CIA has colluded with the Military Industrial Complex and controlled the national media financially to suppress the existence of Extraterrestrials. Their subversive efforts have kept free energy technology secret; technology which would raise the quality of life for humanity and improve the ecology of our earth by eliminating climate change.

Greatest FRAUD in U.S. History

The collusion between the FBI, CIA, and MIC has deep financial resources with the U.S. Establishment and corrupt multimillionaires to control an estimate of 95 percent of the national media. Having established a collusion network over the 7-decade period, it is no wonder that they have successfully committed the greatest FRAUD in the history of the United States by suppressing and distorting the news with misinformation. The win by Joe Biden over President Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election was highly unexpected. It was a startling outcome when it was publicly noted by all Americans that the few times Joe Biden campaigned he was lucky to have up to 200 people gather together; whereas, President Trump campaigned two to four times weekly and always had anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 Americans attend his rallies. Comparing the Trump and Bidden rallies, it is obvious that the American people overwhelmingly love President Trump and want him to serve another 4 years.

It is incomprehensible that Democratic leaders have become so corrupt that they fail to “see” and acknowledge that the U.S. election process was rigged and the greatest FRAUD ever committed. If Democratic politicians have any honesty, integrity, and love for this country they would demand, along with the Republicans and Independents, that an investigation be conducted and our election process be overhauled to insure honest voting throughout America. To not do so, America is surely in trouble for half the population have been made into fools, brain-washed by the FAKE NEWS Media, which is controlled by the CIA and MIC.

One last point about the strength of the CIA and FBI with the MIC, their subversive reach is so powerful that they have kept the Durham Report from releasing details and accountability of the “Spygate Investigation". This report was supposed to be released soon after the Presidential election. We also find that even Bill Barr, the Attorney General of the U.S., has not energetically pursued the FRAUDENT election that is wholly acknowledged by most Americans. On December 1, 2020, Barr stated that “we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

TRUTH of the 2020 Election Fraud Shall Prevail!

Almost all Democratic Congressional and Senate leaders along with the Department of Homeland Security personal are accusing Trump supporters as being Domestic Extremists for propagating a false narrative that the 2020 Election was fraudulently conducted. Namely, Democrats are accusing Republicans of Lying when in fact, they are trying to distort the truth. Let it be known that the Truth shall prevail with the following links that provide conclusive evidence of Election Fraud.

Conclusive Evidence No.1 – 432,000 Trump votes Removed ... 21-01-06-1

Conclusive Evidence No. 2 – 17,650 votes switched from Trump to Biden ... 40670.html

Evidence of National Fraud - For an in-depth summary that presents evidence during America’s 2020 Presidential Election, refer to the compendium by Sam Jacobs below. ... ompendium/

A Lie or Truth: If Democrats conducted an honest 2020 Presidential Election they would welcome an Audit to reveal Trump is a liar about his allegations of a corrupt election FRAUD. However, Democratic party leaders know that the truth of Fraud must be suppressed by identifying Trump supporters as Domestic Extremists.

Americans must be vigilant, if President Trump is not successful in getting the Supreme Court to reverse the ill-regularities of the Presidential 2020 Election, will the American people surely have been duped by the CIA, FBI, MIC, News Media and Establishment? If so, the best Democracy this world has even known will be ruin.

Sorry for the political detour, but it is related to the 7-decade coverup by the CIA, FBI and MIC. This author will return to the introduction of the 2020 publication of Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.

Nicholas’ idea that “Everything Has a Beginning” was conceived by acknowledging the atom is a fundamental cause in the creation of all matter. Scientists and physicists have developed the Periodic Table of Elements, which shows how different atom configurations create the many kinds of matter that exist on our planet and indeed, throughout the universe. After reading a paper by Paramahamsa Tewari that revealed the electron, a fundamental particle, is created through the transformation of energy in space and acknowledging Nikola Tesla’s profound statement that energy exists throughout space, this author conceived the revelation that
Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.

This revelation led the author to include in his book several topics that are interrelated with the destiny of mankind to enter the universe. The author felt compelled to inform the public that they must understand and resolve the threats that remain hidden by a shadow government. A government that exerts surreptitious control over the American people. That control has existed for at least 7-decades beginning with an alien crash landing of a UFO in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. To this day, the MIC continues their operation of top-secret, unacknowledged programs that U.S. presidents have no knowledge of or are afraid to challenge. The topics serve as a wake-up call for all Americans and people around the world to have the shadow government dismantled by demanding disclosure of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era, anti-gravity and zero-point energy.

Disclose Zero-Point Energy for the Benefit of Mankind

It is Zero-point energy which will allow mankind to venture out into the stars. However, will the American people, national media, and honest politicians demand it be disclosed for use by mankind on earth to improve the quality of life for all people? It is imperative that all technologies employ zero-point energy to achieve low cost energy without the use of bio and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth. The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally. This demand requires the efforts by all people to gain control from the military-industrial complex, a shadow government, which, for seven decades, have secretly controlled the greatest technological discovery for their own greed, power, and control of mankind’s future.

Ginex Abstract for Everything Has a Beginning

The title of the book was originally the name of a dissertation written as a paper. It featured an Abstract, which is provided below. It capsulizes the thoughts Nicholas provides in the book for his readers.


This author evolved a hypothetical idea that everything has a beginning, even the universe. It surfaced based upon a perception by Nikola Tesla that throughout space there is energy. The science of quantum physics has led scientists and physicists to conclude that matter is derived from energy. An engineer, physicist, and inventor, Paramahamsa Tewari, revealed that the electron, a fundamental particle, is created through the transformation of energy in space. His theory presents a space vortex structure used to calculate how energy in space creates the electron and mathematically derive many of its properties, such as its charge and mass. Physicists have documented that one or more electrons revolves around every atom and forms the elements of the universe.

The discovery that the electron is inherently associated with the formation of every atom prompts scientists, physicists and philosophers to understand the phenomenon of consciousness. For it appears that the electron is an intelligent master in the creation of atoms. Beginning with Nikola Tesla, scientists and aerospace engineers have learned to capture energy in space, which has led to new technologies, zero-point energy and anti-gravity. These technologies and the phenomenon of consciousness will be explored in the several topics presented. They are provided to motivate scientists and innovative engineers to someday eliminate poverty around the world, solve the threat of climate change, and give mankind the ability to travel into interstellar space. Several questions will be investigated. Will mankind be able to transform their aggressive behaviors that initiate bigotry, hate, and violence, and to learn to love one another? Will mankind advance morally and intellectually with the new technologies? Will mankind’s transformation to love one another become a reality so that they are welcomed by other intelligent beings in the universe?

Dear readers, as a man of 85 years of age, I do not believe I will have the energy and drive to write another book. My wife Diane has recommended that I can at least write commentary to the writings of other authors and write articles that stir my interest and desire to communicate with others.

Since my retirement at age 67, I have written several books and many articles. I encourage those of you who have been impressed with the last two books, Artificial Intelligence Can Better Mankind and Everything has a Beginning - Even the Universe, to frequent the websites that gives overviews and book reviews of the books I have published and many articles I have written.

For books, visit .

For articles, click on .

For easy access to five books hosted by IPC and many articles that address the problems Dr. Ahreeman and I have surfaced for the public, go to the Ginex Index, ... /index.htm

For those of you who would like to read an on-going philosophical debate between me and my highly gifted friend, Dr. Ahreeman, go to: ... e83b7f6ebe

The debate began on January 19, 2014 and there are 3 links on the Topics Page that go out to the present year, 2020. Dr. Ahreeman has recently initiated a stimulating debate that deals with the book, Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind.

I look forward to IPC members and IPC visitors to be energized with the thoughts and ideas we are willing to post for enjoyment and open other avenues of thought. It would be an honor for me to respond to any questions or comments by our readers via e-mail. My address is:

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Re: Introducing Ginex 2020 Book - Everything Has a Beginning

Postby IPC » Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:30 pm

Nicholas Ginex Press Release Everything Has a Beginning, Even Universe Book

Everything Has a Beginning - Even Universe Book Press Release Thread
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