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G words

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 11, 2005 7:59 pm


Gusaleh = Cow Calf, Young Brain Dead Muslim

Gav O Guspandan = Cows & Sheeps, Ignorant Cattle-like Public

Gav O Olaq = Cows & Donkeys, Ignorant Cattle-like Public

Guspand = Sheep

Guz Bache = Farting Child

Guz Quti = Fart in the box, farting toddler

Golden Jugs = Large Breasts

Golden Bagels = Larde Breasts

Galesh = Village idiot, traditional boots

Gohmal = Badly doing of a job, careless doing of a task, Shiite on Shingle

Golabi = Pear, easy

Get jiggy = Get crunked up, Work yourself into a state of excitement

Get jiggy with it = Get cranked up with it!

G-Spot = Sensitive spot in female vagina

G-man = Main Man

Guchi Guchi Gu = Sex

Geda = Beggar or cheap

Gada = An extreme beggar or cheap, a big beggar or very cheap

Gorg O Mish = Wolf & Sheep, Moody Blue, Up & Down, Cloudy & Sunny.

Gorg O Mishi = Wolf & Sheepish, such as: I feel Gorg O Mishi, It is a Gorg O Mishi Day, The weather is Gorg O Mishi.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:58 am

GayLa = A very Happy and Gay Party with a lot of Gay colors, where much Gayshess activities occurs!

Gayshess = Gay Behavior and Nature

Gaylam = Gay Islam, Gay sector of Islam!

Gaylamics = Study of Gaylam!

Gaylamic = Culture of Gaylam

GayLord = (1) Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of IRI, (2) A British Gay Aristocrat, (3) An English name, (4) Lord of The Gays! (5) Lord of the Happy people

GayBang = A kind of Bang which occurs via Gays!

Geisha = Traditional Japanese Artist Beauties

Gaysha = Traditional Tolab (Religious Study Students), wearing Islamic Beenie Hats, who get banged in backrooms of Iranian Mosques!

Gay Pool = (1) A swimming pool where Gays swim, (2) A Lake around Holy City of Qom, where Mullahs do "Bang O Salavat" on The Tolab, in a tradition of first banging and then reading Salavat prayers from Quran!

GayLand = (1) Qom and Qazvin, (2) Land of The Gays

GayBone = (1) A Gay Male, (2) Action of Being Boned by a Gay!

GayBoned = One who got boned by a Gay!

GayHole = A Hole or a dark corner at the back of the mosques, where Bang O Salavat occurs, (2) Backrooms of the mosques.

Gayollah = (1) Gay of Allah, a Gay servant of Allah, (2) A Gay Ayatollah, (3) People who bend over (during Namaz) and allow Allah to Bang them, (3) Obedient Muslim

GayLoon = (1) A Crazy Gay, (2) Departed Ayatollah Khalkhali

GayLat = Gay Lavat, An All Male Gay Islamic Anal Bangarooni

GayLo = In tradition of JLO, the long lost transvestite cousin of Jennifer Lopez (actress/singer) who is a Talabeh in a Madrasah in Qom!

Gayzza = A High Tower in Qom which ulike "The Leaning tower of Pizza" in Italy, this one is thick, hard rock and solid! After Friday Prayers, Mullahs often hang around in various dark corners of this monument to consort with one another!

Gaygap = The distance between The State and The Mosque which gets filled by Mullahs in Iran!
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Postby Messenger of Allah » Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:05 pm

Gooz – audible fart

Gooz-bazi – to frolic in ignorance while surrounded by gooz

Gooz-bin – special optical attachments (similar to military night goggles), which allow one to spot a goozoo a mile away

Gooz-boo – one who constantly smells like gooz

Gooz-din – the religion of gooz, aka islam

Goozoo – one who farts, and farts often

Goozoo-ness – his goozoo highness, or holiness

Goozi-ness - being in the business of gooz; being, or selling gooz or gooz related products; alternative meaning: a business which isn’t worth gooz

Gooz-farhang – a culture billed as being rich, but in fact being fully founded on gooz principles; example: Taazi/Arabic

Gooz-fekr – one who thinks is bright and roshan-fekr, but unbeknown to him, has the thought equivalent of a gooz

Goozoo-fool – a Goozoo, who is also a fool

Goozoo-full – a goozoo who is full of himself, or gooz; usually the result of anal retentiveness

Gooz-foroush – one sly bastard, who is able to sell his own gooz for a price; his customers are almost always goozoo-fools

Goozooye gholdor – one who thinks is strong and tries to bully others, but his strength disappears as quickly as the aroma of his own gooz

Gholam goozoo – not a real term; just a kid I used to know and tease back in grade school;…I wonder, whatever happened to him?...

Gooz-gir - one who catches a goozoo red handed in the act of gooz

Gooz-kalam – spoken word which is worth the equivalent of a gooz

Gooz-harf – one who is fluent in gooz kalam, and uses it exclusively as his spoken language

Goozeto-jam-kono-gomsho – a command: take your gooz kalam and kindly go elsewhere

Goozidi? – (inquisitive verb) – did you fart?

Gooz-jende – a very cheap prostitute, whose trick is worth no more than a gooz; she also usually smells of gooz

Gooz-kaar – one whose every effort and work yields only gooz, gooz, and more gooz

Gooz-ketab – a book of gooz;
usually related to religious books, such as the Torah (old testament), Bible (new testament), or most commonly, the Quran (gooz testament)

Gooz-khol – one who has completely lost his senses as a subsequence of gooz exposure

Gooz-khor – one who eats gooz, and asks for more

Gooz-khoone – house of gooz;
usually, but not always, referring to a religious house of worship, such as a Church, Synagogue, or most commonly, a Mosque

Goozooye kooni – a kooni (homo) who farts often, because of irreparable damage to the tone of the anal sphincter. Most koonis are in fact goozooye koonis

Gooz-kosh – death by gooz, or a gooz related death

Goozoo-kosh - one who kills goozoos

Gonde-gooz – one who thinks he’s all that, but is in reality only a gooz

Gonde-goozi – any action that a Gonde-gooz undertakes

Gonde-goozi-ing – a Gonde-goozi in English context

Gooz-mashang – a person who is a tiny and insignificant gooz

Gooz-mullah – double meaning:
1. the gooz of a mullah
2. a small mullah in the making

Gooz-nameh – the written word which is worth the equivalent of a gooz; very often found in various forums

Gooz-negah – one who has a gooz-pich look on his face (see below for gooz-pich definition)

Gooz-nevisande – one who is an author of a gooz-nameh

Gooz-parast – one who worships gooz; aka a muslim

Gooz-pich – to be completely confused, usually by a goozoo who unloads much instantaneous methane in a chemical attack in order to subdue his opponent with the fog of war

Gooz-seda – one whose voice sounds like gooz

Gooz-shad – being happy for no apparent reason; usually the result of a low IQ

Gooz-tala – fools’ gold; a shiny yellow object that in reality isn’t worth gooz; usually found in the possession of goozoo-fools

Gooz-testament – the Quran; aka gooz-recital
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 23, 2006 8:50 am

Gayishly Nazified = A special "Situation" where the scene & the persons involved in this scene are so Nazi, yet so Gay!
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