i24 News - 24 Hour International News Channel

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i24 News - 24 Hour International News Channel

Postby IPC » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:41 pm

i24 News
24 Hour International News Channel

24 Hour International News mainly in English Channel, yet also available in French and Arabic versions, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

International News broadcasted from New York, Washington DC, Paris, Tel Aviv and around the world.






i24 News was created due to lack of unbiased 24-hour International news channels. Channels such as CNN International, BBC and Al Jazeera are all liberal biased and pro Arabs.

i24 News is a breath of fresh air from “Fake News”, “Liberal Biased News” and “Pro Arab News”.

Watch all international news channels and then watch i24 News and judge for yourselves on accuracy of the news.






i24 News covers the world news on 24-hour basis. It covers the latest news worldwide with accurate and vast coverage of all important subjects.

Ask your Cable or Satellite company for i24 News Channel.

i24 News

i24 News

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Iran News

Iran Live TV & Radio
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Ahreeman X Advice to i24 News

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:03 pm

Ahreeman X Advice to i24 News

Remain a Breath of Fresh Air Amongst the Fake News!

To: i24 News
From: Ahreeman X

i24 News

Greetings Friends

In case you are not aware. I am the publisher of the largest Iranian Website in English in the world.

IPC - Iran Politics Club Network

I have been impressed with you and promoting you:

i24 News - 24 Hour International News Channel Thread

Iran Politics Club is the backbone of the Iranian Opposition.

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

I have a piece of advice for you. When you primarily came out on various cable systems such as Spectrum and got into the mainstream broadcast news market, your motto was that you are a breath of fresh air, away from the fake news, biased news and mainstream media. You claimed to be an alternative International News Chanel. Being disgusted with liberal biased BBC and CNN International, I started watching you.

As a journalist I read and view global news resources on the Internet.

When watching Cable TV, I get my national American TV news from FOX because until 5 PM (pacific) which is 8 PM (Eastern), FOX is news and after 5 PM it is opinion; however, the rest of the mainstream news media from morning to night are Anti Trump Liberal Biased commentary posing as news! This is why they have no rating. CNN rating is # 14 lower than reruns of Cartoon Network!

The Democrat Party (not Democratic Party because they are not Democratic) narrative talking point comes out in day time and parroted on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS at night time!

When watching cable TV, I used to get my International TV news from BBC. Even though BBC is liberal biased yet it is heaven in comparison to CNN International which is liberal propaganda garbage.

Then you came out with your mass propaganda of not being fake news, not being biased and so on. So, I switched to you. I even promoted you.

Why I like Watching you?

I. You emphasize on Middle East. There is a lot of news on your channel about Israel, Iran, Turkey and Arab Nations. BBC and CNN International do not do that.

II. There is a lot of culture and diversity about Israel and Middle East on your channel which is not available elsewhere. For instance, Holy Sites, Food, Culture, Lifestyle programs and etc.

III. Arguments and hot debates of your panel.

So on ….

What is the Problem with i24 News?

As the time went by, I notice that more and more, your station is tilting to the left and becoming liberal biased. More and more leftist characters are becoming your regular anchors, journalists, hosts, commentators and guests.

Ahreeman X Advice to i24 News

Let me be very blunt to you.

Jews in America

In America, Media (mostly), Hollywood (mostly) and Academia (partially) are run by liberal Jews. These Liberal Jew Bosses with their mass propaganda, drag the Jewish American population to vote Democrat. Of course, it is for the benefit of these Liberal Jew Bosses to propagate Globalist Liberal Agenda because they make tons of money for their propaganda; however, it is not for the benefit of the Jewish people to vote Democrat because Democrat Party in its nature and policy is Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, Anti Jew and Anti-Israel.

I do not want to go to historical details but you are smart and you have seen what was Carter, Clinton, and specifically Hussein Obama (first Muslim President of America) policies were towards the Israel and Jews. Today, the Democrat Party is going off scale with their Anti-Israel and Anti Jew policies.

Jews in Israel

Israel is a different story. Likud is the most powerful party which is a National Populist Party with Bibi as the Jewish version of Trump. Then you have the Labor Party which is irrelevant and is your leftist Liberal party. In between you have a ton of wanna be Likud parties which are imitation left, center or Right Wingers all wanna be Likud. Still by majority, the Israelis are conservative, Anti Establishment, and surely far from Liberal Socialists.

Your media on the other hand is becoming more and more liberal biased.

A Friendly Advice

In your case, I would like to give an advice because I like watching you. When I watch something and I like it, then I propagate it. A great number of readers and viewers globally read what I write and listen to me propagating something. So, when I watch you, a great number of my global readers watch you.

You are just beginning to make a name for yourself, make a place for yourself and make room for yourself amongst the major broadcast news stations on cable, on net and amongst the media. Stick with being neutral, fair and balance. Report the news, do not create the news, and sugar coat the news. Avoid loading a bunch of liberal Jews and shoving them in your programs as anchors, commentators and guests. Be fair, be balanced and report the truth. Be a Breath of Fresh Air (as you preach)!

Why you ask? Because there is already liberal biased International News on air. BBC and CNN International Garbage is already on air. The last thing people need is for you to become BBC Junior or CNN Junior! You are already showing video clips from CNN and bringing CNN crowd as guests. If you tilt to the left and become another mainstream International Fake News and Liberal Biased Station, you will lose your existing audience; furthermore, you will not gain any new audience.

As I mentioned to you, Liberal Jew Bosses already run the media in USA. They are globalist, fake, shallow, socialist, profit driven and making bundles of dough by promoting Democrats. Do you want to join them? Do you want to become another fake news station?

Good News

More and more American Jews like more and more Blacks are leaving the Liberal Plantation and Liberal Concentration Camp. This is due to Trump’s leadership. Trump is the best thing that happened to the Jewish people since the discovery of the Sliced Jewish Rye Bread! Some compare Trump to Cyrus the Great, savior of the Jews.

The Cyrus Cylinder
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/cyr ... /index.htm

Historical Facts on Israel - Palestine Issue
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/isr ... /index.htm

You really need to pay attention on the fact that who is friend of Israel and the Jews, and who’s not!?

I am a dead busy person and when I set this much time to write a letter to someone, then it means that I care about that person or organization. I like you and that is why I wrote this letter.

Do not disappoint me because I hate to switch back to BBC and listen to a bunch of wussy politically correct liberals with their sissy cheesy British Accent, whining about the global warming (while it is freezing out there)! Do not make me change the channel!



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