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M words

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:07 pm


Miran = Muslim Iran, after 1979

Mensch = Man, Average Man

Mamooli = Breasts, Small Breasts

Meme = Breasts (Esfahani for Mame)

Mame = Meme

Mame Darbari = Large Round bouncy Mame, Imperial Courthouse Mame

Mame Cabineyi = Small Petite Mame, Imperial Cabinet Mame

Mooslem = Sarcastic for Muslim, Moo as cattle sound Mulsim

Miranian = from Miran

Maqlateh = Falsify

Moze'i = Partial, Beginning symptom

Mozmen = Whole, Advanced symptom, Epidemic

Mal'oun = Evil person

Man Handle = sex

Mull-An-Rouge = Iran, a nation which Mullahs done red shiite all over it, An area which is Red Lined & specific to Mullahs to Shiite (an), Exclusive Mullah's Bathroom

Mullah-Holland Drive = a street full of Mullahs

Mull-Shiite = preaching Bull shiite, A Bull Shiite sermon by a Mullah

Ma'lum Majhul = Taking roll to see absents and presents

Makruh = Religiously allowed but not recommended

Ma'lum ol Hal = Person of bad sexual reputation, Slut

Muslimette = Small size female muslim

Muslimah = Muslime, Female Muslim

Mus-chew-all = A Muslim Intellectual

Ma-me-list = A Mazhabi Meli Activist

Mull-ove = Passion of Mullah

Mull-rose = Romance of Mullah

Mull-roach = crossover between a Mullah & a Roach (Evolutionary scale)

Mull-bone = Boned by a Mullah

Mull-o-hol-land (Mulloholland) = A land full of Mullahs with large rear holes, Iran!

Mullogamy = To have sex only & exclusive with Mullahs

Mullogamist = Sisters of Zeynab, Feme-tazi!

Mull-shack = Office of Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran!

Mull-shag = What they do in backrooms of the Mosque!

Mull-shevik = A Leftist Mullah (Reformist)

Mull-ascist = A Right Wing Mullah (Fundamentalist)

Mull-angist = A Junior Fundamentalist Mullah, Moderate Mullah, Kar Gozaran!

Mull-achem = A Jewish Mullah!

Master-Baiter = (1) Masturbator, (2) Expert Fisherman

Moqarebin = Politically, ones who have Moqarebat aka Venereal Disease, sarcastic for Mojahedin

Mash-Moole Kharan = Politically, ones whom their Mash-Mool itches!, sarcastic for Pacifist Constitutionalist Monarchists

Mazbuhaneh = (1) Superficial, Fake, (2) Elementary, immature

Monharef = Pervert

Mozalef = (1) Obscenely Gay, Feminine, (2) Noticeably odd, (3) Qerti

Mohmal = Nonsense

Mohmalat = Plural of Mohmal

Moshkelat = Someone with many problems & issues

Mishkulat = Moshkelat

Mirza Qalamdun = An old fashion traditional Mullah teacher, old ink pen container

Mollah Loqati = Mirza Qalamdun, an old Mullah fixated on correcting spelling mistakes

Mirza = (1) Prince of Qajar (if comes after a name. eg: Abbas Mirza), (2) Mollah Loqati or old traditional teacher (if comes before the name. eg: Mirza Abbas)

Mashhadi = A pilgrim to Mashhad a Shiite holy site in east Iran

Mashti = Informal for Mashhadi

Mongol = Retard, Mongolian

Moqol = From Mongolia

Mongroid = Abomination, Mixed Race

Mach = Kiss

Machul = Mach + Chelundan (a combination of kiss & squeezing)

Muchul = Cute in a Funny Way such as "Muchul Khanum"!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:22 pm

Master-Piss = Sarcastic for masterpiece, Great piss work!

Mullah Khor = Eaten by Mullah, seizure of one's property by force via a Mullah, a property lent to a Mullah which has never returned!

Mullaq = Mullah + Olaq (Donkey), An Olaq Mullah, A crossover between an Olaq & a Mullah, An idiot Mullah

Mullarchy = A Monarchy of Mullahs, A monarchial nation of Mullahs, Islamic Republic of Iran!

Mull-management = An Islamic method of financial management by Mullahs, A mismanagement by Mullahs, Sloshing (pocketing) the national budget by Mullahs!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 02, 2005 2:27 pm

Mullahcracy = Government of Mullahs by the Mullahs and for the Mullahs, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mullahsexual = A type of sexual preference for the Mullahs, Holy Islamic Anal Bangarooni, A blessed Islamic Anal Sex, Lavat al Shar'i, Kun Kunak-e Halaal

Mullgerm = A type of a germ or virus caught from a Mullah, example: Shiite Islam aka Allahic Virus!

Mulldew = (1) A type of mildew with traces from a Mullah, A mildew left in the shower by a Mullah, (2) Shiite Islamic Mildew

Mullaholic = A person who is addicted to Mullahs, A Shiite Muslim!

Mullaholics = A group of people who are addicted to Mullahs, The Shiite Muslim!

Mordeh Khori = (1) A fake win (often in soccer or other sports), an undeserved win, a win with much struggle, (2) When someone dies and you end up inheriting his property without any effort!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:21 am

Monarcho Doper Diaper Babies = (1) Spoiled, rotten, dopey, dope using, party hardy, Monarchist Little Piss Ant juveniles, living in exile, whom are out of touch with political realities of Iran, yet simply cannot shut their mouths & stop preaching rhetorics! (2) Juje Saltanat Talab
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Postby Amir » Tue Apr 11, 2006 7:07 pm

Mikh – nail

Mikhi - the written text of the ancient Persian Empire, similar to a form of cuneiform, found at various ancient monuments and tablets; one of the earliest texts in the world

Mikh-tavileh – literal: a nail in a barn; usually a big sized nail, used for heavy duty work; metaphorical: referring to one’s intelligence, implying a low IQ

Mikhe-kaj - a bent mikh, rendering it useless; denotes an individual with an even lower IQ than a regular mikh-tavileh

Mikhe-kaje-zang-zade - a mikhe kaj, but also rusted; denotes an individual with even a lower IQ than a mikhe-kaj; truly the lowest form of intelligence, and legally brain-dead in 48 states; having a single digit IQ

Mikh-kardan – the attempt or act of attempting to portray someone as a mikh-tavileh, without the victim realizing what happened; this attempt is best accomplished by the mikh-kon by engaging the intended victim into what appears to be a serious and thought provoking conversation, yet mocking the intended victim

Mikh-kon – one who engages in mikh-kardan activities

Mikh-koob - literal: hammer
metaphorical: a professional mikh-kon, who truly excels at mikh-kardan, resulting in almost instantaneous mikh-shodan of a victim who never really had a chance; unfortunately, this is becoming a lost art, and contemporary mikh-koobs are highly sought after commodities as hired guns

Mikh-gir – one who has detected a mikh-kon and his true intent, but plays along;
a mikh-gir usually also enjoys mikh-kardan activities, and is sympathetic to his fellow mikh-kon; the best migh-girs are also the best mikh-kons

Mikh-shod - a dumb-founded mikh-victim, by the successful execution of a mikh attempt; a moment of glory and satisfaction for a mikh-kon

Mikh-victim - the unsuspecting victim of a mikh-kon

Mikh-be-dasto-pa - nailing one's hands and feet, rendering one incapacitated, but not mikh-shod, which means that the victim realizes he is being mikhed, but is powerless to act;
also: Jesus' worst nightmare

Mikh-konim-bache-no-aro - let's mikh the new guy; the irresistible urge to mikh the new kid while he is still fresh, disoriented, and without friends

Boro-ammato-mikh-kon – (advisory) – the mikh attempt has been identified and neutralized; if mikh-kon's true passion is mikh-kardan, suggestion is hereby made for the would-be mikh-kon to practice on his paternal aunt
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